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1 of 1 Funding review – Can This Prop Firm Be Trusted?

1 of 1 Funding-review

1 of 1 Funding is a proprietary firm and trading sector launched in late September 2023 by founders Tyler Riches, associated with, and Aden Rao, also known as ‘Genzmoney’. They state their mission is to empower traders and redefine industry standards and that they emphasize transparency.

The company’s social media platforms provide an update on 1 of 1 Funding prop firm, stating that the website is down temporarily due to updates being made, which are not disclosed yet. This may come off suspicious to clients, as many prop firms have been known to scam their traders. 

The current unavailability of their website may indicate potential risks for users, as it could suggest instability or even the possibility of the firm shutting down entirely. This lack of transparency and the potential for clients to lose money makes 1 of 1 Funding appear untrustworthy.

Another factor that doesn’t make the firm look good is its reviews. Keep on reading to find out all the aspects, if this company can be relied on, or to be avoided completely.

General information
Name 1 of 1 Funding
Type of the company Proprietary firm
Regulation status No regulation expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link 
Active since 2023
Registered in N/A
Contact info Email 
Trading platforms Web trader
Majority of clients are from United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia
Customer support Available
Compensation fund Available


As previously stated, the company launched in the year 2023, and its founders are Tyler Riches and Aden Rao. Our research team found on several platforms that co-founder Tyler faced criticism from users regarding his services. 

We will promptly delve into 1 of 1 Funding reviews, including feedback on Tyler’s affiliated platform, TylerTraders. It is essential to include this information as it provides valuable insights for potential users who may seek to understand the operational integrity and functionality of associated platforms.

One user had a negative experience with Tyler’s mentorship. We have also come across dissatisfaction with Tyler’s actions, who allegedly shut down the Forex chat room when his trades don’t go as planned, preventing clients from discussing or criticizing his strategies.

These reviews suggest a lack of professionalism and respect in Tyler’s interactions with clients. The incidents spark questions about the quality and integrity of his trading services, hence 1 of 1 Funding evaluation doesn’t look promising. 

Are you surprised TylerTraders site is also not accessible at the moment? Cause we’re not.

User Reviews – Fake Ratings?

One would think the company being associated with YouTube and TikTok communities, could indicate credibility, as any issues would likely receive significant attention on social media. 

Yet, we think users express dissatisfaction through official trading review platforms. Platforms that are made specifically for expressing positive and negative feedback. Additionally, there are suspicious positive reviews that appear to be fabricated.

On the popular platform Trustpilot, the company received 182 reviews, with a score of 4.6. Short ratings with a 5-star review, all lined up on the same day, only give off suspicion that they are fake.

Various comments also advise future users to avoid this firm, citing issues with trades running in negative malfunctions, leading to suspicions of fraudulent activity. Overall, it’s advisable to consider other prop firms with better customer support and transparency.

Customer Support

The company’s customer support is poorly rated, with rare responses to emails even during business hours. Customers have reported losing trades due to questionable practices. The 100% profit split offered by 1 of 1 Funding may be enticing, but it appears to be deceptive.

Reviews concerning 1 of 1 Funding login, receiving no email afterward, no credentials for a user account, making users unable to log in to the dashboard to view the credentials.

Despite contacting the support team and initiating numerous live support conversations, users are frustrated and left without a response, and of course, having money taken out of their pocket.

Site shutdown

1 of 1 Funding has recently announced that its website is temporarily down for undisclosed updates, sparking concerns about the firm’s credibility. 

On the platform’s TikTok Profile, the speaker advises traders who come across problems can contact customer support. Also reassuring traders that everything is still top-notch, and they appreciate the patience of their clients. This action mirrors common tactics used by untrustworthy prop trading firms, which often lead to traders losing their investments. 

The lack of transparency regarding the updates and the sudden shutdown of their website suggests potential risks for clients. If the firm is hinting at a full shutdown, clients could face significant financial losses. 

Since losing an account is a real possibility, avoid selecting prop firms randomly, as many are known to scam traders. Also steer clear from unregulated brokers, such as this one Wealth World Markets. For those seeking genuine profitability, it is advisable to adhere to certain steps to commit to a legitimate company.


Regarding the withdrawal funds of this company, we found some feedback in a – you wouldn’t believe it, positive light. Clients after making profits, successfully withdrew their earnings, highlighted the straightforward withdrawal process and prompt payouts, which included a refund for the base retail price of the account. 

However, there were mentions of having to wait a month after passing the Evaluation Model to withdraw profits. The firm’s offerings:

  • 1-Phase Evaluation Model
  • 2-Phase Evaluation Model

They also guarantee 1 of 1 Funding profit split for all account sizes, maximizing users’ earnings as they progress through the phases. Typically many prop firms do not offer payment based on the percentage users make during phases 1 and 2. On another note, if you are looking for a platform that provides quantitative research tools, check out our QuantPedia ReviewNevertheless, for any offer that seems tempting, we recommend focusing on established prop firms with a proven track record. 1 of 1 Funding, registered in 2023, is relatively new, so it’s wise to prioritize firms with more experience and of course, good reviews.

Concluding thoughts on

To keep it short and sweet, 1 of 1 Funding comes across as a major red flag that traders should carefully consider. The company’s lack of transparency, particularly regarding the temporary shutdown of its website and the undisclosed updates being made, raises suspicions about its credibility. 

Feedback from users highlights issues with customer support, questionable trading practices, and concerns about the integrity of the founder, Tyler Riches, and his associated platform.

While some users have reported successful withdrawals and positive experiences, these seem to be outweighed by complaints of poor communication, unfulfilled promises, and suspicions of fake reviews. The company’s short operating history makes it look unstable as well.

Overall, traders should consider other prop firms with more established reputations and track records. Investing with 1 of 1 Funding may entail significant risks, and traders should conduct their data thoroughly before committing to them.


What is 1 of 1 Funding?

It’s a proprietary trading firm established in 2023

Is 1 of 1 Funding Legit?

We wouldn’t say it is, it has poor reviews overall with fabricated positive reviews

How to Choose a Good Prop Firm?

Make sure to read the pros and cons from credible platforms

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