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We Fund Traders Review: We Fund Traders Prop Firm Explored

We Fund Traders Review

Are you interested in the prop trading scene? If that is yes, you’re in the right place! This We Fund Traders review takes you on a stroll through what We Fund Traders offers. You will get a straightforward look at their training programs, mentorship perks, and funding options. Let’s dig in and explore what they’ve got for you.

General information
Name We Fund Traders
Type of company Prop Firm
Regulation status Unregulated/Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2009
Registered in London, UK
Contact info 0333 210 0058, [email protected]
Trading platforms Web
Majority of clients are from United States, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Germany, South Africa
Customer support Phone and email 
Compensation fund No

About the Business

We Fund Traders is your go-to for independent proprietary trading. This UK-based company deals with stock, commodity, and forex trading.

Run by experienced professionals, they’re here to share their trading wisdom and help you find your way in the financial world. Their mission? Simple. They aim to help you achieve financial freedom. Sounds good, right?

Note: All traders who qualify for the program get the WeFundTraders funded account. 

Exploring the Offerings

Now, let’s talk about interesting stuff. We Fund Traders prop firm has a number of worthwhile programs.

The Training & Mentorship Program is like a trading boot camp, but less intense. You get to learn the ropes from seasoned pros, and the best part? You can do it online, on your terms. No need to stress about location or schedules. The 3-month programs cover stock trading, commodities, and forex, giving you the lowdown on what you need to conquer the markets.

Note: Have you heard of Supreme Capital? This is a shady offshore company that falsely claims to be based in the UK. Be mindful of such shady entities. 

Getting the Green Light to Trade

Here’s the exciting bit—the Trader Funding Program. If you demonstrate to them you can trade well, they’ll fund you. This means there is no need to dip into your own pockets.

Trading education can be quite expensive, but We Fund Traders is all about breaking down those financial barriers. It’s like obtaining a golden ticket to the trading world without worrying about costs.

Growing Your Talent Tree

But wait, there’s more to that! The Talent Nurturing Program takes things up a notch. You can dive into real trading from day one, steadily growing your account with the additional funds they throw your way.

Plus, you can speak with mentors who master their trades and a team that’s got your back. This sounds like a full support system! Speaking of support, there is superb We Fund Traders customer service as well.

Boosting Your Trading IQ

Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned trader, is about letting you manage everything on your own.

You can use your own trading style, and if you hit those goals, they’ll provide you with more funds. We cannot emphasize enough how motivating this is for traders! You’ll get support every step of the way because they understand trading is a journey.

Note: Beware of companies like ViaChains. This is a broker apparently operating from the UK. They offer forex and CFD trading to their clients, but nothing about them seems reliable.

Trading Conditions

Now, let’s break down the nitty-gritty of the Trader Funding Program. It’s rather straightforward. You get to showcase your trading skills and knowledge, and they’re ready to back you up financially. They say they take a 50/50 split of your earnings in return.

Your journey kicks off with mentorship and training sessions with one of their trading partners. As we mentioned before, the 3-month program unfolds online, allowing you to wrap it up from the comfort of your home in just 10 hours per week.

Expect a mix of assignments testing your grasp of trading concepts and your ability to apply strategies across scenarios. Plus, get one-on-one time with your mentor for guidance and tips. Once you’ve mastered the training, a demo account is there so you can test the services. Notably, if you trade on it for 3 months, and impress the evaluating team, funding for real trading comes your way.

We Fund Traders Reviews on Trustpilot

Are you curious about what others think? According to Trustpilot, this trading company shows an impressive 4.5-star rating. Customer reviews are glowing, instilling confidence in the platform’s features. This is another positive thing that this trading company has for us!

It’s like a safety guarantee – always stick to companies with 4.5 stars and above. Knowing others had a positive experience adds a reassuring layer to the decision-making process.

Ensuring Safety in Prop Trading

When it comes to choosing prop trading firms, you must think of safety first. Make sure to thoroughly grasp the terms and conditions before diving in. Here are some factors to consider for a safe choice:

  • Safety: Unlike traditional brokers, prop firms might not have the same regulatory safeguards. It’s vital to examine who runs the prop trading firm to ensure investor protection.
  • Risk management: Opt for prop firms equipped with good risk management teams. This ensures effective handling of risks, and keeps you safe and sound!
  • Technology and support: Choose firms providing access to advanced trading tools, software, and resources. Besides, look for those offering mentorship, training, and support from experienced traders.

By carefully weighing these references, traders can make wise decisions, minimizing risks. Safety first, always! 

Earning Money Trading

So, are you ready to make your money work for you? Dive into the world of online trading with ease! First off, we want to make sure you get the support you need. So, we decided to offer Zoom consultations – free of charge!

Seeking extra income? We’re here to guide you! Explore our new product – proprietary trading, where you can partner with a firm and potentially earn up to $180,000. It’s an opportunity worth seizing, and we’re here to make your journey rewarding.

Final Verdict

All in all, We Fund Traders provides a comprehensive platform for traders. We can see this company cares about its clients, and it proves this with superb Trustpilot reviews. 

As we’ve explored their offerings, it’s crucial to mention something better – a proprietary trading firm where clients can earn up to $180,000. We believe our solution stands out, offering a unique and rewarding path for those venturing into the world of trading. The choice is yours, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.


What is We Fund Traders?

We Fund Traders is an independent trading company offering mentorship, training, and funding for traders.

Is We Fund Traders Legit?

Indeed, We Fund Traders is a good platform with positive Trustpilot reviews and a 4.5-star rating.

How Much Do Funded Traders Make?

Funded traders have the potential to earn significant profits. With us, you can earn up to $180,000.

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