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Insider Finance Review: Your Trading Ally or a Deception?

Insider Finance Review

Are you looking for a new trading platform that stands out? This tool may be just what you need, focusing on unusual options order flow, and dark pool trades. In this Insider Finance review, we’ll dive into the details of this tool, how it works, and whether it can really amp up your trading experience. Let’s hop into the Insider Finance technical analysis system!

General information
Name InsiderFinance Intelligence LLC
Type of company Trading Tool
Regulation status Unregulated/Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators None
Website link
Active since 2020
Registered in Oregon, United States
Contact info [email protected]
Trading platforms charts from TradingView
Majority of clients are from United States, United Kingdom, Argentina, Canada, Australia
Customer support Email
Compensation fund No

Insider Finance: What’s the Deal?

Founded in 2020, Insider Finance is a trading tool that tracks institutional investors’ activities. It has a special knack for unusual options order flow and dark pool trades.

The platform also has technical analysis and trade ideas based on these market quirks. We think this is a plus! 

Insider Finance Trading Toolkit

The main gig of this company is its option flow analysis dashboard. Here, you get a list of ticker symbols showing high options order flow – basically, what the big players are doing. The dashboard lets you sort tickers based on various factors. What’s more, this gives you the lowdown on market trends.

Additional charts break down data on:

  • out-of-the-money (OTM) distribution,
  • call and put volume, and
  • premiums for the top 10 tickers.

Plus, you get real-time updates on options orders exceeding $10,000.

Dark Pool Prints

This trading tool doesn’t stop there. It also dishes out dark pool data right alongside its main options order flow feed.

Dark pool trades are those off-exchange block transactions. Notably, they come complete with details like a ticker, execution price, trade size, and total trade value.

Options Flow Scanner

Customization is the name of the game with InsiderFinance’s option flow and dark pool displays. What can you do with it?

You can set up filters based on trade type, expiration, price, and OTM percentage. This means you can fit your market analysis to your needs.

Tip: You can protect your investments if you know how to spot fake and shady trading practices. All in all, always stay sharp in online trading.

Individual Ticker Analysis

What happens once you spot a company with some interesting activity? This trading tool has your back with individual ticker analysis tools.

You’ll get the lowdown on options trades and dark pool prints, with charts from TradingView thrown in for good measure. It’s technical analysis without the hassle of switching platforms.

Top Ticker Lists

This tool serves up lists of the leading tickers, updated every 3 minutes. Sorted by unusual OTM percent, trading volume, and sweep activity, these lists are a handy way to spot potential trade ideas.

Yet, they aren’t vastly different from what you’d find on the platform’s dashboard and scanning tools. This is a fact! 

Note: Brighter Trade is a broker that does not address regulatory oversight. Although the company operates from Estonia, it lacks the credibility that comes with proper regulation.

News and Sentiment Analysis

Keeping you in the loop, this tool pulls in news from various sources. Some of them are Reuters, Benzinga, CNBC, and Fox Business News.

Text analysis gives each story a real sentiment, helping you gauge market mood. This is quite beneficial in our opinion.

Note: There is an Insider Finance affiliate program. You can receive 20% of the earnings of each person you bring to the company. 

Insider Finance Pricing

This trading company keeps it simple with a single subscription that you can pay for monthly, quarterly, or annually. The full package, including the options order flow dashboard, goes for:

  • $75 per month,
  • $195 per quarter, or
  • $660 annually.

What if you’re just after the technical analysis tools? They’re up for grabs at $39 per month, $102 per quarter, or $348 annually.

Insider Finance Reviews on Trustpilot

It’s a bit of a letdown that there aren’t any reviews for this firm on Trustpilot. Reviews from other users always give you a sense of what to expect. In the finance world, especially in FX trading, it’s a good call to stick with platforms with 4.5 stars or more.

It’s wise for users to prioritize platforms with a solid reputation for safety and good experiences. This goes without saying.

Tip: Are you familiar with Kyolo? This is a company that claims to be legit and provides no contact information on its website. 

How to Avoid Trading Scams?

Watch out for online trading scams! Ponzi schemes, fake advisories, and deceptive promises take various forms. Be cautious of fake guarantees and high-pressure investment tactics. These are clear warning signs.

We advise you to protect your finances by always staying informed and vigilant. Recognizing these deceitful practices is crucial to protecting your money and well-being. Also, always conduct thorough research before diving into any online trading opportunity. This is the smartest thing to do! 

Profits Through Online Trading

Are you ready to boost your earnings through online trading? We’re here to guide you every step of the way. Explore the top forex and crypto trading platforms with us and jump into proprietary trading!

Our latest offer lets clients team up with a prop firm, with the potential to earn up to $180,000. It’s not just about trading, but it’s about seeing your financial potential strategically. Reach out for a free consultation and let’s try to make those trading dreams a reality!

Final Words

As we wrap up, let’s give a final nod to what Insider Finance brings to the table. From in-depth options order flow analysis to dark pool insights, they offer a toolkit for traders. But being a savvy trader, it’s essential to weigh all your options and choose the best fit.

Speaking of choices, don’t miss out on our exclusive opportunity. As we mentioned, we offer proprietary trading with the potential to earn up to $180,000! Making smart choices is the key to financial success in the trading world, and we’re here to guide you! 


What is Insider Finance?

Insider Finance is a trading platform that analyzes institutional moves for smarter trades.

Is Insider Finance Good?

Insider Finance offers valuable insights, but it lacks reviews from traders.

How to Choose the Right Trading Broker?

You should prioritize reliability, user-friendly interface, and regulation.

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