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Match CFD Review: Revealing the Truth Behind Match CFD

Overview of Match CFD

In 2022, a broker emerged in Mauritius, claiming to be a registered entity. But, its offshore status immediately raised red flags and suspicions. The official owner of this broker is Match Liquidity, which is the same owner behind the Match Securities trading brand. The overlap of ownership already raises concerns and doubts about the operation’s credibility. Yes, this broker had a dubious beginning.

For this discussion, let’s focus on Match CFD. To navigate this potentially risky situation, check out our Match CFD review. Carefully consider the details and insights provided. Reading our review, you will understand the broker’s practices, performance, and reliability.

Company Match Liquidity
Headquarters Mauritius
Warning N/A
Platforms WebTrader
Minimum Deposit $500
Leverage N/A
Spread N/A
Review Rating Low

License and Safety of Funds at Match CFD

Match CFD, a trading company that asserts its compliance with legal standards, is met with skepticism due to its offshore status.

Match CFD lacks prominent licenses from Tier 1 regulatory bodies like the FCA, BaFin, or ASIC. That raises concerns about its legitimacy and credibility. A thorough search of the relevant registers yielded no information about the company. An exception is its affiliation with the Financial Services Commission (FSC) of Mauritius. That makes it difficult to find out the company’s trustworthiness. So, take extra caution when dealing with Match CFD. It is wise only to invest money you can afford.

What’s even worse, Match CFD claims to maintain offices in the United Kingdom and UAE. To trade within the UK, one must get a license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Match CFD fails to show these essential licenses. This blatant omission acts as a glaring yellow card, signaling a dubious beginning. It intensifies doubts about the broker’s reliability and commitment to regulatory standards. Keep that in mind. 

Trading Platform Overview

Another noteworthy aspect is Match CFD’s trading platform. Rather than investing in reliable third-party software, they chose a basic web-based venue. Yet, upon closer examination, one can observe similarities with TradingView. Unfortunately, this platform lacks many advanced features.

As a result, traders who rely on netting, hedging, or scalping strategies will find nothing of value here. Besides, the absence of social and copy-trading features is another drawback. Furthermore, the Match CFD broker does not provide a dedicated mobile app for iOS or Android. The only access to the platform is through a web browser.

Note: Make sure to stay away from fake companies such as Match CFD and FXLeader.

Account Types Offered

Match CFD’s account offerings are disappointing. And their claims of transparency and trustworthiness are nowhere to be seen. They provide only three account types:

  1. Standard/Starter: Requires a $500 deposit.
  2. Gold/Entrepreneur: Requires a minimum deposit of $5,000.
  3. VIP/Guru: Requires a minimum deposit of $10,000.

With higher deposits, traders receive more help from their account managers. They also enjoy benefits such as no withdrawal commissions and cash-back refunds. Yet, the lack of transparency about other trading conditions is concerning.

What’s more, the Match CFD does not provide traders with demo accounts, depriving them of risk-free options. To engage with this broker, a minimum deposit of $500 is required. That is never advisable when dealing with an offshore broker, particularly one that misleads traders. Given their poor terms and conditions, there is a high possibility of misleading practices across the board.

Managing Your Funds: Deposits and Withdrawals

Match CFD broker’s website lacks professionalism. The scarcity of essential information creates distrust among many people. Namely, the broker includes debit/credit cards, EcoPays, bank transfers, and Terrixa.

Yet, the website fails to provide details on transfer fees and processing times. So, withdrawal processing takes 3-5 business days. Given the shady conditions, withdrawals will not occur within the specified timeframe. Or should we say they will never happen? 

Furthermore, crucial trading pieces of information about leverage spreads and fees are hidden. These factors are essential in assessing a company’s legitimacy.

Match CFD promotes no withdrawal fees on certain accounts, but mentions refunds on trading commissions. As a result, traders are left in the dark about the actual cost of trading with this broker. The lack of transparency in this regard is a big issue.

How Does This Scam Operate?

Broker scams employ deceptive tactics to lure people into investing their money under false pretenses. These scams often begin with unsolicited phone calls or emails, where scammers either impersonate legit brokers or provide misleading information to gain credibility.

Once traders are drawn in, fraudulent brokers employ various manipulative techniques. These may include abusing trades to generate false profits or deliberately causing losses. Besides, they may introduce obstacles to withdrawing funds, such as imposing lengthy delays or outright blocking access to the trader’s money.

As the trader becomes more entangled in the scam, the situation can escalate. This forces them to risk their life savings, take out loans, or borrow money in desperate attempts to recover their losses. This can lead to severe financial and emotional distress.

To protect oneself from broker scams, thorough research and due diligence are a must. It is essential to read reviews, check the broker’s regulatory status, and ensure the safety of funds, legal protection, and overall reliability before engaging with any broker. Using demo accounts and starting with small amounts can also serve as initial steps to assess a broker’s trustworthiness and minimize potential risks.

Discover the Ideal Broker by Learning More About Us

When it comes to finding the most suitable broker, research takes time. By learning more about us, you gain insights into our values, expertise, and the range of services we offer. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary information and resources to make an informed decision when choosing a broker. 

Whether you are a rookie investor or an experienced trader, reading more about us will help you find the ideal broker that aligns with your goals and aspirations. Take the next step towards a successful investment journey by exploring further with us.

Match CFD Summary

This Match CFD review reveals concerning aspects of this broker. The company’s offshore status and lack of licenses raise many doubts about its credibility. We can see that the trading platform is web-based and lacks advanced features. It may not suit traders using specific strategies. Also, the account types offered lack transparency, and the absence of demo accounts is not an advantage. 

Their unprofessionalism and lack of crucial information increase distrust. Funding methods and withdrawal processing details are confidential. Also, information about leverage spreads and fees is hidden. The broker’s lack of transparency about trading costs further adds to my apprehension. It is advisable to exercise caution and do extensive research before engaging with Match CFD. Lastly, please beware of deceptive entities such as Match CFD and Glenrocks, as they have been identified as fraud. 


Is my money safe with Match CFD?

No, your money is not safe with this company.

Does Match CFD offer demo accounts?

No, this company does not support demo accounts.

How Secure Is Match CFD?

They are not safe or secure. Keep that in mind.

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