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Optimal Traders Review
Optimal Traders Review: Optimal Service Comes at High Price

While this firm may be legally incorporated in the UAE, we still have questions about their broker p…

Tradiac Review
Tradiac Review: Scandinavian Proprietary Trading Excellence

The market for proprietary trading is growing exponentially. While the quality of business remains q…

Formed Funding Review
Formed Funding Review: Bogus Prop Firm Formed to Rip You Off

Prop trading is an invaluable service for many retailers who lack the necessary budget to make their…

RaiseMyFunds Review
RaiseMyFunds Review: Large Profit Potential Comes At a Cost

This company promises above average conditions to their funded traders, but does charge a hefty eval…

Fuze Traders Review
Fuze Traders Review: Legitimate Yet Completely Unremarkable

Sometimes it’s difficult to commit to a service that hasn’t been around for a long time. While t…

Ascendx Capital Review
Ascendx Capital Review: Service Overshadowed By Legal Issues

Prop trading firms provide a crucial lifeline to many professional traders who lack the initial capi…

QuantumTrading Review
QuantumTrading Review – Unlocking Trading Potential With This Tool

Quantum Trading is a trading platform that gathers and analyzes market data to execute trading strat…

DeiFunded Review
DeiFunded Review: Exploits Talented Traders For Their Own Gain

The DeiFunded prop firm alleges that its founders are people who are passionate traders themselves a…

Sure Leverage Review
Sure Leverage Review: The Pipe Dream Of Offshore Prop Trading Profits

Today we take a look at a company that has dubious legal background and corporate connections that m…

FixyTrade Review
FixyTrade Review – Is it a Reliable Trading Tool?

FixyTrade aims to enhance trader’s strategies and maximize profits. The platform offers a range of…

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