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Morningstar Review: Your Handbook to Smart Investing

Morningstar Review

So, you’re curious about Morningstar? If that is a yes, let’s break it down!

This company is like the go-to for investment stuff – ratings, tools, you name it. For hands-on investors, their Morningstar subscription is where it’s at. Let’s dive into more details in our Morningstar review! 

General information
Name Morningstar
Type of company Trading Tool
Regulation status Unregulated/Not required
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 1989
Registered in 22 West Washington, Chicago IL
Contact info +1 312 696-6000, +1 312 696-6600, +1 312 384-4000, [email protected], [email protected] (for US)
Trading platforms Web, Morningstar Portfolio Manager, Morningstar For Investors
Majority of clients are from United States, Italy, Spain, India, Canada
Customer support Email and phone
Compensation fund No

Morningstar 101 – What’s the Deal?

Started in 1984 in Chicago, Morningstar Direct is about checking out investments like stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds. They have a big team – 5,000 folks across 27 countries – looking at over 620,000 investments.

With more than $215 billion in assets and $1.7 billion in gains, this is quite appealing. Pros and big players love them. The “Morningstar Premium” service gives regular clients updated insights into different investments, from stocks to bonds.

The Mission

Morningstar’s mission? Giving traders access to the big bucks. They get it – starting small is tough. So, they partner up with traders, hooking them up with the capital they need to level up. Teamwork for the win.

Morningstar – The Investor’s Sidekick

This platform seems to be for everyone. Whether you’re into holding onto solid companies for the long haul (Warren Buffet style) or you’re an active trader, they are a solid choice. All in all, the firm is used by big names in the investment world.

They got a free plan and a more prominent one called “Morningstar Investor.” No matter if you’re a pro or just getting started, this firm has something for you!

How to Save on Morningstar Investor

Let’s discuss ways to save money with this company. The Investor subscription isn’t cheap, but there are ways to save some bucks. Pay annually or go for a multi-year deal – it’s like getting a discount. Paying yearly is $249, which breaks down to under $21 a month. That’s a 41% saving compared to the monthly fee of $34.95.

Students with a .edu email can snag a 90% discount, bringing it down to $25 for the first year. Plus, there’s a 7-day free trial. You can test it out before committing.

How They Get Down to Business

This company is relatively easy to use. Type in a Morningstar ETFs, stocks, or mutual funds symbol, and you get helpful info. It’s more about a company’s financials than fancy charts. The big investment firms trust their data and analysis.

But here’s the deal – this investment tool won’t make decisions for you. You need to dig into the info and make your choices. It’s not like those stock-picking services, and it’s a different story.

Tip: Keep in mind that there is a Morningstar stock screener for you to explore. This feature is quite beneficial! 

Morningstar Rating on Trustpilot

If we look at Trustpilot, the sentiment around this trading company is extremely dissatisfying. They have an extremely troubling 1.5-star rating, and that’s an enormous red flag. The reviews clearly paint a picture of disappointment, suggesting that this company may not be what it claims. It’s not a stellar situation.

Our advice? Stick with tools that have a satisfying 4.5-star rating or higher. Safety first, right? Trust the voices of users who’ve been there. It’s your hard-earned money, after all.

Tip: Breakfree Trading is a day trading tool that claims to help you find trading possibilities and analyze market fads. You may want to learn more about them!

Popular Strategies of SMA Brokers

Let’s dive into what SMA brokers like to throw to the table. Simple Moving Average (SMA) is a popular game in their playbook. They track an asset’s average closing price over a specific time, giving a smooth trend line. It’s a go-to strategy for reading the market’s pulse.

But watch out, SMA isn’t a crystal ball. It’s a tool, not a fortune teller. Brokers use it to make educated guesses, not guarantees. So, if someone tells you it’s 100% accurate, they might be overselling it. Always do your research, and remember, the market is a wild ride!

Handy Mobile App

This company has a solid mobile app for both iPhone and Android. You can grab the Android one as “Morningstar Portfolio Manager” from the Play Store. Now, speaking of iPhones, it’s “Morningstar For Investors” in the App Store.

What’s neat is both apps do the same stuff, but here’s the deal – they’re a bit more basic compared to the website. On the app, you can see your current portfolio and keep an eye on your watchlist. It’s handy for a quick check on your investments or a quick look at a stock or fund. We found it quite interesting. 

Empower Tag Team

We should mention that Premium subscribers at this company have an interesting deal. They have a personal financial chat, thanks to the tag team at Empower. 

One condition is to have $100,000 in your portfolio, and you’re in. And guess what? If you’re interested in Empower, you can sign up directly, and they’ll throw in some free tools. They do that no matter how big or small your portfolio is. 

Tip: MarketInOut is another great screening service. Yet, it highlights active trading as most of its criteria involve technical analysis.

Earning with Online Trading

Are you excited to earn some bucks through online trading? We’re right there with you! Making money has never been this easy. Need advice or a nudge in the right direction? Our free consultations have you covered!

And there’s more! We’re rolling out a dazzling new opportunity, proprietary trading. Work with us and snag up to $180,000. Easy capital? Let’s make those profits rain!

Final Words

While the company we’ve reviewed may not shine bright, there’s a brighter option on the horizon. Note that our exclusive offer with the proprietary trading firm opens doors to potential earnings of up to $180,000. Why settle for less? 

Your funds deserve a trusted guide, and we’re here to direct you toward smarter and better choices. Make your moves wisely, keep it simple, and let your investments thrive.


What is Morningstar Best For?

This tool is best for clients who want to understand the fundamentals behind every investment.

Can I Use Morningstar for Free?

Partially. The service costs $249 per year, with a free 7-day trial available.

Is Morningstar Any Good?

If you are a value investor looking to understand the fundamentals, Morningstar could be worthwhile.

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