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Prop Club Funding: Exploring a New Prop Trading Opportunity

Prop Club Funding Review

If you’re a trader looking for a chance to work with a huge amount of capital, you might have come across this firm. 

In this Prop Club Funding review, we’ll take a friendly and straightforward look at Prop Club Funding, covering everything from its legitimacy and trading assets to the platforms, affiliate program, and more. By the end of this post, you’ll have a clear picture of whether Prop Club Funding is the right fit for your trading journey. So, stick around for more details! 

General information
Name: Prop Club Funding
Regulation status: Regulation not required
Warnings from Financial Regulators: No official warnings
Website link:
Active since 2023
Registered in Perth, UK
Contact info: s[email protected]
Trading platforms: n/a
The majority of clients are from United Kingdom 
Customer support: Email, Discord, and contact form 
Compensation fund: No

Getting to Know Prop Club Funding

Let’s start by getting to know Prop Club Funding a bit better. Is Prop Club Funding legit? Not really! It’s a relatively new company in the world of trading. They claim to operate from the UK and say they welcome all kinds of traders. 

Yet, some people have raised questions about how reliable they are. There are many safer options out there that you should check, remember that. If you ever want to reach out to them, you can use the email – [email protected].

Remember: When it comes to trading, safety is often a top concern. It’s always a good idea to trade with companies that have top-tier regulations to ensure your funds are secure. Keep that in mind. 

What Can You Trade?

One of the essential things to consider in trading is the variety of assets you can trade. 

Prop Club Funding scam offers plenty of different assets, including currencies (Forex), stock indices, commodities like gold and oil, crypto, and individual stocks. 

For example, you can trade currency pairs like AUD/CAD, CAD/CHF, or popular cryptocurrencies like ADA, BRC, and BNB. This variety lets you explore different markets and diversify your trading.

Note: Stay away from ProsperityFX as they are unregulated and based offshore. 

Which Platforms Are Available?

Now, let’s talk about the platforms you can use for trading. 

We found a few issues with their website, including some FAQs that aren’t entirely visible. But one significant thing to note is that they don’t support well-known platforms like MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5).

MT5 is a newer version of MT4 and comes with some avant-garde features. Traders often love these platforms because they allow a lot of customization and provide many useful tools. That’s a fact! Around 80% of traders prefer these platforms for their advanced charts, technical indicators, and more. To make your trading experience smooth, it’s usually a good idea to pick brokers that offer these platforms.

Trading Challenges and Rules

Prop Club Funding introduces an interesting trading challenge with some exciting prizes. They were planning to launch their first trading competition in August 2023. But, nothing seems to be working yet. To participate, you need to reach a 10% profit target before moving on to live trading with real money.

There are different challenge levels with various entry fees, drawdown allowances, and profit splits. You can choose the one that suits your risk tolerance and intents. The process to get funded involves hitting 10% and 5% profit targets, followed by getting a live funded account with a profit share between 75% to 90%.

One thing to highlight is that they have straightforward rules without any hidden surprises. They also allow the use of expert advisors and don’t impose any minimum or maximum trading day requirements.

Lastly, know that the Prop Club Funding withdrawal options are not quite known. 

Becoming a Prop Club Funding Affiliate

If you’re looking to earn more in addition to trading, you can join their affiliate program. By signing up, you can apparently earn up to 10% of all sales generated through your referrals. They provide an experienced affiliate manager to assist you, and joining is a breeze, allegedly. As you refer more traders, you can unlock bonuses and progress through different tiers. Take a look:

  • Bronze Tier: Up to 50 Referrals, $500 Bonus Upon Completion, Base Commission Rate: 7.5%
  • Silver Tier: 51 to 150 Referrals, $1000 Bonus Upon Completion, Base Commission Rate: 10%
  • Gold Tier: 150+ Referrals, $1500 Bonus for every 150 referrals, at this point, you will receive a custom remuneration plan.

Also, Prop Club Funding offers a unique Challenge Builder Embed Code. This allows you to integrate the Challenge Builder directly into your website or blog, enhancing your potential for referrals.

What Do Trustpilot Reviews Say?

When it comes to checking reviews, Trustpilot is a go-to platform. Yet, as of now, there aren’t any reviews for Prop Club Funding on Trustpilot. 

This absence of feedback might make some traders hesitant. Generally, it’s wise to trade with brokers who have a strong reputation, often earning ratings of 4.5 stars or higher. Remember that! 

Note: PrevailFX is an extremely risky broker. Avoid it to keep your investments safe. 

Can You Make Money With Online Trading?

Online trading can indeed be profitable, but it’s not a guaranteed path to riches. It takes knowledge and the right strategy. To assist traders in making informed decisions, we offer consultations free of charge. We have also developed an AI Analysis Bot, designed to simplify research and provide trading advice based on advanced predictions.

With this AI Analysis Bot, you get a practical edge. You can be one of the first to try it by reserving a spot for its upcoming launch. During the launch, you’ll enjoy a generous 20-day free trial without any upfront payment required. This free plan includes access to 5 FX analysis reports and 5 stock reports each month.

Note: Cuarto Capital is another unreliable trading company. If you choose to trade with them, you’re putting your money at risk. 


Prop Club Funding presents an exciting chance for traders to access substantial capital through their challenges. However, it’s important to note the lack of user reviews and some platform-related issues. As with any trading decision, it’s crucial to do thorough research, consider your risk tolerance, and select a broker that aligns with your goals and safety requirements.

With this extensive look at Prop Club Funding, you now have the information you need to make a wise decision about whether it suits your trading ambitions.


What Is Prop Club Funding?

Prop Club Funding provides funding to boost trading capital.

Is Prop Club Funding Regulated?

It is unclear whether Prop Club Funding is safe. It's not regulated.

What is the Prop Club Funding’s Withdrawal Policy?

The withdrawal policy for Prop Club Funding is not specified.

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