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GetFundedNow Review – A Closer Look at This Prop Trading Firm

GetFundedNow Review

GetFundedNow prop firm is operated by TIGOGI FZCO, a limited company registered in the United Arab Emirates. The company offers something new in the trading sector. It provides a challenge where users can trade up to $500k on a simulated GetFundedNow account. Users receive payment based on their performance and can keep up to 90% of their earnings.

Their approach provides a trading environment for all levels of traders to develop their skills and earn rewards based on profits. Additionally, a huge plus is that the company has positive reviews on official platforms. It presents itself as legitimate, and in this review, we’ll verify its authenticity.

General information
Name Get Funded Now 
Type of the company Proprietary firm
Regulation status Regulation not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link 
Active since 2023
Registered in N/A
Contact info Email 
Trading platforms Web trader
Majority of clients are from United Kingdom, United States, Sweden, France 
Customer support Email, live chat
Compensation fund Available

Founder and CEO

In contrast to most prop trading firms, GFN prioritizes transparency, and the team consists of highly experienced traders. This ensures they possess a deep understanding of financial markets and are well-equipped to support user’s growth.

Neerav Vadera, founder and CEO, has great experience working directly on the Main Trading Floor at Barclays Investment Bank, one of the world’s largest investment banks. Being part of a prop firm led by such high-caliber ownership is undoubtedly desirable. He is also connected to a professional trading education company G7FX

Aside from Vadera, the team of GFN consists of professionals with experience in institutional trading and market operations. 

  • Ziga Stiftar, the Director of Trader Support, brings firsthand knowledge of successfully managing large funded accounts
  • Reghard Steenkamp, as Director of Operations, ensures the firm operates at the forefront of the prop trading industry
  • Gabriel Szabo, the Senior Manager of Trader Support, is highly skilled in short-term trading strategies, offering valuable expertise to GFN traders

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User Reviews – Feedback

Our research team always emphasizes the importance of having both positive and negative reviews, which can impact users’ choice of the right prop firm. The good news is that GetFundedNow reviews are shown on the positive side.

On a popular platform, the company receives 91% positive feedback. The company received 58 reviews, with a score of 4.6.

However, some users mention certain drawbacks, such as the withdrawal process, which required them to create another account for payouts despite offering bank transfer options.

Nevertheless, users of GetFundedNow express satisfaction with the company’s services and praise the platform’s customer support. One client notes that even the most expensive programs do not match the level of support offered by GetFundedNow. 


The GetFundedNow challenge offers potential clients to become a funded trader through few steps, first, a simple process evaluation, and then users get a simulated funded trader account.

Here is the outline of different options of challenges provided for users to become funded traders. Each challenge corresponds to a simulated account size.

The challenge has 2 steps.

Step 1

  • USD 5,000 – One-time refundable fee: USD 48
  • USD 10,000 – One-time refundable fee: USD 97
  • USD 25,000 – One-time refundable fee: USD 160
  • USD 50,000 – One-time refundable fee: USD 276
  • USD 100,000 – MOST POPULAR – One-time refundable fee: USD 454
  • USD 200,000 – One-time refundable fee: USD 871
  • USD 300,000 – One-time refundable fee: USD 1,326

Step 1 also includes: 

  • Profit Target – 10%
  • Profit share – up to 90%
  • GetFundedNow daily loss – 5%
  • GetFundedNow leverage up to 60:1
  • GetFundedNow fee – refundable with the first payout

Step 2

  • USD 5,000  – One-time refundable fee: USD 45
  • USD 10,000 – One-time refundable fee: USD 90
  • USD 25,000 – One-time refundable fee: USD 139
  • USD 50,000 – One-time refundable fee: USD 251
  • USD 100,000 – MOST POPULAR – One-time refundable fee: USD 419
  • USD 200,000 – One-time refundable fee: USD 822
  • USD 300,000 – One-time refundable fee: USD 1,172

Step 2 also includes: 

  • Profit Target Phase 1 – 8% 
  • Profit share up to 90%
  • GetFundedNow daily loss –  5%
  • GetFundedNow leverage up to 60:1
  • GetFundedNow fee – refundable with the first payout

Prices include applied discounts, and all options have no time limits and no minimum trading days. Future users can receive a 30% discount on all challenges with code ‘FEB30’, which expires on February 29th.

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Challenge evaluation process

 1. GetFunded evaluation

  • Users select virtual account size: $5k – $300k
  • 8% virtual profit target

 2. GFN verification

  • Get Verified with the same Virtual Account size as the Evaluation
  • 5% Virtual Profit Target

 3. Simulated Funded Account

  • Becoming a Funded Trader
  • Receiving up to 90% of the earnings with zero risk

Scaling plan

The GetFundedNow scaling plan is a plan for traders on a simulated GFN funded account. They are empowering users to expand their virtual account size to USD 1,500,000 through consistent performance. Users can get up to USD 1.5 million simulated funds using this plan, and there are 4 stages available.

Stages Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Time 4 months 8 months 12 months 16 months
Initial Account Balance​ +25% +50% +75% +100%
Virtual Profit Split Upgrade 90% 90% 90% 90%
Free Challenge (if account fails) / Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Salary up to USD 500 up to USD 900 up to USD 1250 up to USD 1500

Concluding thoughts on GetFundedNow

All in all, GetFundedNow stands out as a promising prop trading company, offering a broad range of challenges and a transparent approach to funding traders. Having a team of experienced professionals, the firm presents itself as a legitimate platform for potential traders looking to develop their skills.

However, while GetFundedNow offers competitive advantages such as its scaling plan, users should consider other prop trading firms in the market to compare offerings. Different firms may have varying fee structures, account sizes, and support systems. Traders can make a more precise decision based on their specific preferences by exploring alternatives

Overall, GetFundedNow is a complete package, offering structured options and having positive user feedback. As our team always advises clients, with any financial decision, users need to conduct thorough research and be aware of all factors before committing to a prop trading firm.


What is GetFundedNow?

It’s a prop firm founded by Neerav Vadera

Is GetFundedNow a Legit Prop Firm?

Yes, offerings vary and they have good ratings on Trustpilot

How to Choose the Right Investment Company?

Take into consideration all the pros and cons and read online reviews, even negative feedback can influence someone’s decision-making process

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