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XMombo Review – Exorbitantly Expensive Bot From an Unknown Developer

XMombo Review

With AI taking center stage of world news lately, numerous con artists are trying to capitalize on the idea. In reality, though, the market prediction algorithms are limited by existing mathematical equations, and are not likely to improve any time soon.

See how online con artists are trying to pull the wool over your eyes in our XMombo review.

General information
Name XMombo
Type of the company Software development company
Regulation status Unregulated / Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2023
Registered in Akershusstranda 31, Oslo, Norway
Contact info [email protected]
Trading platforms Proprietary
Majority of clients are from Switzerland, Nigeria, Morocco, Philippines
Customer support Yes – email, live chat, online form
Compensation fund No

Developers of XMombo

It’s impossible to find anything on a company that is as anonymous as this one. All we had to work with was an imprecise address where the company headquarters were supposed to be located. Looking through the state register of companies we couldn’t find a single company or its subsidiary established under the name of XMombo in Norway.

Furthermore, we took a look at online maps and no conduct under this name appears on the address provided on the website. Nothing else was ever published on the site except an email address as a means of contact – there’s no registration number or anything of the sort.

License: Mandatory or Not?

While standard financial regulatory laws do not apply in this case, proof of legal incorporation is still obligatory. Yet, this nameless conduct with dubious company details shows none. That proves well enough just how untrustworthy this one and similar sites are. 

Anonymous to the Core: Zero Online Presence

Software solutions for online investing are usually marketed on social networks. There, companies are able to reach their end users with the help of some advertising tricks, such as airdrops, discounts and other more questionable methods. 

These strategies sometimes include promises about impeccable, AI-based trading tools that are able to detect most promising trading opportunities and place guaranteed bids. It’s surprising to see that there are no social media profiles owned by this company, or any XMombo reviews for that matter.

Some Even More Extreme Methods

Some of these con artists, like IBPlatform for instance, go as far as generating deep fake videos of celebrity endorsement. To beginner investors and Forex novices, these can look extremely convincing and often motivate victims to fall for the trap.

We have to warn our audience that such perfect and unmistakable software that does everything in your stead simply doesn’t exist. This holy grail of online investing is yet to be developed, as all of its forms are still in their infant stage.

Selection of Bots

The developer provides several different bot types. These allegedly “operate under almost any contingency”, and boast an extremely high prediction accuracy. This, if true, is offset by an immense cost of the initial purchase, rent and a rather large slice of the accumulated profits.

When you count in the operating costs and the added prices, the profitability of the setup becomes questionable no matter how accurate the predictive algorithms turn out to be.

Additionally, there is no mention of integration, code compatibility, accuracy ratings, features like backtesting or any other technical aspects of any XMombo auto trading solution.

XMombo Bot

The company offers this bot as their baseline solution. You’re supposed to make a leap of faith when it comes to the actual performance, because the company doesn’t disclose any numbers.

The strategy that the XMombo trading bot relies on is “Buy Low, Sell High” and “Never miss an opportunity”. Users are expected to pay $1,335 (formerly $650) and 15% of the overall profits for an undisclosed lease interval.

Arbitrage Bot

The only bot that is actually on discount, this one is “steady” with “very low risk”. Strange, when you consider that it allegedly functions by exploiting the high volatility market with up to 1:125 leverage.

From the description, we can see that this XMombo app does not actually perform arbitrage, the strategy of buying an asset on an exchange that sells it cheap, then selling it on another that buys for a higher cost.

Instead, it executes leveraged trading on a single exchange. This bot will set you back $700 (formerly $900) and 20% of the profit, again, for an undisclosed lease interval.

Arbs (SureBets) Bot

This is the most advanced solution that the users of XMombo login account may purchase. It seems to function exclusively on the Betfair Exchange, the access to which is restricted in many nations.

You will pay $2,345 (formerly $820) and a whopping 40% of the profit to lease it for an unspecified time. All this for a bot that earns “1% and 5%, but sometimes make decent profits” as the developer advertises.

XMombo Affiliate Program

In order to solicit their services to a larger consumer base, the company includes an affiliate program. This is common with other con schemes like Goldnrise for instance.

There is no separate affiliate policy, just a number of loose rules typed haphazardly on the site. It states that any XMombo account owner can act as an affiliate, and receive $25 for any referral which rents a bot and funds it with over $500. 

Additionally, the referred user will gain $25 in the process. The proceedings from the affiliate program may be withdrawn at any time.

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What is XMombo?

It is an anonymous trading and betting bot developer that is completely unknown in the trading circles.

How Much Does XMombo Cost?

The price ranges are outrageous. The company will charge you up to $2,354 and 40% of the profits just to lease a bot for an unspecified time.

How Does XMombo Work?

The developer never discusses any technical aspect of their bots’ functionality. If you are looking for a tangible way to improve your trading profits, see our funded trading program instead.

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