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Fuze Traders Review: Legitimate Yet Completely Unremarkable

Fuze Traders Review

Sometimes it’s difficult to commit to a service that hasn’t been around for a long time. While this firm has the necessary registration to prove that they are in fact legit, they are tied in with a less reliable offshore brokerage.

Read our Fuze Traders review to learn more about prop trading firms, and how you may profit from trading with one. Additionally, take a look at our article on MilleniumOne to learn how to recognize a full blown financial scam.

General information
Name Fuze Traders
Type of the company Proprietary firm
Regulation status Unregulated / Not required
Warnings from Financial Regulators N/A
Website link
Active since 2023
Registered in Switzerland
Contact info Fuze Traders Sàrl Z.A. La Pièce 1 1180 Rolle Switzerland

[email protected]

+41 21 561 51 29

Trading platforms MT5
Majority of clients are from France, Spain, United States
Customer support Yes – online chat, email, phone
Compensation fund No

Legal – For Now

The company behind the Fuze Traders prop firm, Fuze Taders Sàrl, is a Swiss proprietary trading firm. You may see the company credentials in the Swiss Trade Registry database for more information.

As per current Swiss FinIA act, these types of companies do not fall under regulation, which means that the firm is operating well within their legal rights. This, however, may not last forever, since the lawmakers in both EU and EEA are pushing towards strict regulation of prop firms.

Some economies around the globe have already implemented certain frameworks to regulate these businesses. For instance, the FCA currently requires the prop firms operating in the UK to be registered with this regulatory body.

Broker Partner

Kubera Capital Markets Ltd. is the company which owns the brokerage platform where prop trading is conducted. The trading terminal available is the prestigious and reliable MT5, but the problem about this lies in another aspect.  

While Kubera is indeed regulated by the Labuan regulatory body, LFSA, the issue is the fact that this license doesn’t cover all the security aspects as Tier 1 regulations do. Trading under a loose, offshore regulation doesn’t guarantee safety as trading on strictly regulated brokerage platforms. 

The company is, in legal sense, not much different from Capitalix. Therefore, everyone that wishes to get funded by this prop firm should still think twice before signing up, due to the safety concerns.

Not a Well Known Firm

The company is very young, with the website only seeing launch in July 2023. Naturally, you can’t expect a very high number of Fuze Traders reviews to be posted in such a short period of time.

The firm’s TrustPilot page only has 3 reviews, and although they are all positive, this is not a significant enough sample to gauge the overall quality of service. Other platforms like SiteJabber, have yet to see the first post about the company.

Advertising Methods

Many firms today rely on social networks to gain new clients. Fuze Traders prop trading manages a few profiles, but only on the most popular of platforms, including Instagram, X, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Here, again, we see that the company is not overly popular with traders, as the largest of these pages has only 2,000 followers.

The offer on the company website is average at best – offering a 75% profit split, which is somewhat lagging behind the current trend in the industry. The firm is currently offering a limited time discount of 40% in an attempt to bolster the number of associates.

Evaluation Steps

Exceptionally skilled and talented Forex traders may not always be able to fund their trading projects. That’s where proprietary firms step in. 

As a great way to help promising investors go big on world markets, prop firms still require certain conditions to be met. The Fuze Traders challenge includes two phases during which traders are tested and have to meet particular milestones in order to pass these phases. 

Step 1

The first thing to do after signing up is choose your evaluation amount and make a purchase. Depending on the amount, the initial fee required may be higher, but since the company refunds the fees, that shouldn’t be much of an issue. 

Here are available options for purchasing with necessary deposits included:

  • 10k – $100
  • 20k – $160
  • 30k – $225
  • 40k – $280
  • 50k – $338
  • 60k – $390
  • 70k – $438
  • 80k – $480
  • 90k – $518
  • 100k – $550

Regardless which Fuze Traders funded account you decide to purchase the trading conditions and milestones remain the same. First of all, the profit target that’s necessary to be reached is 10%, with the same amount of maximum drawdown. Traders need to be active a minimum of 10 days on the markets. 

Step 2

Traders that have successfully passed the first phase can move onto the next one. During this part of the challenge, the majority of the trading terms remain the same, except for the final goal. 

Now traders have to reach a profit of 8% which is less demanding, but the maximum drawdown limit is set to only 4%. What makes the challenge easier is the fact that there’s no time limit within which the profit has to be accumulated.


After all of the tasks are completed, traders are considered worthy of a chance to trade with the company’s own capital. Initial fees are refunded and traders are given the amounts they applied for. 

Trading with the firm’s cash allows investors to open bigger positions than what they’d normally be able to with the Fuze Traders profit split starting from 75%. However, the daily loss limit is kept at 4% with the maximum trailing drawdown being 8%.

Is This Prop Firm The Right One For You?

This prop trading company is far from what you’d call an industry giant. It is a fledgling firm, created less than a year ago, and is currently struggling to attract a large number of clients.

If you’re looking for tried and tested service with a long term service, then take a look at our offer instead. We offer as much as $180,000 in funded trading accounts as well as generous profit splits to traders who pass our evaluation. You may book a free Zoom meetings with our representatives using the live chat.


What is Fuze Traders?

It is a recently established proprietary trading firm that operates out of Switzerland.

Is Fuze Traders Legit?

The company is legitimate, but conducts business with an offshore broker that has a loose regulatory license.

How to Choose a Good Prop Firm?

Make sure you elect a reputable firm with strong legal backing and a regulated broker partner. If you’re interested in a prop trading experience, take a look at our offer.

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