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Leotradez Review: Anonymity and Troublesome Issues to Consider

Leotradez Review

Be cautious when considering Leotradez’s services. They operate as an unregulated broker, setting off many alarm signals. Without regulatory oversight, your investments are vulnerable to risks. While they may present tempting prospects, their unregulated status raises many concerns. Engaging without regulatory oversight exposes you to a scary financial landscape. Keep reading our Leotradez review to discover more about this! 

Conduct thorough research before dealing with Leotradez or Alfa Trading. Only choose brokers that value investor protection. 

Leotradez: Suspicious Legitimacy Raises Concerns

Leotradez scam broker operates without a license. This is important to keep in mind. 

To start looking for an online broker, the first thing you should do is find out if they’re regulated. This is really important because it tells you whether the broker is overseen by a central authority or connected to investment companies that are not regulated or based offshore.

If you end up dealing with an unregulated broker or one that operates outside your area, it dramatically limits or even removes your ability to take legal action if something wrong happens to your funds. If you ever experience theft, you can only file complaints if the broker is licensed by the regulatory body in your area.

Notable examples of reputable regulatory authorities that issue licenses include:

  • The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
  • The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)

If a broker doesn’t have a license from the regulatory authority in your area, it’s a vital sign that they’re not regulated. It’s best to steer clear of them. Even if a brokerage is regulated, it’s wise to be cautious if the regulatory body operates outside your area.

CNMV Warning: Leotradez Unauthorized for Investment Services

The Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) warns the public about Leotradez. This firm is not authorized to provide investment services that fall under the activity restrictions outlined in Article 129 of the Spanish Securities Markets and Investment Services Act. That includes FX transactions and other financial instruments detailed in Article 2, as mentioned earlier.

Please be cautious when dealing with Leotradez, as they lack the proper authorization to provide investment services. Understanding the potential risks involved when engaging with this unregistered firm is essential.

General information
Name: Leotradez
Regulation status: Unregulated Broker 
Warnings from Financial Regulators: CNMV
Website link:
Active since 2023 (2022 for domain age)
Registered in N/A
Contact info: phone at +34902018070 +527443621007 +56552970404 +4407577693248
Trading platforms: Leotradez Webtrader
The majority of clients are from: Spain



Customer support: Yes (by email at [email protected].)
Compensation fund: No

Exploring the Various Trading Assets at Leotradez

Leotradez offers many trading instruments, such as forex, indexes, commodities, cryptocurrency, and stocks.

  • Leotradez Forex. They promise 45+ FX pairs for global volatility profits. But watch out for the illusions of endless opportunities and unrealistically low costs.
  • Leotradez Indexes. Leotradez grants access to significant indices like SP500, FTSE, DAX, NIKKEI, and HANG SENG. In the 15 indices markets, beware of illusory trade promises.
  • Leotradez Commodities. Explore Leotradez’s liquid commodity markets, such as gold, gas, coffee, and more. Despite countless profit claims, approach them with skepticism.
  • Leotradez Crypto. Crypto trading appears effortless, requiring little effort. Yet, beware of the allure beyond charts and graphs, veiled by complexity.
  • Leotradez Stocks. Leotradez offers 635+ UK, US, and European stocks via global Share CFDs. Regardless of the market conditions, stay cautious amid profit promises.

Leotradez WebTrader: Proceed With Skepticism

Leotradez Trading Platform Overview

Leotradez WebTrader is a trading software offering convenience and accessibility. Yet, it is crucial to approach it with a tiny dose of skepticism. Praised as UI-friendly and convenient, the platform’s reliability should be thoroughly analyzed. Without proper regulatory oversight, Leotradez WebTrader may pose possible risks.

Exercise caution when considering this platform. Also, research to find alternative options that offer higher credibility and investor protection. You should consistently rank your financial safety when using trading platforms like Leotradez.

Make your financial well-being a top priority. Exercise constant vigilance when trading with unregulated entities like Leotradez or AllinvestFX.

