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Enerixinvest Review – Warning Signs Wherever You Look

Overview of Enerixinvest Review

Enerixinvest broker is another one that doesn’t bring anything positive. Even at first glance at their website, you can find many irregularities. The website owner is Bamboozle Group LTD with headquarters in St. Vincent and Grenadines (SVG). In fact, a transparent company name says it all.

Anyway, we will analyze in this Enerixinvest review what this broker offers and if you should invest here or not.

Company Bamboozle Group LTD
Headquarters St. Vincent and Grenadines
Platforms Proprietary platform
Minimum Deposit $250
Leverage 1:100
Spread N/A
Review Rating 1 on Trustpilot

Enerixinvest Compliance and Safety

We have learned through experience that SVG doesn’t provide trading licenses anymore. With this in mind, you can already feel something shady. The biggest advantage of the offshore company is anonymity. Especially for investment scams. Generally speaking, that’s why we see so many offshore brokers nowadays.

Enerixinvest is one of those shady. Simply because they don’t have any regulations. In this case, traders can’t enjoy any protection. For example, traders don’t have negative balance protection. Even though they promote it, they are not regulated. Therefore, not trusted.  Also, the company doesn’t keep traders’ deposits in a segregated bank account.

Most importantly, they can’t provide compensation to traders in case the company becomes insolvent. All this plays a key role in choosing a broker. That’s why we encourage you to do what we did. Check any Tier 1 regulator database. Starting with FCA, CONSOB and ASIC. Quickly you will realize that this broker is not licensed by any of those. In fact, you will just find warnings. Check it out.

Trading Platform at Enerixinvest

Another key point of every broker is their software. With lightning-fast changes in the market, companies tend to provide suitable software. A few of the proven ones are cTrader and Meta Trader. As third-party software, it is established at the top of the list. For many years. On the contrary, the Enerixinvest scam broker didn’t bother with that.

Instead, they created their trading software – Enerix trader. The company advertises advanced trading options. For instance, automated trading and analysis. This is quite suspicious, but it adds up to their tactic.

Such software is not proven or reliable. These platforms are easily accessible through the back end. Therefore, the broker can manipulate everything behind the scenes. In general, that’s how traders see insanely high returns. Especially non-experienced traders don’t even realize when that happens. Before they even now, they are transferring more money. Mostly due to greediness.

Account Types Available

With Enerixinvest scam broker trading accounts have only one goal. To extort more money from their traders. In return, traders won’t get many benefits. Firstly, they will get higher and riskier leverage. While in Europe, the spread is limited to 1:30. Exactly for those reasons, to keep traders partially safe.

Another key point is spread. The broker doesn’t have a transparent platform or spreads. They promote tight spreads. But the definition of tightness can be different for everybody. Anyway, traders can choose between:

  • Mini              $250
  • Standart        $2.500
  • Classic         $5.000
  • VIP               $10.000

Above all, this company doesn’t have any testing options. A demo account is not available with the Enerixinvest broker scam. Also, if you were looking for a swap-free account you are checking the wrong broker. Instead, you can check the list of other licensed brokers that we extracted for you. Many of them have micro, but also demo accounts available.

Deposit and Withdrawal Method

A very important fact to remember is that with offshore you should use legitimate payment gateways. The most favorable option is a debit/credit card. Have in mind, that if anything goes wrong you can get a chargeback. Here are the funding methods with Enerixinvest broker: 

  • Debit/Credit cards
  • Wire/Bank Transfers
  • Piastrix
  • Crypto wallet

Crypto wallets are very often the first choice of scam brokers. The reason behind it is anonymity. Luckily, Enerixinvest reviews provide us with enough information not to fall for it. Also, their withdrawal policy has a hidden clause. Firstly, they have a withdrawal processing time of up to 7 days. But before you get to that point, you must fulfill certain requirements.

Be aware that the Enerixinvest scam broker offers bonuses. While in many worldwide countries, those are forbidden. Traders are required to get a certain trading volume for every bonus fund. That volume is 25 times bigger than your deposit plus the bonus funds. Before that, you are not eligible for any withdrawal requests.

How the Fraud was Perpetrated

These days, it’s not strange that scam companies are fishing everywhere. From social media, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and many more. Whatever it takes to get you on board. But also to try to prove legitimacy. If you intend to make any deposits have in mind that verification is required. You provide your personal documents to fraudsters.

With proprietary platforms, they will manipulate market data and your profits. Therefore, you will believe fictive reality. It can go in two directions. Either you deposit more money or you lose everything. In the end your account gets frozen and the money is gone. Similar experiences traders had with companies Grow Pro Markets and Liquidspro.

If Enerixinvest or any other broker stole your money, feel free to contact us. A specially created fund recovery team is waiting for your message. Don’t hesitate and don’t worry, the first consultation is free of charge.

Enerixinvest Summary

  • Offshore broker without regulation.
  • Enerixinvest has multiple warnings from regulatory bodies.
  • Shady trading software.
  • Non-transparent trading conditions.
  • Malicious bonus policy.

FAQs About Enerixinvest Broker

Is Enerixinvest Legitimate Broker?

No. They lack regulation. Also, CNMV, FSMA and CONSOB regulators issued warnings against them.

What is the Minimum Deposit for Enerixinvest?

The minimum deposit requirement with Enerixinvest matches the industry average of $250.

What Trading Products Are Available With Enerixinvest?

Enerixinvest broker covers 4 main categories: Forex, Indices, Commodities and Stocks.

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