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Dash 2 Trade Review: Would-Be Prospective Start-Up Turns Foul

Dash 2 Trade Review

Seeing how this fintech company generated millions of dollars in pre-launch investments, nobody would have suspected what was to follow. Squandering such a large funding pool was not due to poor management and bad risk predictions – the firm was never supposed to succeed in the first place.

It was all pre-ordained, a play to deceive the public in order to accumulate as much funds as possible, until the con artists sweep the rug from under their feet. Read more about how these cybercriminals managed to get away with it in our Dash 2 Trade review.

General information
Name Dash 2 Trade Ltd
Type of the company AI Trading Tool
Regulation status Unregulated/Not expected/Offshore
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2022-09-20
Registered in Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands, MH 96960
Contact info Data is hidden
Trading platforms Auto Trader
Majority of clients are from Germany, United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada
Customer support Yes (Telegram, Discord)
Compensation fund No

Dash 2 Trade Scam: Origin And Mechanics

It is quite difficult to understand who is behind this firm and what impression they’re trying to leave, considering how untransparent they are about their entire business. Dash 2 Trade Ltd runs this portal and only shares their address to be Marshall Islands – a tax haven zone known to host various fraudulent campaigns. 

The firm in question is legally registered as a business in Marshalls under the registration number of 116331, as evident in the International Registries (IRI)

However, there’s still many issues and safety concerns considering the fact that there’s no direct way to contact the firm. Furthermore, the leadership team, their education and experience are also a secret, while the Terms And Conditions document gives a 404 web error! These issues instantly remind us of fraudulent entities like BullishFX.


The key idea that motivated the developers of the Dash 2 Trade bot was to allegedly establish an algo solution for automated crypto trading. By making it available to everyone, even retail trades would be able to invest in crypto with ease and expect high returns. 

What is meant to additionally facilitate the process was the usage of signals and constructive insight. All that is marketed on various social media platforms that would help grow the community around the products faster. The concrete features are described in the following secretions of the review.

Algorithmic Bot Trader & Backtester

This feature is advertised as a unique chance for the traders to avoid missing out on big investments and lucrative trading decisions. The tool itself should allow you to build and run your own trading strategy on auto-pilot. What comes with this feature is the ability to copy the strategies of the most prolific traders in the community.


Unique indicators claimed to be provided by this platform are social metrics. This is considered to often be a major factor that dictates the market movements in the long run. Therefore, socio-cultural movements are of crucial importance when trying to build a working strategy that allows traders to profit.

Signals And Market Events

Prompt information gathering and on-time market data are of vital importance. Successful strategies are built on valid information and the traders ability to anticipate further market movements based on it. 

Dash 2 Trade allegedly has you covered in that domain as it informs you of the market changes and fluctuations, while also providing unique signals to start and end your orders to make the most of them. 

D2T Token

D2T, which is an ERC-20 token, is the proprietary crypto token that was launched by the firm. On 11 Jan 2023, the presale ended with alleged 1 billion of D2T total supply. The company has made some financial assessment numbers available on CoinGecko

There, we can see the turbulent history of the company through the D2T token value shifts. Currently, a single D2T is worth around $0.005, in a trend that seriously undershoots even the most pessimistic assessments.

Subscription Options

The platform itself is currently in Open Beta, which means it’s in a public testing stage of development. As such, the service does not have any outstanding pricing plans.

This does not mean that the Dash 2 Trade crypto service doesn’t accept transactions, though, as their D2T token may be purchased through a 3rd party. The token provider is a non-mainstream crypto exchange that is shady at best, with a horrible reputation to boot, but this is another story altogether.

Demo Testing

So, there’s the option to “Try For Free” on the website. Too bad it’s not really available, as indicated by a padlock icon on the button. Indeed, pressing it does nothing, as does the whole “free demo” thing.

It’s all a sham to get you to subscribe to the service without giving you the ability to evaluate any of the trading conditions.

Social Network Propaganda

The Dash 2 Trade scam owns profiles on every popular social network today, including Facebook, X, TikTok, LinkedIn, CrunchBase and YouTube. There, they keep regurgitating the same old pitch from a couple of years ago, with unfounded optimism oozing from every sentence.

Community channels are available via Discord and Telegram, where we can see that the company has switched to damage control in an attempt to reassure existing customers. This sentiment is not shared by Reddit users, however, with many of them commenting on how the whole thing is a scam.

Conclusion – Try Funded Trading!

This rug pull ran on pre-sale investment momentum for as long as it could. Unfortunately, the hype train ran out of juice some time ago, and the whole thing is starting to grind to a halt. The traders are seeing their investments turn to zeroes, as the D2T token keeps depreciating in a scenario similar to XProGlobal.

This is why it’s never wise to put all your eggs in one basket. If you believe you’ve got what it takes, why don’t you try out our funded trading program? With $180,000 of allotted funds, you can get the edge you need to supercharge your trading career.


Is Dash 2 Trade a Good Investment?

No, this is a scam campaign organized by anonymous fraudsters from an offshore firm.

What is Dash 2 Trade Used For?

The original idea is to supply retail traders with automated crypto trading bots, but the story is a total fabrication.

Who is the Owner of Dash 2 Trade?

Any individual related to the firm is unknown, while the owning company is allegedly called Dash 2 Trade Ltd.

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