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Traders Connect Review: Inside the Copy Trading Software Hub

Traders Connect review

So, are you a trader seeking a community-driven platform to share ideas, strategies, and knowledge? If that is a yes, Traders Connect may just be the platform for you. In this comprehensive Traders Connect review, we’ll hop into the key aspects of this innovative tool. 

Our main goal is to explore what it has to offer and how it can benefit traders at different levels of expertise. Keep reading! 

General information
Name Traders Connect
Type of company Copy Trading System
Regulation status Unregulated/Not expected 
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2012
Registered in n/a
Contact info [email protected]
Trading platforms MT4 & MT5
Majority of clients are from Brazil, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, India
Customer support Email and social media
Compensation fund No

Copy Trading 101

Copy trading is when you follow experienced traders in real-time using special software. This software lets you copy their strategies, giving you specific leverage. You can copy trades in stocks, CFDs, FX, options, and even things like gold and BTC. Moreover, copy trading tools make managing your account, and trading in general, easier.

It works for both newbies and pros. If you’re new to trading and don’t know much yet, copy trading is a good start. But, remember, it’s not all rainbows. Copy trading can bring big profits, but it can also bring huge unexpected losses. Before jumping in, think twice and consider all the factors.

About Traders Connect

Traders Connect stands as a fully featured cloud-based Copy Trading Software. This company aims to suit Startups, SMEs, and Enterprises. We can see they offer end-to-end solutions through their Web App.

Also, the Traders Connect trade copier supports trades using popular tools and companies like MT4, MT5, cTrader, Slack, and Binance. Let’s explore more about what this platform brings to the table!

Note: Did you know that investing in ICEPX is riskier than gambling? It is indeed! This shady company presents itself as a US-based one. This would require the company to have a license issued by strict regulators. For example, the CFTC or NFA. And this company is not regulated at all!

Interface and Navigation

It’s evident that this tool includes a user-friendly interface designed for easy navigation. And we must say we were impressed when we first looked at their web page!

The platform’s menu, situated at the top of the screen, provides intuitive access to various features and sections. Also, the customizable main dashboard offers a snapshot of market news, trading ideas, and community discussions.

This is there to ensure users can tailor the information to their preferences. Also, we must mention how navigating through chat rooms and educational resources is equally straightforward. This is because they include clear labeling and logical organization. In our opinion, Traders Connect’s user interface simplifies access to its features and resources.

Collaborate, Learn, Succeed

A standout feature of this copy trading system is its vibrant community. This community indeed facilitates user interaction and knowledge sharing.

With dedicated chat rooms, traders can discuss ideas and strategies, and seek advice from their peers. The active community, along with access to educational resources and webinars, makes this tool an invaluable resource! Beginners can find guidance, while experienced traders can connect with like-minded professionals.

Tip: What is Dripcoin? This fake broker has resorted to presenting basic screenshots of regulations to fool its clients. It works under the trading name Maolga Ltd, from Seychelles. We all know that this is a notorious offshore domain with lax rules. 

Traders Connect Pricing and Plans

This interesting trading tool offers 2 distinct pricing plans:

Individual Plan – $15/month

    • 1 connected account
    • Copy other traders
    • Account analytics
    • Pro support
    • Instant alerts and support

Premium Plan – $10/month

    • No limits (pay per account)
    • Ideal for prop trading
    • Portfolio Analytics
    • Traders Connect Equity Protection
    • Economic News Calendar
    • Priority support
    • Instant notifications
    • MetaTrader Support
    • Social trading

Affiliate Program – 20% Per Transaction

This company also promotes its affiliate program. This stands out as a golden opportunity for traders looking to expand their horizons.

We must say the platform offers a truly generous affiliate program. By participating, you have the chance to earn up to an impressive 20% per transaction. This smart system enables you to effortlessly earn from your network and connections. We must agree that affiliate marketing is a big part of every business today!

Good Customer Support

Now, what about customer support here? This trading company truly ensures comprehensive customer support through various channels.

We found email support ([email protected]), a help center with FAQs and troubleshooting guides, Telegram, and WhatsApp. While support is robust, users should be aware that it may not be available 24/7.

A Glowing Reputation on Trustpilot

Traders Connect reviews on Trustpilot are mind-blowing! They show an outstanding 4.9-star rating from 95 people! We must say that this is the best rating that we’ve seen so far!

Scoring a 4.9 is a big deal, placing this tool among the industry’s elite. These reviews indeed highlight the community’s trust and positive experiences. It’s always good to aim for that in trading!

Speaking of finance, where trust is crucial, we strongly advise opting for firms with ratings of 4.5 stars and above. Do this to ensure a reliable and secure trading experience.

Earning Potential Through Trading

Take advantage of the endless earning potential of online trading! We’re not just here; we’re your dedicated partners in financial success. Our aim is to offer not only free consultations but also expert guidance on the crème de la crème of FX brokers, crypto exchanges, and cutting-edge trading tools.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We want to introduce our new proprietary trading opportunity! Partner with us and open the door to a staggering $180,000 in potential earnings. With our unmatched proprietary trading program, you can venture into uncharted territory.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, this trading tool is a robust platform with an enviable user rating on Trustpilot. As traders, we know that choosing reputable firms is non-negotiable. In addition to Traders Connect, users should explore opportunities that align with their aspirations.

Always remember that safety is paramount in the trading world. As a parting note, we extend a warm invitation to hop into our prop trading program. This is a nice opportunity surpassing conventional offerings, letting clients earn up to $180,000. Choose wisely, trade securely, and go toward financial growth!


What is Traders Connect?

Traders Connect is a fully featured cloud-based Copy Trading Software.

Does Traders Connect Offer a Free Trial?

No, they do not. They say their services are worth the money.

Is Traders Connect Free?

It is not. The minimum deposit amount is $10 per month.

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