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Try2BFunded Review: A Closer Look at Try2BFunded’s Funding Process

Try2BFunded review

Are you a trader looking for an opportunity to showcase your skills without risking your own money? If so, you may be interested in Try2BFunded! This is a popular prop trading firm that has been making waves since its establishment in 2018. In this comprehensive Try2BFunded review, we’ll cover every tiny detail about the company. Is Try2BFunded legit or not? Stay tuned to find out the answer!

General information
Name Try2BFunded
Type of company Prop Firm
Regulation status No regulation expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2019
Registered in 29-35 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong
Contact info +85258086128, [email protected]
Trading platforms Web
Majority of clients are from United States, Morocco, Uzbekistan, India, South Africa
Customer support Email, phone, and chat
Compensation fund No

About Try2BFunded

So, what are some essential details about this company? Score Priority Prime Ltd, a Singapore-based financial services provider, founded Try2BFunded in 2018. And, the next reorganization under Lime Prime Limited happened in 2022. It marked its integration into the Lime Financial and the Limex Social Network family. Now, this prop firm suits international traders and knowledgeable clients.

We can see this company includes both funded and demo accounts. Also, they show they care about your success, as it directly impacts their own gains from the profits generated.

Different Programs for Traders

Try2BFunded prop firm opens doors for skilled traders to work with real money accounts. Namely, they can retain up to 80% of their profits. This is indeed a benefit!

Funding can be secured in 2 ways:

  • the straight funding option or
  • by completing the certification program.

We can see the process is streamlined, starting with a simple sign-up using only an email address.

Tip: Did you know that IC Markets has extra low forex fees? Also, the account opening process is straightforward and quick, completed within one day. You can check out this company!

Your Trading Options

Here’s the rundown on trading instruments here. You’re cleared to trade stocks and indices from the S&P 500, Russel 2000, and Nasdaq 100. Just note, for these, the market cap needs to be over $250M, and the Average Daily Trading Volume should hit at least 100,000 shares.

Now, about the trading conditions – they’re flexible. And the fees? They’re competitive. Plus, you get free access to live market prices for a generous 30 days. It’s like a trial run into the trading world without spending a buck. 

Try2BFunded Funding Process 101

Let’s take a look at the funding processes that this firm has to offer! Take a peek below! 

  1. Free Demo Stage: Here you get to test the platform and strategies using real-time data. They have unlimited free restarts making this a risk-free learning experience.
  2. Qualification Stages: Prove profitability in the classic or pro stages. They say there are no time restrictions. But if you fail in the first or second stage, it leads to a return to the beginning of Stage 1. Account size adjustments are allowed at either Stage 1 or Stage 2.
  3. Classic Stage: You can get a minimum 6% profit in 10 days while avoiding weekly losses of 2% and drawdowns of 4%. Tight drawdowns encourage solid and smart money management.
  4. Pro Stage: You can show them your profit-making ability without a specific profit target. Attain 6 points, maintain a 4% drawdown, and a maximum position size of 20%.
  5. Funded Stock Trading Account: Successful qualification opens the doors to a funded account. It’s good to note that this one is scalable up to $250,000 with an 80% profit share. Drawdown remains at 4%, and the maximum position size decreases to 15%.
  6. Instant Funding Option: If you already have a proven strategy, skip evaluation, request funding, pass verification, and get a funded account promptly.

Subscription and Surcharge

Depending on your chosen account size here, a subscription and surcharge apply. Note that a $30,000 instant-funded account costs $100 per month. 

Moreover, we see the $100,000 instant-funded account incurs a $300 monthly charge. We think these prices are relatively reasonable! Considering the generous 80% profit share, these costs are indeed reasonable for potential returns.

Try2BFunded Reviews from Trustpilot

It’s time to discuss reviews from other traders. Wondering what clients are saying about this prop firm? Well, according to the word on the digital street (or Trustpilot, to be exact), they have a decent 4.1-star rating from 6 clients. This gives us confidence that they care about their clients.

Always shoot for the stars and choose companies with 4.5 stars or more for that extra peace of mind. Your trading journey deserves nothing less.

Tip: Did you know that over 400 trading instruments are available with InstaForex? This is a popular and legitimate broker many people are interested in. If that sounds intriguing, you can check them out! 

Choosing a Prop Trading Firm

Keep in mind that safety is the name of the game! Take the savvy path by investing some time in thorough research. Check out firm profiles on reliable websites, and dig into crucial details like tradeable assets, funded account size, leverage, and evaluation phases. Moreover, don’t overlook the profit split ratio!

Speaking of game-changers, trustworthiness is essential when it comes to prop firms. A solid reputation should be on your checklist. Most prop firms take safety seriously and throw in a bunch of nifty features.

Now, let’s talk about the risk game. Prop trading firms? They’re all about playing it safe with their strict risk management policies. Plus, they’re not leaving you hanging as there are a number of training and mentorship programs. 

Supercharge Your Earnings

Are you thinking about making money through online trading? Making money this way is totally doable, and guess what? We’ve got your back! We are here to offer free consultations and expert advice.

Moreover, take a look at something terrific – our special proprietary trading offer. Team up with us, and you could be looking at a substantial $180,000 in your pocket. Now that’s something!

Final Words

Summing it up, Try2BFunded is like a golden ticket to the prop trading rollercoaster. They have many interesting features and tools to offer.

All in all, don’t forget about our special offer! We’re tossing around the idea of up to $180,000 in earnings. The choice is yours, and the trading world is ready for your unique adventure and skills. 


What is Try2BFunded?

Try2BFunded is a prop trading firm founded in 2018.

Is Try2BFunded Real?

Yes, Try2BFunded is a real prop firm, reorganized under Lime Prime Limited in 2022.

Can I Get a Prop Firm Account for Free?

No, there's a process. You can start with a free demo, qualify through stages, or opt for funding with some conditions.

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