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Graminator Review: Data Collection Agency Supports Scam Industry

Graminator Review

Illicit companies need to start somewhere when looking for potential victims. This information is provided by various bogus affiliate schemes like Graminator, who collect it directly from the end-client.

The lure of an advanced trading software completely free of charge is too difficult to resist for some novices. Read the remainder of our Graminator review, and stay safe online.

General information
Name Graminator / Ethereum ePrex 2000 
Type of the company Affiliate Campaign
Regulation status Blacklisted/ Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators AMF
Website link

Active since 2023
Registered in N/A
Contact info [email protected]
Trading platforms None
Majority of clients are from France, Belgium, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden
Customer support Yes – Online Form
Compensation fund No

Safety, Legitimacy and Other Issues

Just because affiliate campaigns do not need to acquire a license, as financial services providers do, doesn’t make them any less dangerous or potentially catastrophic for your budget. 

At a glance, the extensive text in the legal section will have you believe that this company is a reputable conduct, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Bunch of weasel words and a terrifying lack of any corporate information immediately raises red flags. It’s simply impossible to find out what company provides these services and who your money ultimately goes to. 

The swindlers behind the whole idea do not reveal a slightest detail about themselves, about their education or firm’s headquarters. You immediately can tell someone is trying to stay anonymous for a reason. 

Such malevolent behavior is quick to attract the negative attention from regulators. That’s why the French AMF has these cyber thieves blacklisted for fraud. 

Many Names Confuse Investors

It’s not uncommon for these illicit crypto affiliate campaigns to use numerous different names on the website. This is not only done to confuse the potential client, but the internet search algorithms as well.

By posting numerous similar names, such as Ethereum ePrex 2000, Ethereum ePrex 3.0, Graminator and various other variations of the same on the site, the company is able to generate more hits. Search engines such as Google look for specific keywords when presenting results, and this is one way to trick the system.

Graminator Reviews: User Ratings

With the Graminator crypto scheme, this is not the case as even the most popular platforms like TrustPilot and SiteJabber contain no comments. This is especially strange considering that the and were both launched more than half a year ago at the time of writing this review. 

Prominent companies like YCM Invest have large and vibrant communities, with many customers leaving their feedback on many different sites, for better or for worse. This in turn enlarges the company’s own online presence, generating further traffic and the cycle continues.

How Affiliate Scams Work and Make Cash

Bombarding site visitors with claims about advanced AI technology, trading robots and impeccable service is just one element of the whole campaign. While trading facilitators affect users’ expectations and easier decision making when it comes to joining, another crucial aspect has to be mentioned. 

Every contacted victim is carefully manipulated into thinking they’re missing something of great value that this exact site is offering. The fear of missing out has a tremendous effect on every beginner trader and can lead them into impulsive investing that later proves to be anything but lucrative.

By sharing your personal information with this website, you give space for boiler room agents to act and attempt to recruit you. Collecting and selling that sensitive user data is what affiliate campaigns profit on. In addition, these cons team up with unregulated brokerages and get extra commission for bringing in new victims. 

Things to Look Out For

Whatever these fraudsters may be offering you is completely fake. Not all of them focus on AI trading, like TradeOutLoud for example, that sells questionable learning materials and courses. 

None of it is also free of charge, as the manipulators always claim. Hidden fees lurk under every stone and you’ll be overcharged for every decision and move you make.

The point of all of them is to attract attention, especially from Forex and crypto newcomers that have yet to learn, explore the markets and start investing. 

The lack of experience and knowledge can be devastating in this case. That’s why we strongly suggest you turn to more reliable sources of information and build realistic expectations – no supreme AI trading software exists and it cannot make you rich in a blink of an eye.

4 Steps Sign-up Process

The Graminator scam makes it sound as if registration for their service brings astonishing benefits, and is easy and swift. During the first step, you enter the personal information that is about to be sold and misused, as mentioned earlier. 

After that, you’re expected to complete a verification process and provide even more of your sensitive data like photos of your ID and your credit card details. When you’re done with the second step, you’re expected to fund your account without even knowing what you’re paying for and if the service will be delivered. 

Lastly, you get connected to one of the scam brokers these miscreants are affiliated with so they can defraud you further.  

Is the Software Real?

Besides the endless rambling that’s in all honesty a chore to read in full, nothing actually denotes the existence of any sort of platform. There is no concrete technical information for instance, besides the general idea that the platform is web-oriented.

In addition, it’s difficult to tell what the software is even supposed to do. One part of the website says it’s a trading platform, the other that it’s a risk mitigation tool, and the third that it’s a market prediction algorithm. Such programs are colloquially known as “vaporware”, a program that doesn’t exist, or is never able to fulfill its promised function.

Crypto in the Center of it all

Traders that lack the predictive powers and calculatedness of experienced investors have the need to find a quick solution they can rely on to do their bidding. 

This is especially present in the crypto world, which is extremely volatile and unpredictable. That is also why these financial schemes revolve around trading digital assets: they can always blame the robbery on the market volatility and lie to their victims some more!

Don’t Waste Time – Try Funded Trading!

Stop wasting your time on questionable sites and shady services that promise to provide you with the tools that will magically improve your trading! We know that the real potential lies with traders, and not with technological gimmicks.

That’s why we are willing to provide a prop trading account with as much as $180,000 to talented traders who have the necessary knowledge and experience to excel on the markets. Book a free Zoom meeting through our website, and get a real edge for real results!


What is Graminator?

The site is an affiliate campaign working closely with faux brokerage brands in order to profit from collecting contact info from victims.

Is Graminator a Legit Platform?

No, the site is a total sham, and no sort of platform exists at all.

Can I Make Money With Unregulated Crypto Bots?

Of course not. Not only will you not make additional profit, but your initial investment will also be stolen!

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