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Cryptocurrency Alerting Review: Steep Price May Diminish Your Profits

Price alerts and signals have become a staple of online trading, not just for day traders but long-term investors as well. The days of reading about stocks in the newspapers seem to be coming to an end – but are the new alerting services as reliable as they claim to be?

Our Cryptocurrency Alerting review will take a look at one company that offers a wide variety of different alerts, albeit for a rather hefty price.

General information
Name Cryptocurrency Alerting
Type of the company Trading Tools
Regulation status No regulation expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2018
Registered in US (alleged)
Contact info [email protected]
Trading platforms Cryptocurrency Alerting mobile app
Majority of clients are from United States, United Kingdom, France, India, Brazil
Customer support Yes – online form, email
Compensation fund No

Who Owns Cryptocurrency Alerting Brand?

Cryptocurrency Alerting LLC is the name of the company briefly mentioned in the legal documents as the parent firm. However, besides the United States being their country of operation, precise corporate data is not revealed. It is not known where the company’s headquarters are. 

After looking online for more information about the founders of the project, we only dug up one name – Jason Stenhouse, a software engineer who is their former employee. 

The company has social media profiles like X, GitHub, LinkedIn and Youtube. These pages are mostly inactive and reveal nothing about the business itself, save for X. The website itself has been active since January 2018. This alarming lack of transparency is always a bad sign, as evident in the case of UnionStock.

Pros & Cons

If there were any Cryptocurrency Alerting reviews online, our job with rating the app performance would have been a lot easier. The lack of user feedback on popular rating sites is also a sign of the product not being popular. 

From what we could find on the App Store and Google Play pages, the Cryptocurrency Alerting app is relatively highly rated, but not by a large number of customers. Here are some of the advantages and drawbacks that clients report about:

Pros Cons
Multiple supported channels for receiving alerts Not transparent about the owning company
Tracks Cryptos, Stocks, Gold and ETFs Only 10 notifications and 3 alerts available for free
Alerts on Whales, Transactions, Wallets No lifetime license
App compatible with most platforms Expensive Pro subscription
Alerts are fully customizable Alerts may be delayed

Paying attention to user reviews oftentimes reveals much more than what the firm says about their product. This is especially crucial when purchasing an expensive service like Concept Markets packages.

Cryptocurrency Alerting Accounts and Costs

The service is subscription-based and depending on the payment interval, users can expect a different Cryptocurrency Alerting price.

Cryptocurrency Alerting monthly price

While cheaper in the long run, the yearly subscription requires a more lasting commitment to the service.

Cryptocurrency Alerting yearly price

The basic service is called Hobby, and is provided free of charge but lacks many features that make the platform attractive to advanced traders.

More expensive subscription plans provide much more value for money, as they include more Cryptocurrency Alerting signals, as well as signaling methods. Combined with such a service, your prop trading experience on our platform may become even more lucrative.

Cryptocurrency Alerting signaling methods

Clients may complete the recurring payments either through bank card, AppStore or GooglePlay stores as well as a variety of cryptos. The subscription to Cryptocurrency Alerting notifications will renew automatically each interval, until the client opts to cancel the service.


What is Cryptocurrency Alerting?

It is a company that provides a variety of tracking and alerting options for a large pool of different cryptos, stocks, metals and more.

Is Cryptocurrency Alerting Free?

While the basic subscription is free, its functionality is severely limited compared to other subscription plans.

How to Use Cryptocurrency Alerting?

Clients may use the service either with their mobile device, or a dedicated API provided by the firm. All you, as a client, need to do is create your Cryptocurrency Alerting login and set up the environment.

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