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TradeZella Review: A Trader’s Essential Guide

TradeZella Review

TradeZella, made by Umar Ashraf, is more than just a trading journal. This can be a relatively helpful trading tool! Built by traders for traders, its mission is to help traders identify strengths and areas that need improvement. Now, let’s hop into what sets them apart in the trading world. Keep reading our TradeZella review for more! 

General information
Name TradeZella
Type of company Trading Tool
Regulation status Unregulated/Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2020
Registered in Miami, Florida, United States
Contact info [email protected]
Trading platforms MT4 and MT5
Majority of clients are from United States, India, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany
Customer support Email and social media
Compensation fund No

How Does TradeZella Stand Out?

In a world where trader-focused design is rare, TradeZella shines. Unlike platforms influenced by a programming viewpoint, this one we are reviewing now takes a trader’s stance. 

For instance, when trading 200 shares of Tesla, other platforms might count it as 400. TradeZella? A more logical 200. The interface not only simplifies data interpretation but also offers a cleaner look compared to competitors. This is simply mind-blowing! 

Continuous Improvement

This US-based trading firm doesn’t rest on its laurels. Regularly introducing features based on user feedback, it’s on a fast track to progress. 

The commitment to continuous improvement is evident in the monthly release notes. This shows a product that grows with the needs of its users.

Mentorship That Matters

Learning resources are abundant, but personalized guidance can be scarce. TradeZella bridges this gap with its Mentor Review feature. 

Imagine having an experienced FX tutor beside you, providing real-time feedback on your trades. It’s a crucial aspect for anyone aiming to grow as a successful trader.

Learning Resources Like No Other

Another great feature is a “University” – a goldmine of learning resources for all expertise levels. No matter what level you are, TradeZella’s University is your go-to hub for knowledge.

Tip: Limbo Finance claims to offer over 500 assets across various asset classes. However, it has been reported as a scam, so it is best to avoid any involvement with this company.

TradeZella Price Structure

This business offers a straightforward pricing structure designed for traders of all levels. For just $49 per month, you get access to The Ultimate Trader plan, which includes a wide suite of features. 

With a detailed trading journal, 24/7 customer support, and multi-market access, this firm ensures your success. Plus, opt for the yearly plan, and you’ll enjoy a 32% TradeZella discount. It’s a win-win for traders looking to maximize their potential without breaking the bank.

Broker Integrations

Making your trading journey smoother than ever, integrates with a variety of brokers. Whether you’re into stocks, options, forex, futures, or crypto, the TradeZella app has you covered. With the convenience of auto-sync, your trades easily find their way into the platform.

Among the unique integrations are big names like Charles Schwab, Coinbase, Das Trader Pro, Fidelity, and Interactive Brokers. These integrations truly show TradeZella’s commitment to providing top-notch trading experience.

And here’s the best part – this company supports both MT4 and MT5. This business really has it all. We can see they care about giving you the flexibility and choices you need.

Is TradeZella Worth a Try?

If you’re looking to raise up your trading game with playbooks, continuous updates, and mentorship that genuinely makes a difference, the answer is yes! 

In the world of trading, every move matters, and this firm is here to make yours count.

Pros and Cons: The Inside Scoop


  • Automated Journaling: Easy multi-exchange tracking saves you precious time daily, allowing more mental focus on analyzing and improving your trades.
  • Powerful Analytics: See hidden weaknesses and pinpoint winning patterns with TradeZella’s unparalleled analytics. Customize the platform to your needs for the most relevant insights.
  • Affordable Pricing: You get elite-level insights without breaking the bank. They offer a clear path for rapid trading improvement.


  • Initial Overwhelm: The abundance of analytics may feel overwhelming at first, but Trade Zella gradually eases you in.
  • Tailored for Ambition: Geared towards ambitious traders committed to excelling, casual investors may find the analytics suite a bit extensive for their needs.
  • Mobile App Concerns: While the mobile app delivers core functionality, some users report lag and visual bugs. The web and desktop experiences are smoother, with ongoing app advances in the pipeline.

Reviews from Traders

Are you curious about real trader reviews? Trustpilot sings praises with a stellar 4.7-star rating for TradeZella. Now, that’s something worth noting! These reviews highlight the satisfaction of traders who’ve experienced what TradeZella has to offer. We must agree that this client rating is simply outstanding! 

When it comes to the trading landscape, opting for tools and brokers with a rating of 4.5 stars and above is a smart move. It ensures a safe and secure trading experience, backed by the positive experiences of fellow traders. So, if you’re aiming for a trading journey with solid foundations, this one is a good option.

Note: Vestrado claims that it works under the ownership and governance of Vestrado Ltd. This is a business reportedly registered in SVG. It’s best for you to avoid this offshore location! 

Earning Money Through Online Trading

Looking to make money through online trading? You’re in the right space. Making money has never been more accessible. And, our goal is to support you every step of the way! Explore free consultations and expert advice on the top trading platforms, along with the assistance of our AI Analysis Bot.

Our AI Analysis Bot is your stress-free research companion, offering amazing predictions. The best part? Try it for free for 20 days, without any upfront payments. Dive into 5 detailed FX reports and 5 stock reports each month. Don’t miss out! 

Final Words

When it comes to trading, choosing the right tools and platforms is crucial. TradeZella has earned favorable reviews and stands as a reliable option. Still, it’s essential to explore various tools to find what suits you best. 

At the heart of successful trading lies smart decision-making, and our AI Analysis Bot is here to lend a helping hand. Make wise choices, trade securely, and let your journey in the trading world be guided by reliable insights. Remember, the key to success is in your hands, and we’re here to help you in your journey.


What Are the Benefits of TradeZella?

TradeZella boosts your trades with insights, analytics, and a user-friendly interface.

Does TradeZella Offer a Free Trial?

No, TradeZella does not offer a free trial for you to explore different features.

What is Proprietary Trading?

This is when a firm uses its funds for market transactions and profits.

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