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Rocket21 Challenge Review: Insider Insights and Evaluation

Rocket21 Challenge review

Are you curious about the Rocket21 Challenge prop firm? Let’s dive into what this prop trading platform has to offer, the joining process, and how it all works. Buckle up for a straightforward journey through the ins and outs of this platform. Now, read our Rocket21 Challenge review for more facts!

General information
Name Rocket21 Challenge
Type of company Prop Firm
Regulation status Unregulated/Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2022
Registered in n/a
Contact info [email protected], +1 754-223-9237
Trading platforms Web
Majority of clients are from United States, India, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Spain
Customer support Email, Discord, and phone
Compensation fund No

About Rocket21 Challenge

Rocket21 Challenge, kicking off in 2022, is a prop trading platform. It invites traders to test the forex market without risking their own money. It’s a global platform that lets traders trade online and gives them a chance to boost their simulated trading skills.

When you hop on board with the Rocket21 Challenge funded account program, you’re not just trading! Here, you join a community of many successful traders. The platform’s goal is to help traders worldwide achieve financial freedom using the company’s capital. Plus, the website design is pretty cool, and the features are impressive.

Who’s Behind This Prop Firm?

Are you trying to figure out who’s steering the ship at this new prop firm? Well, it’s a bit of a mystery. We couldn’t find info on the founders or the CEO.

But, they do have some partnerships with folks like Sebastian Rodriguez, Gregory Trejo, Mauricio Ceballos, Alex Gonzalez, and Jordan Martinez.

Note: Did you know that Fox Markets raises eyebrows in terms of regulatory legitimacy? Unlike brokers regulated by reputable bodies, this one is associated with the FSCI. This is an SVG entity with questionable credibility.

Accounts – Getting Started

The journey with this prop firm begins with a simple registration. You can share your details, pick your funding program – Standard or Apollo11 – and choose your account size. Then, after your payment gets the thumbs up, you’ll get your trading account credentials.

Let’s walk through the account sizes and the prices for each funding program.

Standard Funding Program

  • $5,000 account size: $79
  • $10,000 account size: $139
  • $25,000 account size: $239
  • $50,000 account size: $349
  • $100,000 account size: $549
  • $200,000 account size: $939
  • $300,000 account size: $1,399

Apollo11 Funding Program

  • $10,000 account size: $119
  • $25,000 account size: $199
  • $50,000 account size: $299
  • $100,000 account size: $499
  • $200,000 account size: $939

These prices are solid, offering flexibility based on your trading preferences.

Rocket21 Challenge Profit Split and the Rules

Apollo11 Program – Trading Rules

In the Apollo11 Funding Program, there are some rules you must stick to for smooth trading on the platform. Let’s take a look!

  • Profit Targets: To qualify for a funded account, you need to reach a profit target of 9% in the single-phase stage. This high-profit target covers the entire evaluation process, setting a challenging yet rewarding standard.
  • Profit Share: Here, you can earn a profit share of up to 80% of the total profits from your account. This attractive profit share makes it a solid option for traders looking to explore their potential.

Trading Rules Overview:

  • Maximum Trading Days: Unlimited in all 3 phases, allowing you to trade as long as you are satisfied.
  • Minimum Trading Days: Specify at 3 days for all account phases, ensuring active participation.

Standard Program – Trading Rules

Now, here are the rules set in the Standard program:

  • Profit Targets: In the first phase, earn a profit target of 8%, and in the verification step, hit 5%. These targets make progression achievable, raising your chances of moving to a funded account.
  • Profit Share: Earn a profit share of up to 80% based on cumulative profits.

Trading Rules Overview:

  • Maximum Trading Days: Unlimited across all 3 phases for a flexible trading experience.
  • Minimum Trading Days: Set at 5 days for both the 21 Challenge and verification stages.

Note: It’s important to maintain a maximum daily loss of 5% in both funding programs.

How the Funding Program Works

As you know, this trading company lets you trade with their money in the market. To start, join their funding program, prove your trading skills in the evaluation stage, and you’re on your way.

No real money is at risk during the evaluation as it’s all virtual. Notably, this phase helps you learn the ropes, understand the trading rules, and get familiar with the company.

Tip: Envi FX, founded in 2020 and registered in SVG, is an online trading firm using the STP/ECN execution model. We advise you to be cautious when dealing with offshore brokers.

Breaking Down the Evaluation Process

Let’s take a look at all the details of the evaluation process. Stick around!

  • Stage One: R21 Challenge. Here, you aim for an 8% profit of your initial balance on a demo account. No time pressure, just get comfortable trading with virtual money.
  • Stage Two: Verification. You can try to get a 5% profit target on a demo account. This stage wraps up the evaluation process.
  • Stage Three: R21 Trader. Pass the evaluation, and you become an R21 trader, trading with the company’s capital. Now, we are talking about real funds and real profits here.
  • Stage Four: Scaling Up. Successful traders can enjoy the scaling plan, boosting their account balance. The firm supports trading with a max balance of up to $2,000,000, giving you a shot at earning more.

Rocket21 Challenge Trustpilot Reviews

Now, are there any Rocket21 Challenge reviews? Looking at Trustpilot, we can see an impressive 4.2-star rating from a substantial 3,745 user reviews. Such widespread user feedback is indeed promising!

Still, opting for trading firms with a rating of 4.5 stars and above is advisable for a safer trading experience.

Tip: Aside from the email and phone support, there is also the Rocket21 Challenge Discord channel. 

Achieving Financial Success Through Trading

Would you like to earn money by trading online? It’s never been more straightforward! Contact us today if you need free consultations on leading trading platforms.

Plus, explore our new promotion – engage with our prop trading firm and potentially earn up to $180,000. Exciting opportunities are here!

Final Verdict

All in all, the Rocket21 Challenge presents an intriguing option for all traders. From our perspective, the features detailed on their site provide a solid foundation.

However, as you explore different companies, consider your choices wisely. We also have a prop trading offer that surpasses everything! You have a chance to potentially earn up to $180,000! Explore your options and choose the path that aligns best with your trading goals.


What is the Rocket21 Challenge?

The Rocket21 Challenge is a prop firm designed to test and enhance your trading skills.

How Long Does it Take For Rocket 21 to Payout?

Traders are qualified to receive their first payout 30 days after their first trade has been placed.

Which Broker Does Rocket21 Use?

They have a partnership with ThinkMarkets forex broker.

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