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QuantPedia Review: Read About Facts Before Giving Away Your Funds

QuantPedia review

Choosing the right trading company has never been easy and no trader should commit blindly without knowing what to expect. That is why our QuantPedia review is a must-read before you give away your funds and trust. It will provide you with facts to help you make a decision.

The business QuantPedia comes from Aris Technologies, established by a group of professional traders, at least according to the website. However, trusting a web page can be a mistake, which is why you should keep reading and learning more about this firm. Additionally, check out Coin Market Manager.

About QuantPedia

For traders and investors, QuantPedia offers resources, tools, and quantitative research. It provides several services, such as trading methods, instructional materials, backtesting tools, and data analysis. Through the application of quantitative techniques and data-driven insights, QuantPedia seeks to assist users in making better-informed decisions.

The CEO of the company Radovan Vojtko managed over 300+mln EUR in several quantitative funds, making him the perfect candidate. The employees of the company are transparently visible on the website, indicating trustworthiness.

Users can examine and visualize the performance, relationships, assembling, factor exposures, correlations, and market risks of their model portfolio with the help of the more than 300 charts and tables in thematically focused QuantPedia financial reports found in the Portfolio Analysis area. Every month, a few more reports are launched, increasing the platform’s usefulness.

Company Type The Encyclopedia of Quantitative Trading Strategies
Legal name ARIS Technologies s.r.o.
Regulation Not expected
Registered in 821 08 Bratislava Dulovo Namestie 14 Slovak Republic, EU
Established 2011
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible Money-back-guarantee
  • Prime $299, $399, $699
  • Premium $499, $599, $1,199
  • Pro $599, $799, $1,599
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore;
Main threats Lack of reviews; Expensive;
Main perks Extensive database of over 700 unique premium trading strategy ideas;

QuantPedia Features

For traders and investors wishing to take advantage of data-driven insights and quantitative research, Quantpedia provides a strong platform. The unconstrained Screener, which offers access to more than 700 unique premium trading strategy ideas, is one of its primary features. 

A brief explanation, performance and risk characteristics, and links to scholarly source papers are included with each method. New strategies are added to the database every two weeks, and it is updated routinely.

To help users better understand the theory underlying the strategies, Quantpedia offers access to more than 2000 links to scholarly research publications that are relevant to its techniques, in addition to the Screener.

Quantpedia provides more than 500 out-of-sample backtests with equity curves, statistics, and full Python code for anyone interested in backtesting. Every two weeks, new backtests are introduced, giving users access to an ever-growing library of tried-and-true tactics.

QuantPedia Pricing

The Prime subscription offers a 3-month plan of $299, a 12-month plan of $399, and a 36-month plan of $699. Access to more than 100 premium strategies and necessary portfolio modeling are included in the plan. It does not come with access to over thirty quant reports, thousands of research articles, or frequent updates to new features.

Quantpedia provides the Premium plan, which costs $449 for 3 months, $599 for 12 months, or $1,199 for 36 months, to professionals. Access to thousands of research papers, important portfolio modeling, and more than 700 premium strategies are all included in the package. Nevertheless, it excludes regular new features and access to more than thirty quant reports.

The QuantPedia Pro subscription option is available from Quantpedia for $599 for 3 months, $799 for 12, or $1,599 for 36 months. Access to more than 700 premium strategies, complete portfolio modeling, thousands of research articles, more than 30 quant reports, and frequent feature updates are all included in the PRO plan.

QuantPedia Reviews

While there aren’t reviews on popular platforms like Trustpilot or Sitejabber, we were able to dig up some comments from Reddit. For some people, it’s a great source of inspiration and insights while creating algorithms. They value the platform’s carefully chosen library of research papers and tactics since it can save them time and serve as a jumping-off point for more investigation.

Others warn that although Quantpedia offers a useful summary of trading techniques, it might not contain novel concepts for producing alpha. A commenter pointed out that academic papers from which Quantpedia draws its strategies are freely accessible, implying that users can look for related content on other platforms free of charge.

Payment Options and Process

Like with Spikeet, the accepted payment methods include credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. If you can’t use any of these methods, you can contact customer support via web form, and they will send you an invoice to pay via bank/wire transfer.

There are no free trials, however, there is a 100% money-back guarantee, allowing traders to get their money back in case the tool isn’t suitable for them. This is a huge benefit and many companies don’t offer any kind of refunds or free trials, so traders subscribe blindly in hopes of increasing profits.

Final Words…

QuantPedia provides a selection of features and subscription packages suited to various types of traders and their needs. Although it is a useful tool for researching trading methods and obtaining research papers, users should assess the advantages and disadvantages of using it and look into other information sources.

For example, there are complaints that the research papers they provide can be obtained on other platforms free of charge, so traders are encouraged to research that possibility before investing. But overall, QuantPedia received favorable feedback from other Reddit commenters.

We advise you to conduct research prior to committing and discover all possibilities to ensure the best deal. If the same research papers are provided for free, why would traders pay a ridiculous sum of $1,000+ to obtain them? Or in the end, you can always start using the power of AI.

Harness the Power of Proprietary Trading

Access to a vast array of trading tactics and research is made possible by Quantpedia, which also offers insightful suggestions and ideas for creating trading algorithms. Traders may refine their trading techniques and make better selections with the aid of its comprehensive database and tools.

However, working directly with a trading firm and potentially earning up to $180,000 is possible with proprietary trading. This option can greatly improve a trader’s performance and profitability by giving them access to more funds, cutting-edge trading tools, and professional advice.

Traders can increase their efficiency and profitability by combining the advantages of proprietary trading with the research and trading tactics of Quantpedia. Both choices offer beneficial tools and assistance that can boost traders’ performance in the financial markets.

FAQ Section

What is QuantPedia?

QuantPedia is a platform that provides quantitative research, tools, and resources for traders and investors, offering trading strategies, backtesting tools, and educational content.

Is QuantPedia Legit?

QuantPedia is a legitimate business, however, there are some comments about their research papers and how they can be obtained for free, so users are encouraged to research all possibilities.

How to Choose a Good Broker?

To choose a good broker, consider factors like regulation, trading fees, platform features, customer service, and user reviews.

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