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MarketGauge Review: Can You Trust This Trading Company?

MarketGauge Review

When it comes to trading platforms, MarketGauge steps into the spotlight with promises of many things. But with a lack of online reviews, skepticism creeps in. Is this a trustworthy ally for your financial journey? This MarketGauge review digs deep, offering you an authentic look at the platform’s claims and services.

General information
Name MarketGauge
Type of company Trading Education
Regulation status Unregulated/Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 1996
Registered in Santa Fe, US
Contact info [email protected], [email protected], 407-770-7637
Trading platforms Web Terminal
Majority of clients are from United States, Canada, India, United Kingdom
Customer support Phone, chat, and email
Compensation fund No


First things first, claims to be a go-to source for strategic insights for investors and advisors. Its day trading strategies are based on the market’s Opening Range and were developed by industry leaders.

Also, we see that the company provides many features, such as live interactive coaching sessions, swing trading, and much more.

Meet Your Trading Mentors – The Faces Behind It

Leading this company is a trio of experts. Keith Schneider, the co-founder and CEO, has over 35 years of trading and mentoring experience. Geoff Bysshe, the co-founder and President, and Mish Schneider, Director of Trading Research and Education, contribute their wealth of knowledge.

All of them have a strong background in trading, we must say!

Tip: Have you heard of the Quopi AI trading tool? There are many stories behind them. Still, none of them seem to be positive. 

Keith Schneider

Meet Keith, the co-founder and CEO of He has a whopping 35+ years in the trading world. We can see he went from working on the NY Commodities Exchanges to being a tech-savvy pioneer in computerized trading.

His goal is to be your friendly guide through the ups and downs of trading. Also, Keith’s journey includes managing a big-shot hedge fund and founding Marketgauge Asset Management Company, LLC, and Wizard IP, a software wizardry hub.

Geoff Bysshe

Geoff is the co-founder and President of MarketGauge Group. We are talking about a seasoned expert with over 25 years of trading know-how. You can see him on the trading floor, tackling the U.S. Dollar index and Cotton options.

We can see that he’s the strategic mind you need for trading products. You can check out their website for more details on this!

Michele Schneider

Now, let’s talk about Mish, the Director of Trading Research and Education here. She is a floor trader on the bustling NY Commodity Exchanges, analyzing markets for big trading firms.

She’s not just a director but the architect of “Mish’s Daily,” your daily guide to market analysis. Mish, armed with an M.S. in Special Education, extends her influence as a partner here. 

Tip: Have you ever wondered how to tweak your MarketGauge scans just the way you like them? Well, that’s where MarketGauge scan parameters come in. This is the tool that lets you customize and save your scans quite easily.

Exploring MarketGauge’s Strategies

This company talks about various trading strategies suited to different preferences. You can find them all – from day trading to swing trading and automated systems.

The platform claims it allows traders to profit from market shifts, catch big trades, and eliminate emotional guesswork. We find this quite interesting, but we must say their offerings are not so special after all.

Triple Play Indicators

Let’s talk about the MarketGauge Triple Play indicators. This is a trio of special tools that bring valuable insights to the trading table. Here’s the lowdown on what they can do for you:

  • Reveal True Market Trends: The Triple Play indicators show the real strength or weakness in trends, giving you a heads-up.
  • Spot Hidden Opportunities: They help you pinpoint unknown weaknesses in stocks near highs, and much more!
  • Navigate Breakouts with Confidence: When it comes to breakouts, the Triple Play indicators are your trusted guide. They help you recognize genuine strength in good breakouts. 

Some of Their Programs

This trading company introduces programs like the following:

  • Automated Trading Ideas & Mastery Programs,
  • ETF Sector Plus Strategy,
  • GEMS Portfolio,
  • NASDAQ 100 All-Stars, and
  • Alpha Rotation Strategy.

Each program promises unique benefits. Namely, they go from sector rotation trading to globally diversified active investing. 

MarketGauge Reviews from Trustpilot

We scouted Trustpilot for the lowdown on this firm. Still, there’s a big absence of reviews. And this raises some questions here.

Trustpilot is usually the go-to for the real scoop on trading platforms, and the lack of chatter is a bit of a red flag. Our advice? Play it safe. Opt for platforms with a solid reputation, ideally scoring 4.5 stars or higher. Stick to the tried-and-true!

Choosing Your Ideal Trading Education Platform

Selecting the right trading education platform is crucial to all. Here’s a quick guide to finding your perfect fit:

  1. Define Your Needs: Know your goals. Beginners should focus on platforms with basic resources, and experienced traders should look for better analytics.
  2. Research Reputation: Check for positive reviews. Go for platforms endorsed by reputable institutions.
  3. User-Friendliness: A good platform should be easy to navigate. Look for diverse learning formats like videos and articles.
  4. Evaluate Customer Support: Responsive support is crucial. So, choose a platform with a dedicated support team.

Consider these factors to discover a suitable trading education platform that suits your goals.

Unlocking Profit Potential in Trading

So, are you ready to level up your earning game in trading? Know that making money online just got simpler. We’ve got your back every step of the way with free consultations and support!

And guess what? We’ve got something big in the works. Get ready for our latest and greatest prop trading. We’re talking about potential earnings of up to $180,000. Yes, you read that right. This is indeed a game-changer!

Tip: is an interesting platform for automatic wealth growth through savvy investing. Featuring algorithmic trading, a BOTS manager, a bot store, and trading bots, it seems to have it all. Still, they may not be so reliable! 

Final Words

If we take a glance at what this company brings to the table, it’s a mix of trading strategies and programs. But, Trustpilot is a ghost town and that’s a bit fishy. While education sentiment and trading options are intriguing, be mindful.

And remember to check out our exclusive prop trading deal. With us, you have a chance to earn up to $180,000. 


What is MarketGauge?

MarketGauge is a trading platform offering mentorship and tools for investors.

Is MarketGauge Legit?

They may not be fully reliable due to a lack of reviews.

Can I Learn How to Trade With MarketGauge?

Yes. MarketGauge provides educational resources, mentorship, and proven strategies.

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