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ForexBook Review: A Casual Dive Into Features

ForexBook review

We understand the struggle of keeping tabs on your trades – it can be a real headache. But guess what? There’s a game-changer in town, and it goes by the name of ForexBook. To discover more, keep reading our informative ForexBook review!

General information
Name ForexBook
Type of company Trading Tool
Regulation status Unregulated/Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2004
Registered in Limassol, Cyprus
Contact info [email protected]
Trading platforms MT4, MT5
Majority of clients are from South Africa, India, United States, United Kingdom, Nigeria
Customer support Email
Compensation fund No

Getting to Know ForexBook

Speaking of trading Forex, having a slick journaling tool is a must! ForexBook steps up to the plate, making it a breeze to track, analyze, and fine-tune your trading game. So, what’s the scoop?

ForexBook isn’t average at all! This is an interesting trading hub for forex clients to effortlessly track all their trades. With this company, you can forget about those chaotic spreadsheets. 

This company is serious about the automation game! It makes it a snap to log and analyze a boatload of trades without breaking a sweat.

Features You Should Know

Let’s take a look at the features that may interest you!

  • Historical data import. No more manual data entry headaches. ForexBook swoops in and automates the historical data import gig, grabbing all your trading data since your MT4/MT5 account kicked off.
  • Multiple accounts and brokers. Flexibility is the name of the game. We can see this firm lets you work with multiple brokers and accounts in one journal. This is perfect for the risk-savvy traders among us.
  • Categorize different trading strategies. Trade styles unite! With this firm, you can categorize your trades based on your unique strategies. 
  • Automatic account connection. There are no manual updates here! ForexBook taps into your MetaTrader accounts with EA. This keeps your trading journal fresh without the hassle of manual data input.
  • Advanced statistics for traders. Think about a mix of MyFXBook and the FTMO dashboard. Forex Book delivers nice stats for a deep dive into your trading performance.

So, What’s the Cost? – ForexBook Pricing

We can see that this company offers two choices for traders. The ‘starter’ plan is a pleasant surprise. It’s free, no need for credit card details, just a straightforward trading journal. Seeking a bit more? 

The full version comes at a reasonable $19 per month. Notably, it provides access to all features and a user-friendly journal to streamline your trading experience.

Tip: OptionsAI is another interesting AI trading company that you can check out. They include many intriguing and useful features. 

Customer Service

It goes without saying that customer support is crucial in any line of business. This is especially true for trading and investing! 

As for support, this trading tool keeps it simple. We checked and found out that you can reach out via email or live chat if you need them. Still, they did not include a phone number on their website. 

But truth be told, once you’re set-up, you might not need to ring them. It’s that user-friendly.

ForexBook Reviews on Trustpilot

We all know that testimonials from other traders help us find the ideal platform for our needs. Curious about what other traders have to say? Well, according to Trustpilot, this trading company holds a solid 3.9-star rating. This is relatively satisfactory.

All in all, savvy traders know the game, and we recommend sticking with tools rated 4.5 stars and above for that extra layer of safety. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your trading journey and finances.

Trading Tools 101

We all know that having the right tools is the linchpin of success. Now, let’s break down the essentials:

  • Trading Platform: Your market connection. Look for UI-friendly options with real-time quotes and robust charting tools like MetaTrader 4 or TradingView.
  • Charting Tools: Visualize price movements easily. Whether it’s drawing trend lines or adding technical indicators, these tools are crucial.
  • News Feed: Stay in the loop with real-time updates on market events, economic data, and news. Reuters and Bloomberg are solid news services.
  • Economic Calendar: Plan your moves with a schedule of upcoming economic events like central bank meetings, etc.
  • Trading Journal: Your personalized feedback loop for progress. You can use this tool to track entry and exit points, and the reasoning behind each move.
  • Risk Management Tools: Non-negotiable. Effectively manage stop losses, take profits, and position sizes. Do that for your own safety!
  • Backtesting Tools: Your strategy’s laboratory. Test it with historical data, find flaws, and optimize without risking real cash.
  • Copy Trading: This is the era of collaboration. You can earn profit by copying trades from other skilled traders.

All of these tools are vitally important in trading! It’s smart to be aware of all the options. 

Earning Money Trading

Ready to level up your trading game and knowledge? Making money online has never been more accessible, and we’ve got your back every step of the way. Need advice on the best trading platforms or brokers? We’ve got you covered! 

Now, here’s the exciting part – proprietary trading. Work with our proprietary trading firm and get the possibility to earn up to $180,000. It’s your opportunity to upgrade your trading skills and boost your earnings. Why wait? 

Note: MetaStock is a new platform that has a scope of useful tools and features for traders of all levels. This platform is worth exploring in our opinion! 

Final Words

In a nutshell, ForexBook looks like a solid trading tool. Whether you opt for the free version or the $19/month deal, it’s a smart move for any trader looking to elevate their game. All in all, we can see that this company seems to care about its clients. 

In the grand scheme of things, it’s crucial to explore your options wisely. While the trading company we reviewed has its values, we’d like to highlight our new offering – a proprietary trading firm. It opens doors to earnings up to $180,000! It’s about making informed choices only! Stay smart and stay profitable.


Is ForexBook Free?

Yes, there is a free option with limited features and tools.

Is ForexBook Safe?

This company is not the best on the market, but it is safe.

What is Proprietary Trading?

It is when a financial firm invests its own money for profits rather than earning commissions by trading on behalf of its clients.

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