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Euro Scalper Pro Review: Can This Bot Catapult Your Crypto Ventures?

Euro Scalper Pro Review

Are you thinking about FX trading and seeking a reliable tool to boost your experience? In that case, look no further! In this Euro Scalper Pro review, we’ll break down the details of this automated trading software by Doug Price. Let’s go through its features, pros, cons, and signal options. Stay tuned for more details!

General information
Name Euro Scalper Pro
Type of company Copy Trading System
Regulation status Unregulated/Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2015
Registered in n/a
Contact info [email protected]
Trading platforms MT4
Majority of clients are from India, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil
Customer support Email and social media
Compensation fund No

About Euro Scalper Pro

Euro Scalper Pro EA is an automated trading software that works with MetaTrader 4. The fact that they use MT4 is a big plus indeed!

The tool uses a scalping strategy to make small profits often on the EUR/USD currency pair. This company was created by Doug Price, a skilled forex trader. What’s more, it includes technical indicators like moving averages and stochastic oscillators.

Tip: The EA’s automation allows traders to save time. Still, it’s important to know the risks due to market conditions.

How It Works

The Euro Scalper Pro robot works by analyzing the EUR/USD pair in real-time. It catches short-term opportunities to make a trade.

It automates trade entries and exits using indicators and predefined rules. We can see that this includes stop-loss and take-profit levels. A trailing stop loss secures profits as the trade moves favorably.

Tip: There is a Euro Scalper Pro free download option. You can download it and extract the file before installing it. 

Pros and Cons Here


  • Automation: This bot allows automated trading, giving traders more time.
  • Consistent Profits: The scalping strategy aims for small, frequent trades, potentially accumulating some profits.


  • Market Risks: The EA’s effectiveness depends on market conditions. Remember that it is vulnerable to sudden price movements.
  • Slippage Risks: Unexpected price deviations may impact the EA’s performance.
  • Expertise Required: Not ideal for new traders. It requires a solid understanding of market dynamics and technical analysis.
  • Risk Management: Effective risk management is crucial to prevent huge losses given the scalping strategy.

Getting Signals: A Two-Fold Approach

This trading company provides signal options, both free and paid:

  1. Free Signals: You can get them by opening a live MT4 Standard account through the website with a partner broker. Still, a minimum deposit is required, so they are not fully transparent here. The deposit grants access to free signals and the Auto Trade Copier feature.
  2. Paid Membership: Priced at $200 monthly or $2000 annually, this option offers savings for committed users. The membership includes features like robust performance in many market conditions and precise entry and exit levels.

In collaboration with partner broker IC Markets, users can control their accounts, lot sizes, and funds.

Euro Scalper Pro EA Reviews on Trustpilot

When you take a closer look at Trustpilot, there are many interesting things to see! This firm has secured an impressive 4.7-star rating. We must say, no matter how outdated their website is, it seems like they do have solid features that traders like.

Users can’t stop praising the remarkable algorithm here. So, we can confirm that this underscores the company’s strengths. Here’s a nugget of advice – in the financial game, it’s wise to stick to firms with 4.5 stars or more. Make sure you do that for a safe and reliable journey.

Note: Let’s mention a few interesting details about Gainium Pte. Ltd. Notably, this is a company that likes to keep things mysterious, claiming to operate from Singapore. Now, we all know transparency is key when it comes to dealing with customers. Yet, this firm seems to have missed that part. The website leaves a lot to be desired in terms of transparency. 

Steer Clear of Trading Scams: Your Easy Guide

When it comes to online trading, you want to dodge scams. Here’s a simple guide on how to avoid them:

  • Question Those Sketchy Offers: Be cautious about online or social media investment ads. Don’t fall for unexpected calls or emails promising the moon.
  • Do Your Own Research (DYOR): Before you toss in your cash, do some digging. Check out the company, its products, and payment topics. Make sure everything checks out.
  • Say No to Pressure Sales: Watch out for those pushy sales tactics. Legit companies won’t rush you or demand hush-hush decisions.
  • Keep Your Online Presence Safe: The online world can be tricky. Be smart about what you share, especially on social media.
  • Chat Before You Invest: Have a good old talk with seasoned traders or advisors before picking a trading company. They’ve been around the block and can share some solid advice.

We hope this guide helps you in your trading game while staying on guard against potential scams.

Earnings Through Online Trading

Now, it’s time for a million-dollar question! Are you ready to dive into the world of online trading and stack up some cash? We’ve got your back at every turn. You can always reach out to us for free advice on the top forex and crypto trading companies.

Now, here’s the exciting part – test out our new proprietary trading gig, and pocket up to $180,000! It’s your golden ticket to getting better at trading.

Tip: We can see that CoinLore is trying to step into the ring with CoinMarketCap. But the burning question is, can CoinLore really hold its ground, and more importantly, can you trust it with your crypto ventures? We are doubtful about that! 

Final Words

So, what is the conclusion after all? In this review, we’ve laid out what this company brings to the table. The Euro Scalper Pro EA is a nifty tool for potential gains, thanks to its slick automation and snappy algorithm. However, you should always gauge your risk tolerance and market knowledge.

Cruising the financial scene, make sure to pick an offer that suits you best. And here’s the kicker – our firm is throwing in a game-changer. Proprietary trading with a shot at earning up to $180,000. It’s a sweet deal that outshines many out there. Make a savvy choice, keep it safe, and let’s amp up your trading journey together.


What is Euro Scalper Pro?

Euro Scalper Pro is a trading tool designed to boost your profits.

Is Euro Scalper Pro a Legit Copy Trading Tool?

Euro Scalper Pro is a solid copy-trading tool for savvy market enthusiasts.

What is a Prop Firm?

A prop firm is a company that funds and supports traders for shared profits.

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