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Trader2b Review – Is The Company Compatible With Your Trading Journey?

Trader2b Review

Trader2b is a proprietary trading firm established in 2015. What a prop firm does is permit users to use the company’s capital to trade, with profits shared between them in the latter’s favor. 

What our team found is that they have gained recognition for recruiting, and educating traders all around the world. The firm offers challenges as well as automated systems to make trading easier. They assist traders with resources to enhance their skills and connect with funding firms transparently and affordably.

However, prop companies that aren’t regulated pose a potential problem, which includes inadequate supervision, limited recourse for traders in disputes, and increased risk of insolvency.

Therefore, it is in our best interest to advise traders to choose a reliable prop trading company acclaimed among users to reduce these risks and ensure a safer trading environment. Read our Trader2b review to learn more.

User Reviews – Feedback

Delving into user feedback, we found mixed Trader2b reviews on different platforms such as  Trustpilot and Reddit. Comments regarding unsuccessful refunds have been brought to our attention. Users who wanted their subscriptions canceled instead got renewed. Customer service also makes it hard to reimburse the clients.

On the Trader2b Reddit thread, users outline problems such as high fees, rigorous rules, and limited profit potential that discourage traders. 

On the popular trading forum Trustpilot, the prop company received 74 reviews and an average score of 2.8. Considering that opinions vary, you may want to read carefully both the positive and the negative to get a better picture of the company’s pros and cons, as well as potential issues.

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to get accurate data to avoid falling for anonymous scammers, for instance, LTD FX

Who Are Trader2b’s Clients

This Trader2b prop firm holds significant influence across multiple domains. Our research showed that they actively operate in the following:

  • United States
  • Uzbekistan
  • Canada 
  • India 
  • United Kingdom

Regulators in the US and UK strictly supervise domestic brokers and firms. If you reside in these countries, make sure your provider is properly regulated to avoid falling victim to cyber scams. Steer clear from questionable brokers, such as AXCapital.

Trader2b Toro Challenge 

The prop firm offers financial independence by completing its unique test. So, to become Trader2b funded trader, you must pass the ToroChallenge. Research we found says a three-month period is necessary for learning and practicing trading effectively. 

Through Trader2b, you get quality support and advanced training resources to enhance your trading journey. 

If you’re just starting out, the ToroChallenge provides a chance to learn equity day trading. Focusing on a user-friendly stock trading simulator, traders of all levels can gain access to funded accounts, while the advanced package increases your trading skills.

Data found after passing the ToroChallenge, we found that Trader2b provides funding to the trader, typically completing the setup of their funded account within 3-5 business days. Starting the process, the trader can reach out to support, and the admin will then communicate the requirements.

Comments and reviews differ, which is why most of the users try to find other challenge participants and seek insights from others before committing to it. We strongly advocate the same approach, refer to this trial with caution, and do thorough research.

Which Trading Platforms Are Offered?

Trader2b apps allow users to connect from any location to the real-time markets and their accounts. 

  • Trader2B’s WebTrader – offers navigation, functionality, and one-click access to a range of trading tools
  • Haywood Trader Pro – features Level I and Level II market data, keyboard trading, custom routing, technical analysis, etc..

Trader2b pricing 

We have discovered different pricing plans suitable for various clients. CompanyTrader2b offers:

  • Toro25 – starter
    • USD 198
    • Buying Power – USD 25,000
    • Profit Target – USD 1,500
    • Daily Max Loss – USD 200
  • Toro100 – professional
    • USD 198
    • Buying Power – USD 100,000
    • Profit Target – USD 1,500
    • Daily Max Loss – USD 200
  • Toro150 – advanced
    • USD 466
    • Buying Power – USD 150,000
    • Profit Target – USD 9000
    • Daily Max Loss – USD 750

We also discovered that offers a 14-day free trial with real-time market data so that users can become familiar with the firm’s policy. However, trial participant accounts are unable to qualify for a funded live account. 

During the trial period, subscribers are encouraged to explore the platform, but trial outcomes are not considered for the ToroChallenge.

Payment Methods

To deposit funds and withdraw profits, there are several available payment methods listed on the firm’s website:

  • Credit/debit cards
  • Wire transfer
  • Paypal

What we found is that withdrawals are calculated monthly, and payouts are made every two weeks (or once a month), depending on the previous month’s profits. However, you may experience withdrawal issues. If that happens, you should research how to get a refund. We propose two methods – chargeback and recall. 

A chargeback can be requested at your issuing bank within 540 days. It is used to reverse credit/debit card transactions. On the other hand, a recall reverses a wire transfer by returning funds to a bank account. If accepted, the transfer is irreversible, which means you have to act quickly.

Final Take on Trader2b

All in all, Trader2b offers an innovative approach compared to other proprietary trading firms, such as providing funding challenges. As previously mentioned, unregulated prop firms present a potential issue, which includes weakness in security and a high risk of insolvency without regulatory protections for client assets.

Gathered reviews about Trader2b company, negative and positive feedback should be taken into account, users should exercise caution and carefully examine every possible aspect that a reliable prop firm must have.

If you need help finding the perfect trading platform for you, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We know what caters best to our users!  


What is Trader2b?

It’s a prop firm established in 2015 that offers

Is Trader2b a Legit Prop Firm?

Seems legit. However, the firm received mixed reviews. Several users experienced issues so be careful.

How to Find the Right Trading Company?

Make sure your provider is regulated. Positive feedback is also important.

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