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DefiQuant Review: Top-Notch AI Crypto Trading or a Facade?

DefiQuant Review

Are you willing to explore AI-powered crypto trading? There are many benefits to this new type of trading, but does DefiQuant deliver?

The company’s advanced trading bots claim to revolutionize the digital currency market. In this DefiQuant review, we’ll hop into all the features, advantages, payment methods, and detailed plans. We want to make sure you have all the essential information!

General information
Name DefiQuant
Type of company AI Trading Tool
Regulation status Unregulated/Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2022
Registered in 1 London Bridge, Fourth Floor, West Building, London, England
Contact info [email protected]
Trading platforms DefiQuant app
Majority of clients are from United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, Singapore
Customer support Email and chat 
Compensation fund No

About DefiQuant

DefiQuant introduces an AI-powered trading bot designed for the crypto market. This tool offers automated, emotionless, and adaptive trading strategies.

Still, despite an impressive web design, we can see that user opinions are divided. Notably, some people are labeling it potentially dubious. Let’s explore what this platform claims to offer.

Features – Exploring the AI Trading Landscape

Let’s briefly outline all the features this company supports. As we mentioned before, their website is quite interesting and easy to navigate. Yet, are the features as good? Let’s see!

Swift Decision-Making

DefiQuant AI tool swiftly computes buying and selling prices. Also, it executes orders efficiently across various exchanges.

Real-time decision-making aims to help users earn from dynamic market opportunities. This is a great starting point!

Automated and Emotionless Trading

This trading tool supports automated and emotionless trading to minimize our errors. The bot does all the work here!

It promotes a hands-off experience for traders, allowing the bot to execute strategies autonomously.

Diverse Strategies

What’s more, this bot claims to implement various trading strategies. Notably, these are trend tracking, arbitrage, and quantitative analysis.

However, limited user reviews make it challenging to confirm these claims. Keep this in mind!

Tip: What’s GoodCrypto? It’s a crypto trading app and portfolio manager linked to multiple exchanges. Believing in the promising future of crypto trading, their team aimed to create an app with diverse services. 

Welcome Offer and Affiliate Program

We all know the power of AI nowadays. Yet, what about affiliate marketing? By all means, it still holds huge potential!

Now, this platform tempts new users with a $10 welcome offer and a DefiQuant affiliate program. However, keep in mind that the mixed reviews raise questions about the platform’s reliability.

Payment Methods and Withdrawals

What about payment options here? It is evident that this trading tool provides multiple trading options. We can see those include BTC, USDT-TRC20, USDT-REC20, ETH, and LTC.

These options are indeed solid. Still, having traditional payment methods as well could improve accessibility.

DefiQuant Plans: Analyzing the Offers

This company talks about different Crypto Trading Bot Plans. We’ll include some of them, along with prices, daily profits, total profits, payout cycles, and affiliate bonuses.

Here’s a breakdown of DefiniQuant’s plans:

Free Experience Bot

  • Price: $5.00
  • Plan Duration: 1 Day
  • Daily Profit: $0.15
  • Total Profit: $0.15
  • Payout Cycle: Every 24 Hours
  • Capital Back: Yes
  • Affiliate Bonus: 0% Level 1

Crypto Trading Bot 1 Day

  • Price: $50
  • Plan Duration: 1 Day
  • Daily Profit: $0.30
  • Total Profit: $0.30
  • Payout Cycle: Every 24 Hours
  • Capital Back: Yes
  • Affiliate Bonus: 0.1% Level 1

Crypto Trading Bot 5 Days

  • Price: $500
  • Plan Duration: 5 Days
  • Daily Profit: $4.25
  • Total Profit: $21.25
  • Payout Cycle: Every 24 Hours
  • Capital Back: Yes
  • Affiliate Bonus: 1.5% Level 1, 0.5% Level 2

Crypto Trading Bot 7 Days

  • Price: $1,050
  • Plan Duration: 7 Days
  • Daily Profit: $10.50
  • Total Profit: $73.50
  • Payout Cycle: Every 24 Hours
  • Capital Back: Yes
  • Affiliate Bonus: 2% Level 1, 0.6% Level 2

Crypto Trading Bot 15 Days

  • Price: $3,000
  • Plan Duration: 15 Days
  • Daily Profit: $36
  • Total Profit: $540
  • Payout Cycle: Every 24 Hours
  • Capital Back: Yes
  • Affiliate Bonus: 2.2% Level 1, 0.7% Level 2

Crypto Trading Bot 20 Days

  • Price: $6,000
  • Plan Duration: 20 Days
  • Daily Profit: $84
  • Total Profit: $1,680
  • Payout Cycle: Every 24 Hours
  • Capital Back: Yes
  • Affiliate Bonus: 2.4% Level 1, 0.8% Level 2

Still, given the platform’s mixed reputation, it’s crucial to approach these plans with caution.

DefiQuant Reviews on Trustpilot

So, we scoured Trustpilot for what people are saying about this company. Moreover, we found no reviews there. As if this wasn’t suspicious enough, Reddit had quite a bit of chatter and it wasn’t singing praises.

When it comes to online trading, aim for platforms with stars in the 4.5+ galaxy for safety. User experiences matter, and a trusted platform is your golden ticket in trading!

Tip: What’s Graminator? It’s a website running an affiliate campaign, closely partnering with fake brokerage brands to steal your contact info. Be cautious! 

Handbook for Smart Investors

We all know that we must approach some platforms with caution. Not all platforms are genuine, as the world is full of scams that can make your money vanish. To avoid these surprises, here are some useful tips for making safe investments:

  • Be wary of platforms that offer grand deals, as many of them are created to mislead you.
  • It’s vital to be informed about typical trading scams to stay ahead of the game.
  • Take the time to research and discover honest trading platforms. This is essential!
  • User reviews are invaluable for checking a platform’s credibility and performance.
  • Investing in powerful bot detection software can help you too!

You can greatly reduce your risk of falling victim to investment scams by following these steps. This is a fact! 

Profiting From Online Trading?

Now, are you ready to rake in some cash with online trading? If the answer is yes, we’ve got your back. Contact us today to discuss top-notch forex and crypto platforms. We are here to offer consultations completely free of charge!

Also, guess what? Our new deal is the real deal – proprietary trading. Join us, make a move, and maybe you will pocket up to $180,000. This is a mind-blowing opportunity!

Final Words

Last but not least, what is there to know? This company dishes out crypto plans on their site, but the silence on Trustpilot and the Reddit rumble is a red flag. From where we stand, you should choose wisely, and go for the safest option.

And here’s the best part – check out our proprietary trading gig! Make savvy choices in the wild world of online trading.


What is DefiQuant?

DefiQuant is an AI-powered crypto trading tool with automated and adaptive strategies.

How Much Does DefiQuant Cost?

DefiQuant costs vary based on plans, starting from $5.

Can I Trust AI Platforms?

Yes, but remember that research, user reviews, and due diligence are crucial.

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