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Speed Wallet Review – Can It Redefine the Way You Engage with Cryptocurrencies?

Speed Wallet Review

Looking for a seamless and secure platform for managing your cryptocurrency transactions? Developed with a vision to democratize access to Bitcoin and harness its full potential, the Speed Wallet redefines the way individuals interact with digital currencies. 

Embracing both on-chain and lightning network transactions, Speed Wallet provides unparalleled flexibility and convenience. However, it seems the platform lacks user reviews which can be a drawback. Join us as we delve into the offerings of the Speed Wallet and discover its possibilities.

General information
Name Speed Wallet
Type of the company Crypto Wallet
Regulation status Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link 
Active since 2022
Registered in UAE
Contact info [email protected] / +1-888-777-4629
Trading platforms Speed Wallet App
Majority of clients are from United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, Philippines
Customer support Available
Compensation fund N/A

User Reviews – Is There Any Feedback?

Despite being active for nearly two years, the Speed Wallet, unfortunately, lacks user feedback from reputable sources such as Trustpilot. This absence of Speed Wallet reviews can be attributed to a lack of active solicitation of user input or ratings. While the wallet’s main feature, its app, has received praise and commendable ratings, the overall absence of user feedback poses a limitation in assessing the wallet’s performance comprehensively. 

Researching its presence on socials, we thought we would stumble upon something. However, their YouTube channel has a relatively low following, with just over 25 subscribers, and we found no feedback there either. Trust platforms that have positive ratings on reliable sources, such as this prop firm MegaFunded Review

It highlights a potential area for improvement in the wallet’s marketing strategy, as actively seeking and encouraging user feedback could provide valuable insights for both the developers and prospective users. Moving forward, it would be beneficial for the Speed Wallet team to focus on enhancing their marketing efforts to encourage users to share their experiences and opinions, thereby fostering transparency and trust within the cryptocurrency community.

Speed Wallet Motto – ‘Shop for anything, from anywhere’

Regarding the Speed Wallet shopping feature, users can purchase gift cards from a plethora of renowned brands seamlessly integrated into the Speed Wallet platform, which adds a whole new dimension to the user experience.

We can say this aspect of the platform is interesting. Being able to browse, select, and purchase gift cards from people’s favorite brands without leaving the Speed Wallet app is incredibly convenient. Whether that is a mobile phone credit or having an Amazon shopping spree, Speed Wallet has it covered.

The selection of brands is available on the official website. With over 1000 brands to choose from, there’s something for everyone’s needs and preferences. From household names like Amazon and Netflix to niche brands catering to specific interests, Speed Wallet offers a diverse range of options. One other aspect that sets Speed Wallet apart is the added incentive of earning Speed Wallet rewards with every gift card purchase. 

Unlocking Rewards

As clients increase their spending, they unlock greater rewards, which can be redeemed for valuable Bitcoin SATs. With Speed Bitcoin Wallet, every transaction becomes rewarding. Whether you’re sending payments, buying groceries, or shopping online, you earn rewards automatically with every use.

As users continue to spend, they unlock higher tiers in the rewards system, each offering greater benefits than the last. Tier status is evaluated monthly based on the transaction volume. 

Weekly prizes and cashback incentives further enhance the rewards experience, motivating you to maximize your savings while enjoying the convenience of digital transactions. Speed Rewards are redeemable in Bitcoin SATs, allowing users to watch their rewards grow alongside the rising value of Bitcoin. 

Navigating Speed Rewards

Signing up for Speed Rewards is hassle-free, as there’s no need for additional registration. Users simply initiate transactions through the Speed Bitcoin Wallet App, and rewards will automatically accumulate in their accounts. 

Redeeming Speed Rewards for Bitcoin SATs is equally straightforward, requiring a minimum balance of 40 Speed Rewards in your account. The best part is that Speed Rewards never expire, providing peace of mind and flexibility for users to convert them to SATs whenever they choose. For individuals looking for a reputable copy trading system, check out our LiveTrades Review


The Speed Wallet app is accessible for download on both Google Play and the App Store, making it convenient for users across different mobile platforms to access its features. On Google Play, the app has garnered over 10,000 downloads. Meanwhile, on the App Store, it boasts a commendable rating of 4.5 stars, based on feedback from 80 users.

Users have praised the Speed Wallet app for its super intuitive interface and seamless functionality. One reviewer noted that they had tried several lightning wallets over the years and found Speed Wallet to be a worthy alternative. They appreciated the app’s ability to provide all the essential features, including LNURL support, without the complexities of managing channel liquidity. 

Another user highlighted the app’s swift, seamless, and secure transaction experience. The standout feature for them was the impressive speed, particularly evident when using the lightning network. 

Overall, even if the platform lacks user ratings from sources like Trustpilot, user feedback from these kinds of sources is also valuable. They suggest that the Speed Wallet app is a reliable and efficient solution for managing cryptocurrency transactions. 

Chrome Extension Set-Up

There is also a Speed Wallet Chrome extension available, called Bitcoin Chrome Wallet, which provides seamless Bitcoin transactions and digital payments on the go. 

Looking into the Speed Wallet Bitcoin extension, it seems to be the easiest way to access Bitcoin funds and conduct transactions directly from your browser. Setting up the wallet extension is a breeze. 

  • Sign Up or Log In: If you already have a Speed Wallet account, simply use Speed Wallet login. If not, users can easily create an account by downloading the app from the Play Store or App Store.
  • Add the Extension: Once logged in, add the Speed Bitcoin Chrome Wallet extension to your browser. Quick and easy to install, there is also the option to pin the wallet.
  • Start Transacting: With the extension added, users are ready to start making Bitcoin payments on any websites that support Bitcoin transactions. 

Note that the wallet supports both on-chain and lightning network transactions, giving users the flexibility to choose the payment method that best suits their needs. 

Final Take on Speed Wallet

In conclusion, the Speed Wallet emerges as a valuable platform, offering a range of features. From seamless transactions to earning rewards with every spend, Speed Wallet redefines the way individuals engage with their cryptocurrencies. 

We can’t ignore the fact that the wallet lacks user feedback from sources like Trustpilot, however, user ratings within the article highlight the reliability and efficiency of the Speed Wallet app. Nevertheless, we always suggest users use reliable wallets that are established in the market as reliable and trustworthy. Even though this wallet has only great reviews, we need more information than that.


What is Speed Wallet?

It’s a digital wallet that allows users to manage their crypto transactions conveniently.

Is Speed Wallet Legit?

Its legitimacy may be questioned due to the lack of reviews from independent sources. Further research into its security measures is advised, and we think clients are in safer hands with other reputable companies.

How Much Does Speed Wallet Cost?

Speed Wallet itself is free to download and use.

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