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WBTrading Review – If Only Financial Advisory Was Taught On TV

WBTrading Review

Making uneducated trading decisions could cost every investor dearly. That’s why we’re all for learning and proper research. However, traders that wish to expand and enrich their trading wisdom often pick a wrong mentor – a person that is a total phony and has no concrete knowledge.

These swindlers often present themselves as successful young entrepreneurs in their early twenties that became rich overnight thanks to the methods they’re now willing to share with the world. 

More on the reality of these scam strategies and better alternatives in the remainder of this WBTrading review.

General information
Name WBTrading
Type of the company Signal Seller
Regulation status Unregulated
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2019
Registered in Apt. 3, Beetham Tower, 303 Deansgate

Manchester, M3 4LQ. United Kingdom

Contact info [email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Trading platforms None
Majority of clients are from United Kingdom, India, United States, Australia, Canada
Customer support Online form, email address
Compensation fund No

Unlicensed Financial Advisor

William Brown, an alleged trader from north-west England is the mastermind behind this suspicious scheme. The knowledge he wishes to pass onto his followers is nothing but bogus information. 

Financial advisors in the UK have to have a DipFA, officially accepted by the main financial regulatory body in the country – FCA. As our search of the certified individuals database shows, no William Brown out of 83 licensed ones is associated with WBTrading.

Much like FredTrading, this scheme is based on lies presented by an allegedly talented Forex trader that is now a millionaire thanks to the revolutionary strategies they’re now selling to retail investors and trading newbies. 

Bogus Strategies

These so-called Mechanical Edges that the website brags about are the alleged winning strategies. Long story short, these should be the main trading perspectives everyone needs to take in order to beat the game. 

All of these methods should be lucrative, yet involve no risks, need to guess or predict price movement and eliminate the need to use indicators. Sounds too good to be true? That’s because it is a complete and utter lie. Nonetheless, let’s briefly review them.

D1 Swing edge 

Based on the single momentum indicator usage combined with raw price-action, it could be used across all markets. Additionally, it is supposed to also be compatible with all time-frames. 

Positions held using this edge are in a time range from few days and weeks up to several months, while keeping the total exposure at 25% or less. What is advertised as a primary benefit is that it somehow removes the threatening emotional factor.

Price Reversion edge and Session Momentum edge 

Both of these strategies were built on the perspective of not having to constantly look at the charts and try to predict price jumping or recession. 

The statistics that the method is based on were a result of analyzing occurrences and parameters testing. Concretely, the first edge includes mean-reversion price-point while the other captures short-term directional moves.

Higher-Timeframe Bias Bar edge

Typically also applied to all markets and time-frames, this edge is built around one bias-bar in particular, which is identified via the D1 timeframe.

The special benefit this edge brings is the low time requirement, so you can allegedly set up the strategy in a few minutes and walk away from your computer. You’re probably wondering if this unclear strategy could really be so lucrative. Not in practice, sadly.

What’s The Price Tag?

After dwelling on the website for quite some time, sifting through all the rubbish, we didn’t find any information about how much all these courses cost. Although unreliable, 3rd party sources are enough to tell you something fishy is going on.

We could separate the online comments in 3 major groups. The first speaks of monthly installments, where they would be able to profit instantly from some of the courses to pay for the next month’s tuition.

The second group talks about a monthly subscription plan lasting one year, while the third group quoted a £6,800 single payment.

Each of these have wildly different price estimates as well, even for the same tuition course (Platinum Plus). These high costs are reminiscent of BamSEC we reviewed some time earlier.

Paid Content Entices Victims

We can see that this charlatan is a real busybody, and runs a multitude of social network profiles. He’s active on Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn and YouTube.

This person also created a propaganda machine out of the WBTrading Trustpilot reviews. They all seem to praise the trading strategies, and discuss at length about their excellent experience, in lengthy paragraphs.

Reading a few of them, however, and patterns quickly start to emerge. We can see the same content repeating over and over, which indicates involvement of review seller networks.

Some of the seasoned traders on Reddit ask valid questions, so take a look at them to gain better insight into the topic.

How To Recognise A Con Artist

Much of the text we see on website is just filler, to make it appear like there’s a wealth of information. These are called weasel words, where the con artist keeps talking about something that seems profound and educated, without giving any concrete evidence to back their claim.

Sure, there’s a whole bunch of chat messages, allegedly from the people who’ve succeeded by following the teachings. All of it is hearsay, with nothing in the way of proof to the quality of education.

One more reason for alarm is that the site heavily promotes the teacher’s own persona. Everything revolves around his personal success, implying that the students can achieve the same.

When dealing with true financial advisors, you require detailed charts, performance reports, and accounting data. 

Anything and everything related to financial information, with clear and transparent numbers and percentages, all verifiable with the original source of said data.

Prop Trading is the Answer!

Why waste time paying abysmal prices for false trading signals and strategies that don’t work? You won’t be able to learn anything from the WBTrading scam that only aims to snatch your life savings. 

We bring you a far safer and more lucrative option. If you don’t know what prop trading is, you can find out from a zoom consultation with our company representatives. 

In essence, prop trading allows you to make money by investing cash that the proprietary firm gives you. Give it a try without having to risk your capital at all!


What is WBTrading?

It’s a scam scheme that is based on selling fake trading knowledge for huge amounts of money.

Is WBTrading a Legit Signal Seller?

No, the unlicensed financial advisor leading the campaign is not educated or certified to do so.

Can I Trust WBTrading Course?

Absolutely not. You should rather check out our options for safe trading with our prop firm!

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