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MetaStock Review: Exploring Simplified Trading Insights

MetaStock Review

MetaStock is a platform that provides clients with a range of tools and features to help them make profitable trades. 

In this MetaStock review, we will cover the company’s name and regulations, trading platforms they offer, trading assets, features on the platform, Trustpilot reviews, and much more. So, keep on reading! 

General information
Name MetaStock, Innovative Market Analysis, LLC
Type of company Trading Software
Regulation status SIPC & FINRA
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 1982/2022
Registered in Salt Lake City, Utah, US
Contact info +18008823040, +18015060900, [email protected], [email protected] 
Trading platforms MetaStock D/C and MetaStock Xenith
Majority of clients are from United States; Canada; United Kingdom; Israel; India
Customer support Email and phone
Compensation fund No

Company Name and Regulation

So, what is MetaStock after all? This is a trading platform that was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

The company is owned by Innovative Market Analysis, LLC

Now, what’s the best part here? This company name is regulated by SIPC and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

Why Do Protections Matter?

SEC and FINRA, for instance, are truly established financial protectors. SEC, the government’s guardian, secures your assets across various sectors, ensuring integrity and safety. With an annual budget of around $2 billion, the SEC actively monitors the market, making sure your buys are in safe hands. 

On the other side, FINRA, with its nearly $1.4 billion annual revenue, focuses on brokers, ensuring they’re licensed and ethical. Remember that the SEC, FINRA, CySEC, and FCA guarantee that your investments are stable and sellers are qualified. Always choose companies covered by these regulations. 

Note: Wise Tradefx is an offshore scam that is not worth your time or money. Keep that in mind! 

Trading Platforms

The MetaStock forex data company offers two trading platforms: MetaStock D/C and MetaStock Xenith. Let’s see what each platform offers. 

MetaStock D/C is a desktop-based platform that provides traders with real-time data, news, and analysis tools. 

It also includes a range of technical analysis tools. For instance, there’s charting and backtesting. 

Now, MetaStock Xenith is a web-based platform that also equips traders with real-time data, reports, and analysis tools. It also includes a range of technical analysis tools.

Still, we do have one objection, and it’s a poorly designed Windows app. They should improve it!

Trading Assets They Offer

MetaStock data and charting software offers trading assets in the following markets. Let’s take a look!

  • Stocks
  • Futures
  • Forex
  • Options

As you can see, they support various options for trading. We can say this is quite beneficial! 

Tip: Keep your money safe by avoiding scams like XFortunes. They have a history of deceiving traders. To stay safe in the trading world, always opt for regulated brokers. 

Features on MetaStock

What are the features this trading company has to offer? This business offers a span of features on its trading platforms, including:

  • Real-time data: MetaStock provides traders with real-time data from a range of markets, including stocks, futures, forex, and options.
  • News: This firm provides traders with real-time news from a range of sources, including Reuters and DowJones.
  • Technical analysis tools: We can see a range of technical analysis tools, including charting, backtesting, and scanning.
  • Fundamental analysis tools: They also provide traders with a range of fundamental analysis tools, including financial statements and earnings reports.
  • Customizable workspace: This company allows traders to customize their workspace to suit their trading style and intentions.

Fees on the Platform

This trading company has a range of pricing plans to suit different trading needs and wallets. Some of the pricing plans are as follows:

  • MetaStock D/C: The pricing for this one starts at $69 per month for the End-of-Day version and $199 per month for the real-time version.
  • MetaStock Xenith: The pricing for MetaStock Xenith starts at $99 per month for the real-time version.

Payment Options They Support

What can we discover regarding payment options? This FX company supports a range of payment methods, including:

  • Credit cards: MetaStock accepts payments via Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.
  • PayPal: The firm also accepts payments via PayPal.
  • Note: Wire transfers cannot be used for subscriptions, and require a $25 fee.

These options are solid. Yet, they do lack crypto payments. So, this is bad news for all crypto enthusiasts out there! 

Trustpilot Reviews from Traders

This trading business has a rating of 2.8 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, based on 7 reviews. The majority of reviews are negative, with traders saying the platform’s poor performance affects their trading! This is especially true for bugs!

Also, some traders have criticized the platform’s prices, stating that it is expensive compared to other trading platforms.

Yet, there’s also the other side of the spectrum. Some clients have praised the platform’s support, stating that the support team is indeed responsive and helpful. They wrote many positive things on forums.

Can I Make Money From Online Trading?

Indeed, making money from online trading is a question that crosses everyone’s mind. The good news is, yes, online trading can be lucrative if you grasp the market dynamics. Here, we provide free consultations for you, offering expert guidance and support to traders like you. 

Plus, there’s our AI Analysis Bot, a clever tool crafted to aid traders with data-backed trading advice. By leveraging these insights and tips, you can boost your strategies and make confident decisions. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and grab it now before it slips away! 

Final Words

All in all, is a trading platform that provides clients with a range of tools and features to help them make profits in trading. The platform offers real-time data, news, and analysis tools, as well as a spectrum of different analysis tools. 

The platform is available in both desktop and web-based versions. What’s more, it offers trading assets in stocks, futures, forex, and options. Yes, while the platform’s pricing may be deemed expensive by some traders, the majority of people have only positive things to say. 


What Is MetaStock?

MetaStock is a charting software and analysis platform that helps traders make better decisions about when to buy and sell stocks.

Is MetaStock Safe?

MetaStock is not entirely safe, but many people use it.

How Do I Create a New System Test in MetaStock?

From the Power Console, select ‘System Test’. Select the desired System Test(s) and click the ‘Open’ button.

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