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Elston Management Review – Fake Swiss Corporate Prestige

Elston Management Review

Wealth management is a highly responsible line of work. Professional managers handle hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars worth of client assets, which requires rigorous supervision and regulation from the authorities.

It’s no wonder, then, that many financial fraudsters will attempt to muscle in on this lucrative financial branch. Read how to recognise bogus companies and keep your assets safe in our Elston Management review.

General information
Name Elston Management
Type of the company Wealth Management
Regulation status Not regulated
Warnings from Financial Regulators FINMA, AFM, CONSOB, IOSCO
Website link
Active since 2023
Registered in Switzerland (alleged)
Contact info Place de la Gare 2, Sion, Switzerland

[email protected]

Trading platforms N/A
Majority of clients are from Australia, United Kingdom, United States, France, Switzerland
Customer support Yes – email
Compensation fund No

False Incorporation Data

Elston Funds Management impersonates a professional fund management business, which is allegedly registered in Switzerland, one of the most well-regulated financial sectors in the world. Upon checking the register of their leading regulatory body, we quickly discovered that this firm is not just illicit, but also blacklisted. 

The FINMA warning was soon enough reposted by other financial authorities in order to raise the awareness about this unlawful company with fraudulent tendencies towards their customers. The alert was also published by AFM, CONSOB and IOSCO.

In their petty attempt to appear legitimate and trustworthy, the website owners have posted a list of names of alleged members of the leadership team. In fact, these people are just anonymous individuals and we couldn’t find a single proof of their sole existence, let alone education, licenses and whatever would prove their credibility.

Another disturbing issue with this business is in their lack of transparency. Compared to regulated and well-established conglomerates like Chase Buchanan, these fraudsters don’t reveal anything about their firm, including the services they claim to offer.

How Fake Companies Find Victims

Depending on the type of scheme and the general idea the fraudsters are trying to push, they will use a different strategy. The vast majority of them use scam call centers, known as boiler rooms, to contact the victims directly.

The people working in these establishments, so-called boiler room agents, constantly dial phone numbers in search for a new mark. They follow a predetermined script, which has them introduce themselves as finance experts looking for potential investors.

Most of the time, these people are incredibly persuasive and shift to various threats, extortion strategies and harassment to squeeze the money from their victims. The lack of any Elston Management reviews or advertisements is due to the fact that the bogus company needs to hide their existence from the authorities.

Services and Solutions

Led by philosophy that peddles the idea of integrity, innovation and insight, this shady firm claims to make moves solely in their clients’ best interests. 

At that, the con artists are quite convincing when they describe how their business is built on such modern solutions, that they’ll soon surpass the traditional boundaries of financial services. The website surely doesn’t lack words of self-glorifying and false marketing, but how are their fictitious services explained?

Asset Management

Building their users’ wealth is stated to be this company’s top priority. The firm claims to have experts trained well enough to build most lucrative portfolios that reflect the clients’ life goals and priorities. 

Constructing the wealth management plan is also said to be based on optimizing profits while managing risks and keeping them at safe levels. Since they state to excel at monitoring financial markets and landscape for investment opportunities, victims are led to believe all of their investments will result in gain.

Real Estate

Another investment niche that these charlatans claim to be able to open doors to is real estate. From acquisition to management, and ultimately to sale, these alleged professionals will lead the way to your new wealth. 

They even dare make bold claims about eventually building your portfolio to be your main source of pride and financial gain. These services represent a wide variety of activities, including aid with the sale, acquisition, and leasing of residential and commercial real estate.


Gaining financial leverage in order to realize one’s dreams is never an easy task, especially with the interest included and potential price of such favors. 

However, this fund management firm states on their web presentation that their loans can help you unlock your investment potential and start a business and grow professionally and personally. Terms this company offers are supposed to be most favorable for the client, while at the same time proposing a long-term support for life goals fulfillment. 

Investment Strategy

Having a lot of money on a pile is not the only element for a successful investment. Every professional knows that lucrative capital allocation is done through a meticulously planned series of steps. 

These steps represent an Elston Management investment strategy, and these purported veterans are promising to offer you such a flexible and unique strategy that will turn all your investments into huge profit.

Costs: More Than You Can Afford

This scammer is so secretive about all the fees they charge for their false service that you won’t find a single trace about this on the site. There’s not a single legal document uploaded for the potential clients to be informed about how much they will be charged. 

Costs may vary from one company to another, and from the clients’ demands as the case of Funds For Traders proves with the amount of challenges offered.

However, in this case, it is fairly obvious that fake portals have plenty to hide from their targets, therefore, we suggest you altogether avoid such sites. All of them are characterized by claims about impeccable service and low costs per every Elston Management account. Alas, then they get blacklisted by public institutions for stealing clients’ deposits.

Don’t Risk – You Deserve Better Service

Why would you constantly worry where your funds have gone to and if you will get the service you paid for? There’s plenty of properly regulated solutions for your investment endeavors so that you never have to risk losing your own capital like you would with the Elston Management Switzerland. That’s why we propose funded trading. 

In a Zoom meeting, our company representatives can walk you through the basic steps of evaluation and funding. You can get up to $180.000 on your funded trader account to use for investing!


What is Elston Management?

This firm is a phony, pretending to be a licensed professional platform for wealth management, while just stealing clients’ investments and running away.

Is Elston Management Legit?

Several warnings by leading EEA regulatory bodies prove they are not legitimate.

Can I Trust Elston Management With My Funds?

No, you can’t and you shouldn’t. If you want to invest without having to risk your own funds, contact us for more details about funded trading.

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