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SharePlanner Review – Is This Trading Platform Worth Your While?

SharePlanner Review

SharePlanner was founded in 2007 to show traders how to succeed in the stock market with the right mindset and approach. Through SharePlanner education, traders learn effective swing trading strategies and the importance of building a solid trading plan.

Over the years, SharePlanner has grown to become one of the internet’s longest-running financial blogs. The founder Ryan Mallory, uses the platform to share thousands of real-time trades, he has written over 10,000 articles and gained a reputation in the trading community.

Our team is here today to reveal if SharePlanner trading academy is the real deal. Taking into account reviews, customer satisfaction, offerings, and transparency, we aim to provide an assessment of this platform’s suitability for traders who want to learn from this academy.

General information
Name SharePlanner
Type of the company Trading Education
Regulation status Regulation not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link 
Active since 2023
Registered in N/A
Contact info Phone, email
Trading platforms Web trader
Majority of clients are from United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India
Customer support Phone, email, web form
Compensation fund Available

SharePlanner Online Reviews

Concerning SharePlanner reviews we found positive feedback on a reliable trading forum The academy received 55 reviews, with a score of 76% a five-star rating.

While acknowledging the course’s value at $249, one reviewer noted that it might not be suitable for those with limited trading funds. Since the instructor’s emphasis on proper stop placement could be challenging for some. Despite this, the reviewer praised the course’s thoroughness and recommended it to those willing to put in the effort to learn.

One comment appreciated Ryan’s presence in the trading room throughout the day, providing valuable insights and answering questions. Highlighting the supportive environment supported by Ryan. 

Overall, these reviews indicate that users are satisfied with SharePlanner’s offerings and find value in the educational resources and trading insights provided by Ryan Mallory.

SharePlanner – The Man Behind the Academy

Let’s talk about the man who started this platform, Ryan Mallory. Ryan started trading to pursue his passion for the markets. Despite not having a background in finance, Ryan’s dedication and hard work led him to build a successful trading career.

One of the key lessons emphasized to traders is the importance of focusing on risk management in their trading strategies. While many traders want overnight success, Mallory stresses the need for a disciplined approach that prioritizes planning trades with risk in mind.

Mallory also hosts a podcast that has over 2 million downloads, Swing Trading the Stock Market. He shares his trading insights, strategies, and market education through his podcast and blog.

Starting as a blogger in 2007, Ryan documented his trades, and his goal is to navigate clients through this complex market. Ryan Mallory SharePlanner journey, from a corporate job to a successful full-time trader is a testament to his dedication and love for the trading world.

SharePlanner – Courses

The research team found 2 available courses and a SharePlanner pricing range. The founder states that these courses hold all the knowledge he has acquired over the last three decades in trading.

Winning WatchlistUSD 395

What do users learn in the Winning Watchlist course:

  • Establishing a Solid Foundation – learn to set up software and equipment to your advantage, allowing you to focus on developing a unique trading system
  • Efficient Stock Scanning – master the art of pinpointing high-potential, low-risk trading opportunities using effective scanning techniques, and learn to filter through market noise to uncover trades that matter
  • Creating Watchlists – learn to develop watchlists that prepare you for success in any market condition, you’ll be ready to avoid common pitfalls
  • Identifying Ideal Trade Setups – discover what makes a trade worth taking, know how to identify ideal opportunities, and learn to assess trade setups based on market, sector, and industry influences
  • Executing Trades with Confidence – learn to confidently execute trades and when to exercise patience and discipline, as well as to avoid overexposure to market fluctuations

Patterns to Profits – USD 95

What do users learn in the Patterns to Profits course:

  • Essential Risk Management – learn advanced techniques to manage risks in swing trading, safeguarding profits and capital
  • Interpret Stock Patterns – develop skills to recognize and utilize stock patterns, improving trading decisions and profitability
  • Optimal Exit Strategies – explore strategies for exiting trades at the ideal moment to maximize gains and reduce losses, ensuring profitable outcomes

Courses can easily be accessed by signing up, using SharePlanner login, becoming a member, and enrolling in the course you desire. For individuals looking for a top-notch trading platform, be sure to read our Learn Spread Review.

Trading Block

Trading Block is a platform for traders of all levels and offers more than just a place to trade. It’s a resource for mastering the stock market. Members can benefit from in-depth research combined with real-time AI intelligence, supporting their trading decisions.

On the topic of artificial intelligence, if you are interested in an AI-powered crypto trading tool, read our DefiQuant Review

Joining the Discord community, where Ryan provides daily trading videos, watchlists, and invaluable market insights. Users can also start a free trial, but the cost of this plan i USD 69.

What do members receive with the Trading Block?

  • Ryan’s swing trades, long-term investments, and fixed-income strategies
  • access all Ryan’s trades with real-time execution updates
  • comprehensive analysis and strategy insights for each trade
  • regular portfolio updates and active trade management insights
  • Ryan’s daily research, including AI-driven market and stock analysis
  • exclusive access to Ryan’s Stock Market Oscillator for market trend insights

There are three plans to choose from, so users can tailor their trading journey with the academy’s range of options.

Final Take on SharePlanner

In conclusion, SharePlanner seems to offer legitimate options and valuable insights from Ryan Mallory. The positive reviews and high ratings from users indicate that many traders find value in the courses and services offered by SharePlanner. 

Moving forward, we must say SharePlanner should prioritize providing clear information about their registration and regulatory compliance to enhance trust among traders. Even though trading education companies don’t require regulation from official regulatory bodies, they must follow certain laws conducted by them. 

Despite this, SharePlanner’s courses, insightful market analysis, and supportive community make it a valuable resource for traders looking to improve their skills and navigate the complexities of the stock market. 

By continuing to provide quality education and improving transparency, SharePlanner has the potential to become a trusted platform for traders seeking to improve their trading knowledge and strategies.


What is SharePlanner?

It’s a trading education academy founded in 2007 by trader and instructor Ryan Mallory

Is SharePlanner Legit?

Yes, they offer legit options and courses for trading and have positive reviews from users, the only setback is the lack of transparency about their registration

How to Choose a Good Trading Firm?

Read from reliable platforms concerning the company’s credibility and registration

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