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Signal Start Review: Is Signal Start Worth Your Money?

Signal Start Review

It’s evident that online trading platforms are expanding. What’s more, Signal Start has stirred up a variety of opinions. Some traders label it as a potential scam, while others defend its legitimacy.

Are these concerns justified, or is there more to the story? In this comprehensive Signal Start review, we will hop into all these facts! Our main goal is to provide you with a fair perspective. So stay tuned!

General information
Name Signal Start
Type of company Signal Seller
Regulation status Unregulated/Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2014
Registered in n/a
Contact info Data is hidden
Trading platforms Unknown
Majority of clients are from Indonesia, Canada, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States
Customer support Contact form
Compensation fund No

About Signal Start

When we go through the claims and offerings of, there are many things to see. First, it becomes evident that this company is not without its drawbacks. Namely, there is no data on where the firm is based. What’s more, we must mention how poor their UI is!

Aside from that, trader reviews are a mixed bag, with a handful expressing negative sentiments. Beware of that! Signal Start scam claims to be a comprehensive solution for both signal providers and followers. Namely, they talk about features like:

  • multi-device accessibility,
  • industry-standard metrics,
  • robust trade copying technology,
  • a user-friendly interface, and more.

However, from our standpoint, you should think twice about working with this platform. After all, the lack of substantiating evidence raises many questions here. Our advice is to choose a company that cares about transparency and user experience.

What Is The Cost of Joining Signal Start?

So, is Signal Start free? Not really. Apparently, this company claims to have solid fees, with a $25/month service fee per account. Signal followers get a limited-time offer to test the service for one week for just $1.

Signal providers, on the other hand, are given a one-time setup fee of $25. Despite these somewhat reasonable rates, we still cannot say this signal seller is worth considering.

Tip: Dash 2 Trade Ltd is a phony trading firm based in the Marshall Islands. We all know this is a place known for harboring various shady activities due to its tax haven status. Now, according to the International Registries (IRI), the firm is fully registered there. Still, despite these formalities, there are still a bunch of concerns, especially when it comes to safety.

Main Features Listed

To try to stand out, Signal Start Forex seller highlights several features on the homepage. Let’s take a closer look at what supposedly sets them apart:

  • Fantastic Support: The firm claims to offer excellent support, but can it truly meet the needs of its users? We don’t think so!
  • 24/5 Email Support: While around-the-clock support is promised, this is another thing they listed.
  • Mobile Compatibility: They claim you can use their services on any device.
  • Account Analysis: Industry-standard analytics are supported as well.
  • White Label: Signal providers are offered a white label option. How does this feature contribute to their professional image? We don’t think it can improve it.
  • Superior Technology: The platform talks about robust proprietary technology. Still, they did not elaborate on what that tech consisted of.
  • Fully Hosted: They allegedly guarantee continuous connection – 24/5.
  • Quick and Easy Setup: You can apparently set up your account and start copying signals in under 5 minutes
  • Multi-Platform, Multi-Broker: They highlight that you can copy any forex system from any broker. Still, we can clearly see that they didn’t bother to mention any platform they support.

All in all, all of these features sound solid. But it’s clear there is a huge lack of transparency here! We would avoid this company. 

Signal Start’s Reputation

Let’s take a closer look at what traders are saying on Trustpilot about this firm. We can see an average rating of 3.3 stars, and this is clearly a mixed picture. As we’ve been pointing out, something feels off about this company. The lack of transparency is a big concern, especially when it comes to your money.

We can’t stress this enough – when it comes to finance, play it safe. Stick with firms with a Trustpilot rating of 4.5 stars or higher. Trust matters, especially in the financial game.

Tip: Have you heard of boiler room scams? These involve a person or group of people calling victims and pressuring them to invest in a fraudulent scheme. Always stay safe and avoid shady companies. 

A Focus on Safety and Facts

We all must know that ensuring safety is crucial in the trading world. This is a fact! Signal sellers offer insights into potential financial success, but new traders need to analyze data independently. Always verify the credentials of these companies and their registration jurisdiction.

Trading signals are handy tools, lightening the load of market analysis. However, most providers work without backing. This makes it challenging to identify the safest options.

Make sure to choose popular and reputable companies to avoid scams. There are a number of them! Remember that safety matters in trading, so stick with facts and trusted options.

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Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, this signal seller shows promise, but the fog of uncertainty is clearly there. From our viewpoint, it’s crucial to weigh your options wisely. Sure, SignalStart has its perks, but the lack of clarity and poor user feedback raises eyebrows.

Our best advice? Explore reliable alternatives – like our proprietary trading firm! It’s not just about trading, but it’s about making savvy choices in this shaky domain. So, always stay knowledgeable and prepared for market fads! 


What is Signal Start?

Signal Start is a trading service that offers signals for financial markets.

How Much Does Signal Start Cost?

This firm costs $25/month per account, with additional charges.

Is Signal Start Legit?

Their legitimacy is questionable, with mixed reviews, and transparency concerns.

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