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iGenius Global Review: The Truth About Their Trading Strategies

iGenius Global Review

It’s time to take a look at our detailed iGenius Global review. We’re here to lift the curtain on this platform that promises financial empowerment through various services and memberships. In this review, we’ll dive deep into what this company offers. We will reveal what you should really know before getting involved with them.

General information
Name iGenuis Global LTD
Type of company Trading Education
Regulation status Unregulated/Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2023
Registered in 459 North 300 West, Suite 15B, Kaysville, UT 84037
Contact info 1-801-939-3580, [email protected]
Trading platforms Web
Majority of clients are from Germany; Italy; United States; Austria; Egypt
Customer support Email and phone
Compensation fund No

Company Details – What Is iGenius Global?

So, what’s the deal with iGenius Global? Well, first and foremost, the company is backed by Investview. This is a publicly traded company valued at over $90 million. Sounds impressive, right? But hold on, the company’s stock has taken a nosedive since its listing, making us wonder about its stability. 

Plus, the man behind the scenes, Chad Garner, has some arguable history with companies like Wealth Generators LLC. All of this raises serious questions about the credibility of and the people running the show.

Key Points – Who Is Chad Garner?

Let’s talk about Chad Garner, the face behind iGenius Global. We can see that he’s been associated with Wealth Generators LLC, which had its fair share of legal troubles. It’s wise to keep this in mind. 

Despite claims of financial prowess, public financial reports tell a different story. It’s essential to know who’s steering the ship before jumping aboard. Always remember this. 

Note: A crypto broker based in Bulgaria, AllinvestFX does not have a license or regulation. So, make sure to stay away from them.

Wealth Generators LLC

Wealth Generators LLC works in the financial services MLM niche with a focus on stock market trading. As we mentioned before, it has faced several legal issues. Here is a list of the main problems the company has faced:

  • Colombia’s Superintendencia Financiera: In 2020, this regulatory body said that Wealth Generators was a pyramid scheme.
  • Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC): In 2018, the CFTC found that Wealth Generators had violated certain sections of the Commodity Exchange Act. They worked as a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) without registering with the Commission. 
  • Allegations of being a pyramid scheme: Wealth Generators LLC has faced serious allegations of being a pyramid scheme. This is due to its MLM structure and the nature of its financial services.

As you can see, this company is extremely shady. 

iGenius Store Membership Options

iGenius Global offers a variety of memberships, each with its own set of benefits. But the trading strategies they teach, like Forex and crypto, come with significant risks. These methods might not be the safest bet, especially during market downturns. It’s like walking on a tightrope without a safety net.

 Here’s the lowdown on the prices:

  • Choice Membership: One-Time Fee: $99.99, Monthly Renewal Fee: $99.99
  • Select Membership: One-Time Fee: $299.99, Monthly Renewal Fee: $174.99
  • Premium Membership: One-Time Fee: $599.99, Monthly Renewal Fee: $174.99
  • Elite Membership: One-Time Fee: $1,499.99, Monthly Renewal Fee: $174.99

But here’s the catch – some of these benefits seem distant or downright questionable. This clearly leaves members scratching their heads about the actual value they’re getting.

Features and Education

iGenius opens a world of financial knowledge and tools tailored just for you. Here’s a straightforward breakdown of what they offer:

  • SmartFINANCE: This one lets you boost your financial skills with education and tools.
  • University: Here, you can get into the world of financial markets with dedicated education and training resources.
  • learnLIVE: Engage in live and recorded market sessions led by experts, right from your screen.
  • MARKETpro: Access a wealth of market resources, including educational videos, eBooks, research, and calendars.
  • MONEYpro: Take charge of your finances by learning to cut debt, manage budgets, and improve your financial habits.
  • FOREXthrive: You can explore the forex market with unique research, education, and strategies made for success.
  • EQUITYprime: Master the equity markets with comprehensive education and in-depth research.
  • iGenius CRYPTO core: You can explore the world of cryptocurrencies with smart guidance and insights.
  • Sequilizer: Stay in the know with real-time trade ideas for major markets, empowering your trading decisions.
  • TRAVELpro: Enjoy exclusive travel perks powered by Wanderlust, providing access to a world of discounts and adventures.

With these perks, iGenius aims to equip you with solid knowledge and tools.

Upcoming iGenius Events

This company hosts various events globally. We can see that they try to enhance connections within their community. Two notable events on the horizon include the St. James Incentive in Montego Bay, Jamaica, from April 22nd to 24th, 2024. This event offers training sessions, team-building activities, and a recognition dinner for top producers. 

Another event is the UNITE – 2024 European Convention in Düsseldorf, Germany, taking place from June 14th to 16th, 2024. This one features collaborations between the corporate team, field leaders, and guest speakers. These events aim to unite participants and improve the iGenius experience. Still, we can’t say this is the safest and the most innovative company.  

iGenius Support

This company offers support through email and phone, providing direct ways to assist users. Although these options are helpful, the lack of live chat and a contact form is not user-friendly. 

This is a fact! It’s a decent start, but adding live chat for instant help would make their support much better.

The Pyramid Scheme and MLM Structure

Digging deeper, iGenius Global’s compensation system screams MLM. This goes without saying. Members are motivated to bring in more people, and they’re rewarded with certain bonuses and upgrades. 

It all sounds nice, but it raises a big question – is the focus on genuine financial education or just recruiting more folks into the system?

Note: Abshire Smith is deemed a high-risk broker with a minimum deposit amount of $500. It is advisable to avoid them.

Trader Reviews on Trustpilot

Checking out Trustpilot, this company has a decent 3.8-star rating from 112 traders. Not bad, you may think? Well, hold your horses. 

While this may seem positive and encouraging, remember the other aspects we’ve discussed. We strongly advise going for regulated brokers and firms with stellar ratings of 4.5 stars or higher. Your peace of mind is worth it!

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Final Words

As you can see, iGenius Global’s promises should come with a giant question mark. The MLM structure, the leadership’s uncertain past, and the shady benefits raise red flags. 

Instead of taking risky steps, consider our reliable AI Analysis Bot for your trading needs. Stay savvy, stay safe, and make those financial decisions wisely!


What Is iGenius Global?

iGenius Global offers financial services, memberships, and trading education through various packages.

Is iGenius Global Legit?

There are concerns about its credibility due to its MLM structure and past legal issues.

How Does iGenius Global Work?

Their memberships offer financial education and trading tools.

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