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Volfix Review: Software for the Investor Who Knows What They Want

VolFix Review

Any experienced trader will tell you that the mastery of the markets is the key to success. Ability to quickly analyze and understand the ever-shifting landscape of online trading is finally made simpler with this software solution.

The company we’re taking a look at today is primarily a software developer, but their dedication has yielded one of the best trading tools around. Let’s take a closer look at all of its pros and cons in our VolFix review.

General information
Name VolFix /VolFix Ltd
Type of the company Software development firm
Regulation status No regulation expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No warnings issued
Website link
Active since 2007
Registered in UK
Contact info Spaces City Road, Epworth House, Office 320, 25, City Road London, United Kingdom, EC1Y 1AA

[email protected]

[email protected]

Trading platforms Proprietary
Majority of clients are from Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, United States
Customer support Yes – email, skype
Compensation fund N/A

VolFix Ltd – Registration and Conduct

Software development company that has launched this trading platform bears the same name – VolFix Ltd. As apparent from the UK Companies House database, the firm was established in 2018, as a “business and domestic software development” entity.

Considering that all of the corporate information is valid and that the conduct is legally registered, we can consider this to be an actual legitimate business. This is especially important in determining whether to trust a service provider and their product or not.

Compared to far less transparent firms like XMombo, this company is open about what they do, where they’re registered and what products they sell.

How the Company Markets Their Products

Even newly registered companies like Fuze Traders also rely on social media. VolFix trading tool service can be seen on Facebook, Instagram, X and CrunchBase platforms.

Main argument used when offering the product is the fact that it represents a much needed support to traders during market analysis, and lucrative decision making. Since the company offers a niche product, this turned out to be a surefire marketing strategy.

What Can User Feedback Tell Us

The small number of VolFix reviews can directly be attributed to the relatively limited consumer base for volume analysis solutions.

Ratings on the TrustPilot platform are not numerous, but are universally positive. It is especially well received by clients that operate Linux based machines, since this particular environment has low coverage.

Analytic and Trading Tools

As one of the leading charting solutions, these tools can significantly improve the speed and quality of your decision making in various markets. There are several important elements of the products sold by this company.

However, lest we forget the value of fundamental VolFix analysis and visual analysis, here are several categories of products available:


To optimize the analytical process, you’ll probably want to get a Range chart. This tool reduces market noise once the price consolidates within a narrow range. Combined with Market profile, which displays market changes in a vertical profile to help you rule out what matters.

Cluster charts help visualize volume within candle sticks in horizontal direction. Tick charts, analyze important trading activities in the shortest time frames so they don’t get neglected. Reverse chart, Multi chart, Box chart and Bar chart are also quite helpful and deserve attention.


The research function of the program is effectively split into three different operations. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Time & Sales Agg – Tick data search / counter, allows for development of mid-term strategies and market entry with minimum risks. Main strong point is the ability to identify and exploit movements created by big market participants.
  • All Prices – Universal volume counter which allows users to search, compare and explore market shifts. Best suited for long term analytical work when paired with historical data.
  • Cluster Search – Designed to work with the program’s native charting utilities. It offers a more in-depth analysis of market shifts during a particular trading session.

Trading Desk

Trading desk is divided into Trading DOM and Trading Window. Trading DOM provides an overview of various assets, filtering by various criteria, and placing orders accordingly.

Trading Window feature allows custom order windows to be placed, which allow for simultaneous analysis and market entry or exit. Most prominent functions include Pulling&Stacking, setting up limits, creating bracket orders, and an integrated risk management system. Good for intraday traders and scalpers.


This default bundle comprises all of the available products without leaving anything out. VolFix price is given in the form of a subscription for the tools adapted for a particular exchange.

If you want all available exchanges included, with account connection through CQG, Ritmic, IBKR, the prices are:

  • 1 month – $120
  • 3 months – $350 ($116/month)
  • 6 months – $590 ($98/month)
  • 12 months $800 ($66/month)

Users that intend to trade only on Binance, Bybit, Coinbase will have to pay the following subscription fees:

  • 1 month – $50
  • 3 months – $125 ($42/month)
  • 6 months – $200 ($33/month)
  • 12 months $375 ($31/month)

Payments are accepted via bank transfer and company bank information, including Swift and IBAN is available on the site at any time.

Trial Options

Investors that would first like to test the products before purchasing any subscription account can do so, as well. It isn’t clarified how long the VolFix free trial is available, however. Either way, it is recommended before committing your funds to a subscription plan.

VolFix App in the Online Stores

The large number of supported platforms necessitated creation of several download portals. The distribution of software for desktop computers is handled by CNET, a long term tech website known for reliability.

Depending on the mobile platform, the software is available on GooglePlay and AppStore. An additional CNET mirror is available for iOS users. The app is held in high regard, with an average rating of 4,6.

Learning With VolFix Academy

The company is working to improve their trader educational courses. At the moment, very few materials are actually available on the platform.

Analysis and education materials can be found regularly on the company YouTube channel instead. It contains everything you need from trading 101 to using the highly specialized software to your advantage.

Funded Trading is Always a Good Choice

While having advanced software tools is always a good idea, the ultimate limiting factor for every trader lies in the size of their budget.

We are willing to offer as much as $180,000 in funding to those who can excel on the markets. If you’re interested in expanding your portfolio and profits, book a free Zoom meeting with our representatives.


What is VolFix?

VolFix is a trading tool and technological online trading solution offered by a software development company from the UK. It is a perfect pair-up with one of our forex funded trading accounts!

How Much Does VolFix Cost?

Depending on which exchanges you want to use these tools as well as how long you want your subscription to last, plans cost from $50 to $800.

How to Use VolFix?

The application is stand-alone, but integrates with the majority of industry leading programs. Full app details and tutorials are available on the developers’ YouTube channel.

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