General Trading Environment at Leotradez

Leotradez entices affiliates to invest in Bitcoin with promises of significant returns. Still, be cautious when evaluating such suspicious financial companies. Look beyond the surface and consider any potential risks or hidden drawbacks. The investment tiers are as follows:

  • Classic: Invest $300 to $9,999 in Bitcoin and get a 121% monthly ROI. 
  • Platinum: Invest $10,000 to $49,999 in BTC and receive a 124% monthly ROI. 
  • Gold: Invest $50,000 to $1,000,000 in Bitcoin and receive a 130% monthly ROI. pays commissions down to two levels of recruitment:

  • Earn 5% of personally recruited affiliates’ initial investment, generated trading fees, and reinvestment.
  • Earn 5% of commissions earned by affiliates you recruited, generated by their downline.

The platform does not disclose trading fees on its website, raising further suspicions.

Note that participation in Leotradez’s MLM opportunity requires investment. Joining Leotradez Affiliate Program is tied to the lowest $300 Bitcoin investment. It is a must to note that all payments within Leotradez are conducted only in Bitcoin. Exercise the utmost caution when considering involvement with this firm and assess the risks. Leotradez is a scam broker.

Leotradez Account Types

Trading accounts come in three types: standard, mini, and managed. 

  • Standard. Requires significant upfront capital, starting at $2,000 or more. While they offer perks and services, the potential gains can be high, but so are the potential losses. These accounts are best suited to experienced traders.
  • MINI. Allows trading in smaller increments, reducing risk for inexperienced traders. They require lower capital, often starting around $250 to $500, and offer flexibility in risk management. 
  • Managed. Involve account managers in making trading decisions on your behalf. They often require investment starting at $2,000 for pooled accounts and $10,000 for individual accounts. 

Exercise Caution: Potential Withdrawal Issues With Leotradez

Suppose you find yourself in a situation where you cannot withdraw your funds from your Leotradez account. In that case, it’s important to take proactive steps. Start by contacting them through all available means and requesting a withdrawal. This is crucial because having evidence of your withdrawal request can be helpful if you need to involve authorities in case Leotradez refuses to process it.

Unfortunately, Leotradez is not regulated or authorized by any primary regulatory authority. This means that if they ignore your request or suspend your account for minor reasons, withdrawing from this company can become a complicated process.

When a broker is not licensed by the regulatory authority in your area, it strongly indicates that they are unregulated and should be avoided. Even if a broker claims to be regulated, it’s still wise to be cautious if the regulatory authority operates outside your jurisdiction. 

Conducting thorough research before engaging with a suspicious broker can protect you from potential losses and stress. Take care of your money by staying up-to-date and careful with your investments.

Contacting Leotradez Support

If you need to get in touch with Leotradez, you can reach their support team using various phone numbers: +34 902 018 070, +52 744 362 1007, +56 552 970 404, and +44 075 776 93248. You can also contact them through email at [email protected].

Leotradez Contacts

However, it’s wise to be cautious when reaching out to Leotradez’s support team. Keep in mind that they are not regulated and lack authorization from the regulatory authorities. This means there’s a higher risk of difficulties or delays in getting a response.

Mixed Feedback Raises Concerns

Reviews from traders on Lotradez are a bit of a mixed bag. Some clients have expressed concerns about the platform’s reliability and their overall satisfaction with the service.

On the one hand, traders have had positive experiences and made profits. However, there are also those who voice dissatisfaction. They mentioned problems like delayed withdrawals, unsatisfactory customer support, and questionable trading practices. Achieving any Lotradez payout seems to be challenging, as they claim.

Before you decide to invest in Lotradez, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and carefully consider these reviews. Understand the potential risks involved so you can make an informed decision.

Long Story Short – Leotradez 

Approach Leotradez’s services cautiously as they operate as an unregulated broker. Although enticing, their unregulated status raises many concerns, subjecting you to risk. Before engaging with Leotradez, explore alternative options regulated brokers provide. Make your financial well-being a top priority. Exercise constant vigilance when dealing with unregulated brokers like Leotradez or AnyCoin Capital.

If Leotradez has scammed you, don’t worry, a refund is possible. You can book a free consultation with us; we’re here to help. 


Is Leotradez Regulated?

No, Leotradez is not regulated. They are blacklisted by CNMV.

What does Leotradez Offer?

This broker scam offers trading in crypto, commodities, indices, and more.

Is It Safe To Trade With

Engaging with fake companies like LeoTradez is not safe. If you want to learn more about regulated brokers, contact us for help!

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