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Mainet Business Review – Scam Allegations and Controversies

Mainet Business Review

The platform is designed to provide automatic trading solutions and support forex-affiliated businesses. The Mainet Business team consists of entrepreneurs, IT specialists, professional traders, and a legal department.

However, some concerns have been brought up about this tool. Reviews indicate a lack of positivity, with low trust scores and an overall questionable reputation. This may only be the outlook, stay with us as we dig deeper, to find out if Mainet Business is a valuable asset or one to avoid.

General information
Name Mainet Business
Type of the company AI Trading Tool
Regulation status Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link 
Active since 2023
Registered in N/A
Contact info Data is hidden
Trading platforms N/A
Majority of clients are from France, French Polynesia, Cote d’Ivoire, Belgium
Customer support No customer support
Compensation fund N/A

Mainet Business – General Information

The CEO and founder, Ciprian Ciceu, boasts over two decades of experience in various fields such as entrepreneurship, management, business planning, financial analysis, and software engineering. After completing his studies and earning an MBA in finance and management, he embarked on a career as an independent trader for private companies and institutional clients.

  • In 2017, he joined Be Trader Academy as Vice President
  • In 2019, Ciprian Ciceu launched Betra Coin, an ERC-20 utility token aimed at providing access to crypto training
  • In 2020, Ciprian Ciceu assembled a team of highly skilled computing and mathematics engineers with expertise in algorithm research and development

Over nearly two years, they worked on automating his personal trading strategies and developing Expert Advisors (Mainet Business EAs) capable of consistently outperforming the financial market. In 2022, Ciprian Ciceu was set to launch the Mainet Business platform. 

For non, it seems Ciprian Ciceu’s dedication and extensive knowledge adds credibility to the Mainet platform. However, some problems popped up about the connection with the Be Trader company, Ciceu co-founded.

Presence and Regulation

Researching different aspects of Mainet Business, we found that its influence lies in several domains. 

  • France
  • French Polynesia
  • Cote d’Ivoire
  • Belgium

Mainet’s YouTube channel holds various topics, all of course regarding trading, and many videos are in the French language. Here is one video in general, Jérôme Robert, a 28-year-old entrepreneur, discusses his investment interest and how he discovered algorithmic trading.

Even though trading tools don’t have to be regulated, being regulated by an official body does give a form of credibility and a sense of trustworthiness. What our research discovered is that Mainet Business isn’t regulated by any financial authority, such as the SEC or FCA. 


Yet again, another negative factor we’re going to list is the lack of transparency of the platform. We found no readable Mainet Business price option offered on their official website. Avoid suspicious phishing websites that have been blacklisted, such as Cryptorobot Review

We assure users that platforms like this do this often, whatever factor is the reason, listing pricing points and the cost of the products is mandatory for any tool. Potential users are always looking at and comparing pricing points, and Mainet can only benefit from making its offerings transparent.

Here we will rely on other sources that provided this information. It seems the Mainet Business software license. The minimum software license is USD 25, with higher tiers available at USD 50, and the highest being USD 50,000. Each tier likely comes with different benefits or features, but the details are not specified in the provided transcript. 

However, no one can rely on this information. The only legitimate answer is from the website itself. We couldn’t even find this fact on their YouTube Videos as well, where there are various clips regarding the usage and offerings of Mainet. We strongly advise clients to steer clear of platforms that don’t transparently show price ranges.

User Feedback – Which Reviews To Trust?

Delving into the Mainet Business reviews, we found mixed feedback. On a reliable source Trustpilot, the platform received over 90 reviews with a score of 3.3 out of 5. The comments don’t seem promising, with only 55% being positive.

One user highlights Mainet’s transparency, they express gratitude for the opportunity to earn money with Mainet and commend the CEO, Ciprian, for providing a chance for people in poor countries to start their own businesses with minimal investment.

On the other hand, there are negative reviews as well. One user complains about delays in receiving their requested capital cancellation, despite being asked to provide their wallet address. Also added dissatisfaction about the lack of response from support and criticized the company’s customer service.

Some comments accuse Mainet of being a pyramid scheme, warning others against joining. They claim that most positive comments are either from bots or existing members trying to recruit others. Yet again, positive reviewers highlight how negative comments come from people who are not members. We are in for a treat with this one.

How To Handle Mixed Reviews?

Navigating through these evaluations can be challenging. We advise individuals to conduct thorough research and consider multiple sources of information, even though Trustpilot is the best form for this, currently, it can confuse potential clients. 

Be cautious when evaluating reviews, as they can be biased or manipulated, be sure to contact us if you experience any issues! On another note, for individuals looking for a software company that offers blockchain solutions, check out our Venly Review

Feedback and Evaluation From Other Sources

When you research Mainet Business, a lot of articles appear that discuss concerns about its legitimacy and compare it to the collapsed BeTrader scheme. BeTrader promised monthly returns of 20% to 40% to its investors. However, by October 2019, the platform had collapsed, and BeTrader Academy was seen as a scam that misled people and caused financial losses. 

The founder of Mainet, Ciceu was behind BeTrader, so the confusing part is that as to why Mainet even wants to be connected to BeTrader and willingly lists the form as a success for Mainet Business. No one from Mainet confirmed or denied this. 

Conducting information from various sources can be problematic. However, in this situation where finding valid reviews is crucial, it’s essential to consider all available information carefully and seek clarification more thoroughly, if for whatever reason users decide to commit to Mainet Business. 

Final Take On Mainet Business

In conclusion, Mainet Business presents itself as an innovative AI platform for trading. However, it faces significant scrutiny and skepticism. While its founder’s knowledge and background in trading add credibility, the platform’s lack of regulation, transparency issues, and mixed user feedback raise red flags. 

The connection to the BeTrader, which hasn’t been resolved or acknowledged, further complicates its reputation. As with any investment opportunity, we strongly advise clients to get valid data from reliable sources and think twice before engaging with any trading platform.


What is Mainet Business?

Mainet Business is a trading platform that offers automatic trading solutions, whose reputation lingers.

Is Mainet Business a Legit AI Trading Tool?

It isn’t. There are concerns about its transparency, regulation, and user feedback. It has a poor score on Trustpilot, mostly negative evaluations, and the platform's association with BeTrader further complicates its trust score.

How to Choose the Right Trading Company?

Look for companies with a transparent pricing structure, clear regulatory compliance, and positive user reviews from reputable sources.

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