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Tradematics Review – Finding Your Ideal Trading Match

Tradematics Review

Tradematics is a brokerage firm owned by Golden Brokers Limited, regulated by the Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA) under license number MB/19/0030. This means that Golden Brokers Limited is allowed to operate as Money Broker and conduct specific types of financial investment operations.

Tradematics offers a combination of technology and artificial intelligence and provides individual access to the world’s largest markets. As a regulated broker, Tradematics allows clients to trade currency pairs, commodities based on futures contracts, and CFDs on stocks or indices.

Additionally, it is the first broker to apply artificial intelligence, offering clients the innovative Andy AI software for their market investments. 

Tradematics regulation – Licensed Status

As we stated previously, Tradematics functions under the name of Golden Brokers Ltd, and its activities are under the regulation of the LFSA. This means the broker must abide by the latest conditions and regulations set by the official regulatory body.

Fundings of clients and investors are supervised to ensure conformity with the most recent regulatory laws and requirements. Our team consistently emphasizes the importance of finding a regulated firm, and clients should practice caution to avoid falling prey to fraudulent brokers, such as TradeDu

Tradematics reviews – Client Experience

Our research team has found positive feedback regarding this company. On a popular trading form, Tradematics received 8 reviews, yet the score number isn’t stated.

On the same platform, you can see that several reviews are written on the same day, which sparks the question are they genuine or fake. We highlight the significance of a company having negative and positive feedback.

It is crucial for potential clients who are looking for a reliable firm and deciding where to start trading. We suggest you read our review to learn how to spot a scam brokerage firm, such as TopInvestTrader

Where’s Tradematics Present?

Tradematics broker operators are prominent in multiple regions. Our research indicates that the client distribution is in the following:

  • United Arab Emirates
  • United States
  • Czechia

Trading companies in the UAE must follow regulatory laws to operate legally. These laws include regulations set by the SCA, the Central Bank, anti-money laundering regulations, client protection laws, and tax laws.

Also, the regulatory rules in the USA are considered stringent, with strict enforcement of laws and regulations that are mandatory for the stability of the market and investor trust. We advise users from the listed countries to find a local provider to avoid any potential problems that can stem from regulatory discrepancies. 

Tradematics platform – Trading Tools

Tradematics stands out from other brokers by offering a choice of two trading forms. In addition to the popular MT5, which is one of the most widely used platforms globally, a client also gets an option for xStation. Both platforms cater to both beginners and experienced users.


Tools will help users trade confidently, offering third-party professional analyses and data visualization tools to discover investment opportunities.


Clients can benefit from the system that opens unlimited positions, along with access to fundamental and technical analysis, an option to exchange markets and Forex.

Instruments – Forex, Commodities, Shares, Indices

Tradematics provides over 1,500 trading instruments, including Tradematics forex, shares indices, and commodities. As the first broker powered by AI, trading with Tradematics offers a different experience.

Trading Accounts and Conditions – Is Trading Profitable?

Tradematics account types differ, investors have a variety to choose from Basic to Royal accounts. Our research has found that creating an account with this broker is simple and easy, and can be done on a computer or through the app. Accounts offered:

Basic – from USD 1 000

  • No deposit and withdrawal fees
  • Professional support

Investors – from USD 10 000

  • Diversified portfolio

Bronze – from USD 30 000

  • Trader sentiment and other analytical tools

Silver – from 50 000

  • Trader sentiment and other analytical tools
  • Up to 20% lower cost of trading
  • Invitation to exclusive online market seminars

Gold – USD 100 000

  • Trader sentiment and other analytical tools
  • Up to 40% lower cost of trading*
  • Invitation to exclusive online market seminars
  • Access to exclusive market analysis

VIP – USD 350 000

  • Trader sentiment and other analytical tools
  • Up to 60% lower cost of trading*
  • Invitation to exclusive online market seminars
  • Access to exclusive market analysis
  • Premium retention manager
  • Exclusive online calls with a premium retention manager

Royal – USD 1 000 000

  • Diversified portfolio
  • Trader sentiment and other analytical tools
  • Up to 60% lower cost of trading*
  • Invitation to exclusive online market seminars
  • Access to exclusive market analysis
  • Premium retention manager
  • Exclusive online calls with a premium retention manager
  • Invitation to VIP Chef table
  • Personal meetings with a Premium Retention Manager in Dubai

Each Tradematics account includes no deposit, or withdrawal fees and a diversified portfolio.

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

Tradematics withdrawal and deposit policies assure safe transactions. With their app, investors can see options offered, starting transactions through bank transfer or VISA and MasterCard platforms, depending on their preference.

Credit card/Debit card

Minimum deposit USD 1 000 Minimum withdrawal USD 0
Minimum deposit USD 10 000 Minimum withdrawal Unlimited

Bank transfer

Minimum deposit USD 1 000 Minimum withdrawal USD 0
Minimum deposit Unlimited Minimum withdrawal Unlimited

Tradematics – Department of A. I.

Tradematics benefits in the use of trading through artificial intelligence, it assists in analyzing substantial amounts of data and creating exclusive content for its clients. This content is made to improve daily trading operations.

By combining data from tools like Autochartist, Trading Central, financial statements, and rating analysis, it can provide valuable insight to help inform users on trading decisions.


In conclusion, Tradematics stands out as a promising brokerage firm, offering a variety of advanced technology and artificial intelligence to cater to both beginners and professional investors. Regulated by the LFSA, Tradematics seems to abide by the latest regulatory laws, providing a safe trading environment for its users.

Even so, with its strong market influence and innovative services, our team thinks Tradematics does have areas that could use some work. For example, even being regulated, speculation of false reviews, and the lack of information regarding their user feedback is a notable drawback. 

In the competitive brokerage and trading world, Tradematics seems to be a reliable and trustworthy option for traders looking to start their financial operations. With its array of trading instruments, advanced tools, and commitment to user service and customer satisfaction, Tradematics is expected to be a valuable partner for traders seeking success in their trading journey.


What is Tradematics?

It is a brokerage company in Malaysia

Is Tradematics a Legit Broker?

Yes, the company is regulated by LFSA

How to Find the Best Trading Firm?

Do your research thoroughly about the firm and make sure to read every feedback and review if available online

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