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Cryptoversity Review: Your Trusted Crypto Education Partner

Cryptoversity Review

Cryptocurrency offers a fresh take on financial control and active participation in the global economy. We all know this, especially with the next bull market on the horizon! In the vast sea of online platforms, appears as the go-to spot for crypto traders. Is this platform reliable after all?

Let’s dive into our Cryptoversity review, exploring its claims and offers for a clearer picture.

General information
Name Cryptoversity
Type of company Trading Education
Regulation status Unregulated/Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2016
Registered in UK
Contact info Data is hidden
Trading platforms n/a
Majority of clients are from India, United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Philippines
Customer support n/a
Compensation fund No

Cryptoversity: What’s Under the Hood?

Cryptoversity talks about being an educational hub founded by Chris Coney in 2016. This company aims to arm traders with the tools for crypto success. They talk about many features, and they do offer some fundamental courses that may sound nice.

However, a closer look reveals a website lacking essential details. Let’s uncover what this platform truly brings to the table!

Chris Coney: Crypto Enthusiast or Opportunist?

Chris Coney is the brains behind the Cryptoversity education platform. He exudes passion for the crypto space. Despite the enthusiasm, we question the legitimacy of his claims.

Can Coney genuinely bridge the educational gap in the crypto industry? There are many other crypto education platforms that we believe offer better benefits. 

Instead of this firm, you can check out any popular crypto exchange. Each one has an extensive and top-notch educational program. Many of them, such as BingX and Coinbase, offer you the option to earn crypto while learning too!

Features Here

This trading platform talks about features promising financial empowerment. Notably, we can see everything from outcome-based education to 24/7 trading.

But this may sound too good to be true. We think you should weigh the potential benefits and risks for an informed decision.

Tip: What is Market Cipher? This company claims to be an all-in-one trading asset provider. We can see that it is specifically created for crypto traders but is flexible to stocks and FX markets too.

Cryptoversity Course Variety

Now, what about the courses they praise so much? Cryptoversity’s curriculum ranges from free foundational courses to advanced paid programs. From understanding crypto’s purpose to mastering blockchain security, the platform tries to suit diverse learning needs.

Let’s break down the courses, along with Cryptoversity price options. You can see all they offer below:

 1. Free Level Courses:

  • Understanding The Problem Crypto Solves: Grasping the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of crypto.
  • Bitcoin: The End Of Money: A documentary questioning Bitcoin’s impact.

 2. Starter Level:

  • Cryptoversity Bitcoin Foundation Course: Practical knowledge for Bitcoin investing – starting at $99.

 3. Core Level:

  • Comprehensive DeFi Investing: Entry into the world of DeFi for $997.
  • DeFi Supercharger: Enhancing DeFi investing at $99.

 4. Pro Level – Advanced Courses:

  • Crypto Exchange Mastery: Mastering crypto trading for $99.
  • The Master Cryptocurrency Trader: A complete system for trading for $99.
  • Blockchain Security Essentials: Protecting your crypto for $99.
  • Digital Money Revolution: Mastering the basics of Bitcoin for $99.
  • Money Likes You: Turning social media time into income for $99.

Which Trading Education Platform Is Right for Me?

Many traders cannot decide what is the best education platform out there. Here’s a simple guide to help you find the ideal fit:

  1. Identify Your Needs: Start by figuring out your goals. If you’re new to this, check out platforms with basic resources and clear support. For the seasoned, look for those with advanced analytics.
  2. Check Reputation: Go for platforms with positive Trustpilot reviews. What others say gives you the lowdown on a platform’s strengths and weaknesses. Platforms endorsed by respected folks or experts usually mean they’re reliable.
  3. User-Friendly Design: A good platform should be a breeze to use. Test its search function and see how easy it is to find stuff. Look for those offering various learning formats like videos and articles.
  4. Evaluate Customer Support: Responsive customer support is a must! So choose a platform with a team that’s got your back.

Keep these factors in mind, and you’ll uncover a sweet trading education platform that fits your goals.

Avoiding Trading Scams

What about online trading scams? Unfortunately, scammers make many dishonest moves, targeting forex and crypto traders online. From Ponzi schemes to fake crypto exchanges and affiliate sites, they’ve got a bag of tricks.

Also, don’t forget fake celebrity nods, sweet promises, and the rush to invest. These are common tricks! Stay sharp and clued in to shield yourself from money traps. Spotting these fake and shady moves is key to keeping your investments safe.

Tip: Funding Dynasty is a trading company that makes big claims! They say they not only give money to traders but also teach them via Trading Busters.

What People Say on Trustpilot

Have you checked out Trustpilot for reviews of this education platform? Surprisingly, there’s nothing! A lack of reviews from other folks is indeed a head-scratcher, making us question how reliable this platform is.

When it comes to crypto, trust is everything, and the lack of feedback throws up a bit of a cautionary sign. Go for trading firms with ratings of 4.5 stars or above for a safer and more trustworthy trading ride.

Cash In on Trading Opportunities

Do you want to turn your online trading hustle into a money-making machine? You can do it! Making money through online trading has never been easier. What’s more, we’re here to offer you a support system. Contact us for free advice on top-notch forex and crypto trading platforms.

And guess what? We’re jazzed up about our new product – proprietary trading. Pump up your earnings by teaming up with us and potentially snagging up to $180,000. Grab this chance now!

Wrapping It Up

Lastly, it’s crucial to approach this crypto education platform with a bit of caution. Our look at this company’s features gives you the lowdown on what they offer, which is nothing special.

As you wade through the world of trading, why not check out other options? Speaking of that, our proprietary trading firm is a standout, throwing in a chance to earn up to $180,000! Make your choice wisely, and may your trading journey be a mix of wins and security.


What is Cryptoversity?

Cryptoversity is a platform that tries to provide extensive crypto education.

Is Cryptoversity Worth The Money?

We don't think so. There are better platforms out there.

Is Crypto Still a Good Investment?

Crypto can indeed make you rich! Yet, you should invest in reliable narratives and coins with a strong community.

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