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Delta Trading Group Review – Former Convict Becomes an Educator

Delta Trading Group Review

In the labyrinth of questionable online education, a mysterious entity emerges as a false prophet of online trading enlightenment. Everything about this conduct is cloaked in secrecy and nothing concrete is known about the owners of the established scheme except that they’re ex-convicts. 

Dive with us into the underworld where dubious Forex knowledge collides with the checkered pasts of criminals who now impersonate educators. Keep reading this Delta Trading Group review and find out more.

General information
Name Delta Trading Group
Type of the company Trading Education
Regulation status Unregulated/ Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No warnings
Website link
Active since 2014
Registered in US (alleged)
Contact info 888-646-8787


[email protected]

Trading platforms None
Majority of clients are from United States, India, Canada, United Kingdom, Philippines
Customer support Yes- email, phone, online form
Compensation fund No

Organization Behind the Site

The absence of any concrete corporate details, including the addresses, names and registration numbers raises eyebrows when it comes to believing the firm’s credibility and legitimacy. Every attempt to come off as transparent about their conduct and leadership team ends in a failure, as all the information is shallow and scarce. In essence, the cheap and glitchy WordPress site doesn’t offer any reliable or relevant data that would support their claims. 

All of that creates an atmosphere of opacity and potential risk for individuals considering engaging with these suspicious educational portals. Even the basic openness in divulging essential information cannot be detected. 

That seriously diminishes the company’s credibility and poses a substantial danger and risk to those seeking a reliable provider of learning materials.  

The firm would have us believe they’re a reputable US brand, but provides no legitimate evidence of that. Doesn’t that remind you of tactics used by fraudulent brokers like FxElite in order to hide their true nature and intentions?

Delta Trading Group Reviews: Why There’s None

The lack of any public feedback on the firm’s operations and quality of service raises questions about the authenticity of its touted success and the true scale of its ill-fated ventures. 

This further illustrates the easieness with which these deceptive entities can navigate the financial landscape undetected. That’s the exact effect they want to achieve, since it shades them in their act of preying on unsuspecting victims.

The only source of any form of reviews found is on an Elite Trader forum board, where the users have openly called out this faux domain for selling overpriced yet useless knowledge courses and trading opportunities. There are no ratings on Trustpilot, Sitejabber or any others.

When we heard victims talking about learning programs that cost over $7.000, we immediately understood why no prices were available on the site.

Social Network Profiles

This lack of consumer feedback is all the more suspicious considering the huge presence the company has on social networks.

A few of these social links are available on the website itself, including Facebook, X, TikTok, YouTube and Vimeo. The company, however, uses additional profiles on Pinterest and CrunchBase, and probably some others that we’ve missed.

Who Exactly Is Dr. Vance Cast?

While not directly implicated on the main website itself, all of the social media we’ve listed before revolve around the persona of some “Dr.” Clifford Vance Cast.

This superhuman is allegedly a PhD of an unknown science, a US Army Medical Corps veteran, a commercial aviation pilot, a minister of a church, and is currently running for US Congress among other things.

In reality, he’s a drug dealer busted for selling methamphetamine on the streets, who served the better part of 20 years in prison for his deal with the devil. You may easily verify this information yourself with the US Federal Bureau of Prisons.

It seems that this “Doctor” Vance switched from a career of peddling drugs to the career of a professional con-man. An interesting leap forward, if you can call it that.

Content For Members-Only

The firm really tries to push the idea that their site is available for select audiences only. Attempts to access the members portal will be met with signs in big red letters that say “Off limits to non-members! You MUST have a password to continue”.

This repeats a couple of times, and then – all base account types are free of charge, and anyone can create one right there on the spot. It’s kind of reminiscent of the CedarFX fraud we reviewed some time earlier.

With all these “No trespassing” threats or whatnot, you’d expect the site to contain some national secrets, or maybe a hit to the location of a downed UFO somewhere in New Mexico. Instead, it’s a horrible little member area with links that lead nowhere.

Pricing Structure and Features

What is described as a members-only area is actually quite easy to access – all you have to do is sign up using your email and password. After that you can casually log in at any time you wish. 

Here, you can explore several areas or better said products offered for some ridiculously high prices. For example, here’s the mentioned learning courses you can pick between:

  • The Business of Futures Trading – introductory course to futures markets – $1,000
  • Executive Futures Trading Bundle – collected courses on trading futures – $15,000
  • Professional Futures Trading Package – $5,000
  • Futures Trading Bootcamp – $5,000
  • Futures Trading Mastercourse – $7,500
  • Live Trading Session Membership – $5,000

Other portions of the web presentation are either under construction or giving back a 404 error, such as Social Incentives, Affiliate Programs and Careers.

Play it Safe With a Prop Trading Account

Don’t waste your time and effort with illegitimate companies that promise to somehow improve your trading results. Navigate the deceptive terrains of overpriced Forex education wisely, as your pursuit of riches may come at a price higher than the monetary realm. If you’re a seasoned trader, or a prospective talent looking for a proprietary trading company, then take a look at our offer instead.

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What is Delta Trading Group?

It is an illicit education provider owned and operated by an ex-convict turned con-man and his goons.

Is Delta Trading Group Legit?

No, this company doesn’t even exist as a registered business entity, and only exists to provide a front for fraudulent actions.

Is Delta Trading Group Risk-Free?

No, investing with any type of shady entity is a dangerous business that can see you lose your entire investment. If you’re looking for a prop trading option, see our offer instead.

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