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TensorCharts Review: What Is There to Know?

TensorCharts Review

Are you on the lookout for a charting app that speaks your language? TensorCharts could be your crypto companion, but it’s not just for the crypto crowd. We can see this company has a seat for legacy finance lovers too. In this deep dive, we’re here to spill the beans on this tool, giving you the real scoop on what they offer. Keep reading our TensorCharts review for more! 

General information
Name TensorCharts
Type of company Trading Tool
Regulation status Unregulated/Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2017
Registered in Czech Republic
Contact info [email protected]
Trading platforms App
Majority of clients are from Argentina, Turkiye, Spain, United States, Ukraine
Customer support Email and contact form
Compensation fund No

Taking a Stroll Through What They Offer

Let’s start with the basics., straight out of the Czech Republic, can be seen as an online market data visualization assistant. It’s got the goods for day traders, investors, and wealth managers. 

Now, don’t get too excited. We must say that the interface is a bit of a throwback, and finding info in the About section? Not the easiest stroll in the park. Try to keep this in mind. 

This company is nothing like TradingView, as it may only look like it. 

Features and Tools

This tool steps up to the plate with a diverse toolkit designed to improve your trading game. Indeed there are a number of features we found, so we will try to break them down now. 

So, here’s a quick breakdown of the main features they offer:

  • TensorCharts Heatmap: Visualizes the market’s temperature, displaying trades across different assets and timeframes.
  • Market Profile: You can analyze price distribution across timeframes, aiding in spotting potential entry and exit points.
  • Order Flow Filters: Customize your market view, filter, and analyze based on specific order flow criteria.
  • Trades Counters: Get real-time trade counts for various assets and timeframes, keeping you in the loop.
  • Volume Clusters: Grouping clusters of trading volume helps identify significant market movements.
  • Whale Tracking: Keep tabs on large institutional players’ actions in the market.
  • Custom Scripting Module: You can train your analytical brain by writing custom scripts for personalized market analysis.
  • Footprint Chart: Visualize the market’s footprint, displaying cumulative buying and selling activity.

Tip: Let’s talk about Limbo Finance. This company is a bit mysterious as they have no clear address, and they lack any regulations. We can see they offer many trading services, but uncertainty is there. Remember that choosing Tier 1 regulated brokers is a safer bet in trading. 

There Is More to That

  • Support and Resistance Zones: Identify potential support and resistance levels. Note that this is crucial for strategic moves.
  • VWAP: You can measure the average price of a security, weighted by volume.
  • Delta Divergences: Identify divergences between the price and volume of a security.
  • Analytical Charting Tools: A variety of tools for in-depth market analysis, putting the power in your hands.
  • Market Book Counter: Real-time market book data. This includes bid and ask prices, spreads, and trading volumes.
  • Heikin Ashi Candlesticks: A visual representation of the market’s price action, making trends more clear.
  • Depth of Market: Displays the depth of the market for specific assets and timeframes. This helps with your market understanding.

Trading Instruments

So, what can we say in terms of trading instruments? We can clearly see that includes various financial instruments. These are Forex, NASDAQ 100, FTSE 100, Metals, Energy, and Agriculture.

It’s your backstage pass to analyze markets and figure out when to make your grand entrance or exit.

TensorCharts Pricing and Accounts

Now it’s time for us to talk about money. TensorCharts app has a few plans up its sleeve. Let’s take a look:

  1. Free Plan: This is entry-level stuff. This is for beginners to get a grasp of the platform, see the trades, and check out order book heat maps.
  2. Team Plan: For the curious minds exploring order flow, numerical heatmaps, and volumetric analysis. Plus, if you’ve got a squad of 5, there’s a sweet discount waiting ($40 for all).
  3. Premium Plan: This is for skilled day traders. The VIP treatment – low latency, full data, and drawings saved in the cloud.
  4. Data Plan: This is a TC quality data plan. Also, if you’ve got a squad of five, there’s a sweet discount waiting.

Prices range between $8 and $25 per month. This is a fair price point, but still, there are a number of companies that offer better features. 

Client Reviews from Trustpilot

When you check Trustpilot, there’s an intriguing void when it comes to TensorCharts reviews. This absence is truly suspicious, making us lean towards a more cautious stance.

Without the insights of other traders, everything is uncertain. For a smoother sail, our advice is to lean towards platforms with proven reputations, opting for regulated brokers cruising at 4.5 stars and above on platforms like Trustpilot. Safety first, right? Choosing a tool with a solid user nod ensures you’re on a more secure trading voyage.

Tip: Alchemy Markets serves EEA residents through, but it’s off the radar with no supervision. That breaks ESMA rules and isn’t how a company should roll under FCA regulation. You should know that in July 2022, Spain’s CNMV issued a warning about this shady business. They’re part of the offshore Alchemy Group. Stay cautious.

Your Trading Potential

So, are you ready to turn those market insights into profits? Well, get ready for the excitement of online trading, and guess what? We’ve got your back through every twist and turn! Reach out for free consultations and expert advice on the most effective trading platforms.

Now, here’s the scoop – our groundbreaking proprietary trading program. Partner up, and the potential to pocket up to $180,000 is at your fingertips. We must say that this is a pathway to financial empowerment.


As we wrap up our journey through TensorCharts, it’s evident that the platform packs a punch with its trading tools. Still, the Trustpilot review silence does give us a moment of pause. When it comes to trading tools, it’s vital to choose your partner wisely!

Our friendly advice? Make sure to check out our proprietary trading program! Take the helm of your financial journey, and may your trading adventures be both profitable and secure. We are here to support you! 


What is TensorCharts?

TensorCharts is a crypto-friendly charting trading app.

How Much Does TensorCharts Cost?

They have a free entry-level option and premium plans costing between $8 and $25 per month.

What is Proprietary Trading?

Proprietary trading means partnering with a firm like ours, offering the potential to earn up to $180,000 based on your skills.

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