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TradeXMastery Review: Masters of Mass Deception on Social Media

Many false Forex trading gurus and alleged investment veterans have used prop trading firms to peddle their own selfish ideas. These revolve around promoting various Ponzi schemes that promise high gains and remarkable profit. 

Perpetrators of the next scheme we’re reviewing are currently under the public scrutiny for fraudulent actions. Let’s just hope the SEC properly penalizes them. Read more about it in our TradeXMastery review. 

General information
Name TradeXMastery
Type of the company Proprietary firm
Regulation status Unregulated / Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2023
Registered in Delaware, US
Contact info [email protected]
Trading platforms TradeLocker
Majority of clients are from United States, Malta, United Kingdom, Trinidad and Tobago, Spain
Customer support Yes – online chat bot, email
Compensation fund No

Who Owns TradeXMastery Brand?

The TradeXMastery prop firm is quite non-transparent when it comes to the corporate information – that’s an immediate red flag.

However, legal documentation reveals the name of the alleged parent entity – Creative Brands, LLC. Searching through the Delaware Division of Corporations database did result with one entry that matches that name:

TradeXMastery Owner

Now, there is no concrete evidence of any link between the website and the Delaware company. Because the regulatory framework for proprietary trading firms is still not as strict as for brokerage companies, many fraudulent platforms abuse these circumstances for the sake of expanding their ponzi schemes. 

TradeXMastery reviews on Reddit are a solid proof of this. Turns out that this scheme’s main scam promoter, Matthew Thayer, is known on social media for advertising promo codes and discounts for many similar scam projects, like

TradeXMastery Reviews

He is currently being subjected to a SEC investigation for participating in fraudulent activities. 

All of these scam perpetrators tend to flaunt fancy lifestyles, luxury cars and beautiful wives on social networks as an alleged result of their trading success. Similar tactics are used by another firm we’ve recently reviewed – Tackle Trading, so pay attention to that article to find out more.

TradeXMastery Platform Overview

In order to be able to get to the TradeXMastery platform, clients have to register an account. Once inside the client zone, traders can choose between the live or Demo Trade Locker web trader:

TradeXMastery Platform Overview

This is a relatively simple yet user-friendly and comprehensive web trading software, but you can’t access it until you purchase a challenge and get server credentials:

TradeXMastery Log In

If you proceed to the TradeXMastery challenge page, you can compare the packages and decide which one suits you best:

TradeXMastery Challenge Page

The firm promises a TradeXMastery funded account to be available as soon as the individual passes a challenge. General trading conditions do not differ much between challenge stages and TradeXMastery live account (leverage 1:100), with the max loss being 10% / 5%. 

Standard profit share is 80/20, but you can choose to set it to 90/10 along with other benefits. Please bear in mind that the fees are 20% higher in that case:

TradeXMastery Live Account

Lack of transparency with available trading assets and trading costs (spreads and commission) is alarming, so it is not advised to trust the trading conditions to be as competitive as claimed.

How to Request a Payout?

Scare information about TradeXMastery payout casts doubt on the credibility of the entire project. Honesty and fair practice isn’t something other charlatans like Infinity Investing employs, either. 

We only had the luck to find out more about the available funding methods:

TradeXMastery Payout

Client area only allows deposits to be made, while withdrawal options are nowhere to be found. The fact that there’s just digital currencies available tells you about the company’s tendency to remain anonymous and potentially misappropriate assets belonging to all that opt for a TradeXMastery login.

With that in mind, we recommend you to try out our prop trading conditions and sign up for the premium brokerage service and a quality trading environment.


What is TradeXMastery?

TradeXMastery is a pyramid scheme run by anonymous individuals that promote it on social media.

Is TradeXMastery Legit?

Despite claiming to be legally incorporated, we could find no links between the legal entity and this website.

Are There Any TradeXMastery Complaints?

For now, only some Reddit users have expressed their concerns. However, the SEC has already started investigating scam promoters that this company pays.

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