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JB Drax Honoré Review: How Reliable Is This Investment Partner

JB Drax Honore-review
General information
Name: JB Drax Honoré (DIFC) Limited
Regulation status: DFSA and FCA regulation
Warnings from Financial Regulators: No official warnings
Website link:
Active since 2004
Registered in Dubai, UAE, USA, Singapore, UK
Contact info: 971 4 514 6927
Trading platforms: n/a
The majority of clients are from United KingdomUnited StatesSingaporeFranceItaly
Customer support: Phone, contact form 
Compensation fund: Yes

If you’re considering JB Drax Honoré as your potential investment partner, you’ve come to the right place. In this JB Drax Honoré review, we’ll examine this firm, also known as JB Drax Honoré (UK) Limited, and provide you with solid insights into everything. So, let’s dive deeper into the facts!

JB Drax Honoré: Broker Details

JB Drax Honoré trading platform

JB Drax Honoré is a specialist broker founded in 2004 by Jonathan Glassberg and Benn Shepherd. 

It acts exclusively as a broker. This means that it takes no proprietary risks, ensuring a conflict-free environment for price discovery and liquidity sourcing. We should also mention that the broker is recognized by FINRA for its engagement in the securities.

Besides, JB Drax Honoré serves as an agency broker for interest rate swap business, notably for Brevan Howard’s EU firm. This partnership truly brings out their role in the industry.

JB Drax Honoré: Compliance with the Law

JB Drax Honoré, known as JB Drax Honoré (UK) Limited, works as a broker in the UK. It offers diverse and tailor-made services to clients worldwide. With over 4 years of experience, JB Drax Honoré Limited has established an international presence with office locations in the UK, Singapore, the USA, and Dubai.

But, is JB Drax Honoré legit? This is indeed a regulated company. Just like CXM Direct, JB Drax Honoré (UK) Limited operates under the authorization of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). As you may know, this is a respected UK regulatory body responsible for ensuring fairness in the FX world. 

Besides, JB Drax Honoré complies with the Data Protection Act of 1998, reinforcing its commitment to data security and privacy. What’s more, JB Drax Honoré (DIFC) Limited is listed on the public register of the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), the independent regulator overseeing financial services in Dubai. 

This dual regulation by the FCA in the UK and the DFSA in Dubai underscores JB Drax Honoré’s commitment to operating within strong regulatory frameworks. We can clearly see they are striving to provide clients with confidence in their services.

Trading Assets: Energy Derivatives, Equities and More

JB Drax Honoré is a company that has many things to offer. They have classic listed derivatives in fixed income, energy derivatives, equities, soft commodities, OTC foreign exchange, and centrally cleared interest rate swaps. 

While their offerings are abundant, it’s essential to consider the overall website as well.

Note: Do your best to avoid shady brokers like Stern Markets. They aim to steal your funds. 

Trading Platforms Available

JB Drax Honoré’s website does not provide detailed data about their trading platforms. This can be a drawback for some. 

We strongly recommend you choose those brokers offering the best MetaTrader platforms, such as MT4 or MT5. These platforms are preferred by around 80% of users in the FX trading industry for their cool features and reliability.

And what about the JB Drax futures charts? By exploring these charts, traders can make predictions about coming price movements and adjust their strategies accordingly. Still, the platform remains unknown. 

Note: EDGEFinance is definitely not a reliable broker. To stay safe, make sure you avoid them. 

Trading Environment – Trade Anonymity

JB Drax Honoré points to trade anonymity. As you can see, they execute a huge percentage of exchange volume for a broad client base while providing anonymity. 

However, specific details about maximum leverage are not clearly specified. This leaves many traders in the dark about their risk exposure.

Leverage can be a double-edged sword, amping up both potential profits and losses. Higher leverage ratios can be risky for retail traders, as they may lead to huge losses. To protect your interests and funds, it’s best to go for regulated brokers adhering to leverage caps set by regulatory authorities, such as 1:30 in the EU and UK.

All in all, traders can do business with JB Drax Honoré. But, they may not be top-notch like Webull, for instance. To discover more brokers like Webull, contact us for a free consultation. 

Withdrawal Rules at JB Drax Honoré

JB Drax Honoré’s site does not disclose payment options or their withdrawal rules. This lack of transparency can make it harder for us to assess the costs that arrive with withdrawals.

For a better withdrawal experience, traders are prompted to consider brokers that offer a variety of payment options. Think of those that support PayPal, Skrill, Google Pay, Advcash, bank cards, and crypto assets.

JB Drax Honoré’s Reviews on Trustpilot

JB Drax Honoré’s online presence lacks any reviews on Trustpilot. While the absence of reviews can be attributed to various factors, it does raise questions about the broker’s true nature. But they have some reviews on Glassdoor indeed, as they got a 3-star rating.

To avoid risks associated with shady brokers, traders are advised to choose brokers with solid reputations and positive reviews on trusted platforms like Trustpilot. Going for brokers rated at 4.5 stars or higher can provide extra confidence in your choice.

Online Trading – Simplified for Success

Are you interested in making money through online trading? We provide free consultations to help you make wise decisions on your trading journey. 

Also, we have a new bot! Our new AI Analysis Bot simplifies research, saving you both time and effort, and you can try it out now! Remember to choose a reputable Tier 1 regulated broker to protect your assets at all times.

Final Words

So, what can we say about this broker to sum it all up? JB Drax Honoré, established by Glassberg and Shepherd in 2004, operates as a broker, free from proprietary risks, and offers a range of solid instruments. 

It plays a crucial role in the interest rate swap business and upholds a reputation in the industry.


Is JB Drax Honoré Legit?

Yes, JB Drax Honoré is a legitimate broker regulated by the FCA in the UK and the DFSA in Dubai.

Should I Invest In

Consider your options carefully. The firm is regulated, but make sure it aligns with your goals. The JB Drax Honoré contact number is 971 4 514 6927.

Can I withdraw my funds from JB Drax Honoré?

Yes, you can withdraw funds, but they haven't disclosed any details on payment options.

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