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Main Group FX Review: Main Group FX Demystified

Main Group FX Review

Are you considering your first step into the financial markets? Hold on! Before you take the plunge, let’s talk about Main Group FX, a broker that claims to offer a top-notch trading experience. In this Main Group FX review, we’ll cut through the marketing noise, analyze the company’s offerings, check its legal standing, and much more. Let’s get real about this broker!

General information
Name Main Group FX
Type of company Broker
Regulation status Regulated by ASIC
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings 
Website link
Active since 2022
Registered in 465 Victoria Ave, Chatswood, AU
Contact info Data is hidden
Trading platforms MT5
Majority of clients are from Australia, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Spain
Customer support Phone, Live Chat, and WhatsApp
Compensation fund Yes

Main Group FX – The Legal Landscape

Main Group FX positions itself as a broker under Australian laws, representing MGF Capital PTY LTD. Yes, there’s a registered company with that name, but the broker’s claim that it used to offer extensive leverage raises big questions here.

Such practices are usually a no-go, and the regulatory authorities might step in. Is MainGroupFX hiding another legal entity offshore? We’re definitely keeping an eye out.

User Experience

A peek at their website shows us a standard setup. We must say that this is not exactly groundbreaking for a provider of new trading solutions. Also, the landing page is not proportional as it covers some main elements, like company details.

The registration process is quite troubling by all means! Why? Well, the broker just skips the verification step. And this is an odd move for an ASIC-licensed entity. Let’s see what else this company is hiding!

Trading Conditions – Attractive or Deceptive?

Main Group FX PTY LTD claims that traders can become pros with their attractive trading conditions. We doubt that!

They have 5 account types – Basic, Standard, Advanced, Premium, and Pro with spreads starting at 1 pip. A few months back, they had extremely high leverage. How did the ASIC regulator permit such leverage? We don’t know, but we do know that they have removed the leverage details now.

Main Group FX Account Types Review

Keep in mind that the minimum deposit requirement is nowhere to be found. Before, they had different pricing options. Yet, now, they do not show them.

Moreover, the lack of transparency now raises big questions here. Keep that in mind.

Markets To Trade with Main Group FX

Let’s take a look at the trading instruments this company offers: 

  • Forex: +55 pairs 
  • Stocks: 20+ global stocks
  • Indices: 35+ global indices
  • Metals: gold, silver, etc 
  • Energies: CL1, BZ1, etc

The lack of crypto assets is evident here. We must say that this is a huge drawback. 

MetaTrader 5 Platform

This controversial broker offers the widely-used MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform. This is a great option. Still, we would choose a broker that has a better reputation and offers both MT4 and MT5. For instance, ETO Markets. 

MetaTrader is a top-notch trading platform, with MT5 being a fancy upgrade to MT4. Users love MT5 for its customizable interface and avant-garde tools. 

Almost 80% of Forex traders swear by these platforms, especially MT4, which offers solid charting, many indicators, and great back-testing options. Whether you stick with the old-school MT4 or go for MT5, MetaTrader is the go-to for navigating the markets.

Note: If you are looking for the Main Group FX MT4, you won’t find that option. Now, they support MT5 only. 

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Funding your account here involves bank transfers and credit cards. These methods raise concerns about transparency here.

Many traders reported that this company used to have more suitable payment options in the past. They even removed crypto payments now. We think none of this looks good!

Tip: 4xEx is a fake broker that received a warning from the FCA. It’s wise to stay away from such shady firms. 

Verification and Additional Options

The verification process here is a bit puzzling. You can only upload one document, and they ask for your bank account details. It’s kind of strange and makes you curious, right?

How does the verification process impact traders? We will talk about that later on! 

Main Group FX Reviews From Traders

Trustpilot users give Main Group FX an average rating. We can see a 3.5-star rating from 17 reviews – not exactly stellar.

We value honesty, and while this rating is okay, it does raise a flag. Caution is advised when considering this broker. Always aim for companies with higher ratings, ideally 4.5 stars or more. It’s a safer bet for your financial journey.

How to Avoid Fake Brokers

Fake brokers are becoming more common, and it’s crucial to be alert. Those sneaky companies are out there creating fake brokerages with fancy websites that look way too legit. They’re playing games with names and logos, trying to trick you into their web of deception.

They love dangling the carrot of easy money, especially when trading is already a bit of a puzzle. So, what’s the deal? Always stay sharp! Keep an eye on warnings, browse online databases, and stay tuned to reliable news sources. They spill the beans on potential deceptions and all the shady stuff happening in the trading world.

Also, watch out for signs like withdrawal troubles, too much pressure for extra money, and wonky demo servers. These are red flags that something’s not right. And here’s a pro tip: online forums are your go-to for real experiences and the scoop on brokers.

Free Your Profit Potential

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Final Words

Last but not least, Main Group FX offers various trading assets, but user reviews indicate a middling performance. Also, their website is not transparent and looks shady.

Safety comes first! Opt for options with higher satisfaction ratings, around 4.5 stars or more. As you explore better options, remember our premier offer! Partnering with our prop trading firm could unlock huge gains, making your journey more rewarding. Make wise choices and watch your investments thrive! 


What is Main Group FX?

Main Group FX is a trading platform that lets you explore the financial world.

Can I Trust Main Group FX With My Money?

They do have a license, but many things make this company unreliable.

Does Main Group FX Have a Regulation?

Yes. Main Group FX has a license, but reliability? It's a bit on the iffy side.

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