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CryptoTrader Review – Can Their Strategies Benefit Traders?

CryptoTrader Review

CryptoTrader is a trading tool powered by AI, that automates crypto trading services. It offers a variety of strategies to help operate users’ assets across exchanges such as Binance, Kraken, Bybit, and Kucoin. 

With a straightforward setup process, users can easily choose a plan that suits their needs and connect their exchanges to the CryptoTrader app. This factor makes the user able to monitor and entrust the management of their digital currencies.

To achieve success in crypto trading, there are many factors to fulfill. Need for a reliable platform and a deep understanding of the market. Even with these challenges, learning to handle platforms like CryptoTrader AI-powered can lead to profitable outcomes.

General information
Name Crypto Trader
Type of the company AI Trading Tool
Regulation status Regulation not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link 
Active since 2018
Registered in N/A
Contact info Webform
Trading platforms Web trader
Majority of clients are from United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy
Customer support Available
Compensation fund N/A

More About CryptoTrader

Crypto Trader states it’s a transparent option where users gain control of their funds. Digital currencies remain in their account, and the CryptoTrader bot only conducts trading operations without the ability to move the funds. With automated trading, no manual action is required. 

The whole point is that users can benefit from the help of professionals, without needing to take any action themselves. The platform over time gained popularity among crypto enthusiasts globally for its dynamic trading services. Their main goal is to simplify trading and to make it suitable for both beginner and experienced traders.


CryptoTrader strategies focus on following market trends while protecting capital during downward trends. They practice an algorithm that emphasizes quality over quantity. Additionally, during market volatility, human decisions supplement the algorithm. 

This strategy aims to combine risk management and profitability for optimal results. The platform also states that since the year 2018, CryptoTrader clients have achieved higher returns compared to Bitcoin.

Trader’s Performance Potential

The trader’s performance with Crypto Trader can vary based on several factors, including the market cycle at the time of the membership and the amount of capital users invest. Additionally, the size of the client’s investment can influence their returns.

Looking deeper into the CryptoTrader performance, to maximize the benefits and increase the chances of success, it’s advisable to trust in their strategy, maintain a long-term perspective, and diversify the investments. 

As of now, Crypto Trader has achieved a monthly performance of 6.7%, an annual performance of 114.4%, and an impressive 7468% since its inception. For individuals looking for more detailed information about their performance, they can download the platform’s detailed report.


CryptoTrdare pricing options offer flexibility in allocating users’ investment to their strategy. Users can adjust the investment slider to choose the amount they are interested in, depending on that amount the platform manages trading operations up to that amount.

CryptoTrader Strategy:

Quarterly Plan – EUR 208.67 

  • per month
  • billed quarterly

Annual Plan – EUR 166.67

  • per month
  • billed annually

Both plans include:

  • Automated trading: up to EUR 25,000
  • Access to the CryptoTrader app
  • Current portfolio composition
  • History of all trades
  • Connectivity with 1 exchange
  • Access to our Discord community
  • Personalized support within 12 hours

We always advise potential clients to visit the official website themselves, for up-to-date pricing information. Since platforms are prone to change their site appearance, web forms, and pricing details. Be sure to do your research before committing to brokerage firms. Read our ForexMart Review to evaluate the broker’s lack of reviews, and to find company alternatives suitable for you.

Which cryptocurrencies are supported?

Crypto Trader supports different cryptocurrencies, enabling traders to trade with a wide range of currencies and diversify their portfolios. 

Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Altcoins Binance

This extensive support allows users to explore and participate in the broader cryptocurrency market. On another note, steer clear from unregulated brokers such as Coinivate Review, so you won’t fall for their scam.

User Feedback

Our research team found mixed reviews regarding the Crypto Trader app. On a well-known purchase platform, Google Play, the tool received 485 reviews with an average score of 3.7. 

Some users appreciated its features, such as the ability to place favored assets at the top of the list and sort assets. Some also praised its inclusion of analysis tools like Bollinger Bands, which enhanced their trading experience. Additionally, users noted that the app provides a unique feature of mapping altcoins on top of each other, which they found very useful.

However, there were also negative comments about the app. Some users expressed frustration with the requirement to have an account with Zerion LLC, which they considered to be untrustworthy. Others complained that the app only worked intermittently and was not reliable. Some users also reported issues with the app not displaying data properly for candlesticks.

Despite CryptoTrader reviews being mixed, many users found the app to be useful, and on various websites that offer reviews on trading tools, Crypto Trader has a high score. While the score on Google Play is average, more than 50% of reviews are 5-star rated, which can be an indicator that the app is more than reliable.

Crypto Trader – Registration

Registering with the CryptoTrader app is quite simple, there few steps to follow.

  • Visit the Crypto Trader website
  • Click on the sign-up form
  • Fill in the information the website requires
  • Verify your email address 

Users need to fund their accounts with a minimum deposit of EUR 250 to start trading. After the registration process is complete and the account is funded, a CryptoTrader login is available. Users gain access to the Crypto Trader platform, and from that point, clients can get familiar with the form and its offerings and features.

Final Take On CryptoTrader

To sum up, CryptoTrader offers an AI-driven trading tool designed to automate crypto trading services. With their transparent approach, they allow users to maintain control over their funds while benefiting from auto-trading without manual intervention.

While user feedback is mixed, with some praising its features and user experience, others have expressed concerns about reliability and account requirements. However, the platform continues to receive positive feedback overall, suggesting that it remains a popular choice for traders.

We would advise the platform to gain recognition on various popular websites for reviews such as Trustpilot. To work on their marketing and boosting client feedback, since the platform can only benefit from this improvement. 

Overall, CryptoTrader appears to be a promising option, yet, as with any trading platform, users don’t slack! Get valid data from reputable sites, conduct all pros and cons, and evaluate the platform before committing to it.


What is CryptoTrader?

It’s an AI-driven auto-trading platform designed for trading cryptocurrencies.

Is CryptoTrader App Regulated?

The platform does not appear to be regulated by any financial regulatory body. Trading tools don't need to be regulated, but regulation can provide certain benefits and assurances to users.

How Much Does CryptoTrader Cost?

CryptoTrader offers two pricing plans. The quarterly plan costs around EUR 208.67, while the annual plan may cost around EUR 166.67.

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