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Tradeworks Review: Is It Worth Your Attention?

Tradeworks review

Have you ever wondered about Tradeworks? This company claims to be the pioneer in Haiti’s forex scene since June 2017. But what is hidden behind their claims? Let’s cut through the hype and take an in-depth look at what they offer and whether it’s worth your attention. Read our Tradeworks review for more!

General information
Name Tradeworks
Type of company AI Trading Tool
Regulation status Unregulated/Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2015
Registered in Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, Denmark
Contact info [email protected], [email protected] 
Trading platforms Web Terminal, MT4
Majority of clients are from United States, Brazil, India, Cameroon, Australia
Customer support Email
Compensation fund No

Getting Real with Tradeworks

Tradeworks AI positions itself as an investment platform focused on the FX and CFD markets. They claim they are all about trading international currencies and differences in contract values. The twist? The promise of automating your trades with “trading bots.” But hold on, it’s crucial to note that this isn’t a broker per se.

We could say it is more of a software assistant automating your investments within your existing brokerage account. And yes, there are fees involved – on top of what your broker charges for trades.

Tradeworks Software – Account Types

Let’s talk about their trading plans – 4 in total. We can see each is supposedly created for different trading needs and experiences. They even throw in a free one-month trial for you to test some of the things they claim to offer. Let’s dig deeper into the Tradeworks price options! 

Incubator Plan ($9 per month)

This plan feels like a testing ground for your ideas. It allows you to simulate investments using historical data. Still, don’t get too excited, as there is no actual trading here.

  • 0 trading accounts
  • 0 active bots
  • 10 backtests per day

Solo Plan ($49 per month)

If you’re just starting out with FX and CFD trading, this one may be for you. It lets you actively invest using a Tradeworks bot, keeping it straightforward.

  • 1 trading account
  • 1 active bot
  • 30 backtests per day

Trio Plan ($99 per month)

This one is for professional clients, allowing multiple bots and more backtesting. It may seem to be for those with time on their hands.

  • 1 trading account
  • 3 active bots
  • 100 backtests per day

Tip: Everything about CapitalEx24 screams – an investment scam. So, it’s best to avoid it. They are under no regulations, and they lack important data about their business on the website. Make sure to stick to regulated and safe trading companies.  

Octet Plan ($199 per month)

This category is reserved for real professionals. We can see this one includes multiple accounts, eight active bots, and unlimited backtests. Also, they claim there are no limits here, just possibilities.

  • 3 trading accounts
  • 8 active bots
  • Unlimited backtests per day

Is Tradeworks Trustworthy?

Now, let’s discuss another crucial aspect  – is the Tradeworks app reliable? Finding concrete info is like searching for a needle in a haystack. There is no BBB rating, minimal online buzz, and private ownership add a layer of skepticism. Yes, we see that Crunchbase may spill some tea about their tech use and funding, but financial details remain elusive.

All in all, nothing about this company seems safe! Make sure you choose a trading bot that is actually reliable. 

Note: What is AFS Equity? After digging through the Tier 1 license provider databases, we couldn’t find any mention of AFS Equity. This suggests they work without regulation, essentially doing things illegally. What does this mean for you? Well, your money is at risk if you’ve invested or are thinking about investing with this fishy firm. To make matters worse, since we don’t know where they’re based, taking legal action is pretty much off the table. 

Client Reviews – A Skeptical Glance

Now, let’s address the buzz on Trustpilot about this bot. Surprisingly, this alleged trailblazer in the forex world seems to be missing ratings on Trustpilot. Now, if that doesn’t raise an eyebrow, what does? It’s it’s downright fishy!

For all traders, this is a big red flag. Trustpilot is the go-to spot to sniff out the credibility of any platform, and the absence of Tradeworks speaks volumes. Our point isn’t to throw shade, just to emphasize the importance of caution. And our advice? Stick to bots and brokers with a solid 4.5-star rating or above on Trustpilot. Always think about your safety!

Exploring the Role of Trading Bots

Let’s talk about trading bots for a moment! These are programs designed to make trading a bit smoother. Essentially, they assist by automatically executing trades or working alongside manual strategies. The perks? Think of increased efficiency, emotion-free decision-making, and the ability to multitask. Sounds promising, right?

But, know that fully automatic bots aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. They truly require thoughtful decisions and continuous monitoring. If you’re thinking of integrating them into your trading strategy, some education is in order. Get to know expert advisors, and test those bots on demo accounts before going live! Keep this in mind!

For experienced traders who want automation, trading bots can be a valuable tool. Yet, they’re far from being a get-rich-quick scheme. You’ll need technical knowledge and the ability to adapt to the volatile crypto market.

Free the Potential of Online Trading

So, are you ready to make your money work for you? Online trading opens doors to unprecedented opportunities, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way!

Explore our new gem – proprietary trading! Upgrade your game and collaborate with a proprietary trading firm, unlocking the potential to rake in up to $180,000. Seize the moment, welcome the possibilities, and let your financial journey begin.

Final Words

In the grand scheme of things, this bot offers a gateway to automated trading. Yet, let’s keep it real – there are many fishy points to think twice about.

The absence of Trustpilot ratings is phony, and they lack many crucial details. Remember, it’s vital to explore these companies carefully.

And here’s a nugget of wisdom – explore our prop trading firm offer, a superior alternative that could pave the way to earning up to $180,000. When it comes to your money, choose wisely, and stay away from shady bots.


What is Tradeworks?

Tradeworks automates FX and CFD trading. It provides bots for trade execution and strategy implementation.

How Much is Tradeworks Subscription?

This bot offers plans starting at $9/month. They vary to suit various trading needs, with options like Solo and Trio.

Is Proprietary Trading Safe?

Proprietary trading safety varies by firm. Providing up to $180,000 in earnings, our option prioritizes both safety and success!

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