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DeiFunded Review: Exploits Talented Traders For Their Own Gain

DeiFunded Review

The DeiFunded prop firm alleges that its founders are people who are passionate traders themselves and who are looking to discover new talents in the Forex community. Core values in the heart of their straightforward approach are integrity, fairness and dedication, or so the website says. 

Frankly speaking, the shiny surface doesn’t guarantee the alleged impeccable service. Moreover, the amount of negative reviews shows what the majority of users really think about the whole platform and their funded program. So stay tuned and find out everything you wish to know about dishonest prop firms in the following DeiFunded review.

General information
Name DeiFunded Pty Ltd
Type of the company Proprietary Firm
Regulation status Not Regulated
Warnings from Financial Regulators N/A
Website link
Active since 2023
Registered in Australia (alleged)
Contact info [email protected]
Trading platforms MT5
Majority of clients are from United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia
Customer support Online Form, email
Compensation fund No

ASIC Regulated or a Clone?

While prop firms do not need regulation in many countries, yet are fully legit, the story is different in Australia. As for the DeiFunded regulation, the website implies that the firm operates in accordance with Australian laws. Looking up the details found on the site, we did find a match in the ASIC database. The owning company of the brand is said to be Finexmarkets PTY Limited, registered in March, 2023.

Now, since the register only contains company information and not a list of approved domains, we cannot confirm the connection of the website in question to the regulated entity. Furthermore, the site itself says that they’re “not a broker or a financial institution, and thus, are not registered with any Australian regulatory body”.

With that in mind, it could as well be that the anonymous website is attempting to impersonate a licensed firm in order to appear legit. Therefore, please be careful and choose your prop firms wisely before committing to doing business with them. 

Offshore Brokerage Connection

This proprietary trading company never openly discusses which broker provides the trading environment for the clients.

Launching the featured trading platform, however, will show that the trading server belongs to a firm called Kubera Capital Markets Ltd. This offshore broker is based in the Malaysian Federal Territory of Labuan, and is regulated only by the local FSA.

It is a completely unknown entity with a virtually unusable website. Speaking from having tackled numerous offshore trading scams with Tier-3 licenses in the past, this may be another ripoff like SuperEZForex.

Social Brainwashing

You won’t find much information about this prop trading firm outside of the domain. For some, this should not be too strange, considering that the company is quite young, established in October 2023.

Finance-related companies, however, always have well developed marketing strategies that let them rise quickly in popularity. This one has a bunch of TikTok and Instagram videos, featuring a dude with an afro that tries incredibly hard to make his investment rants sound profound.

The company’s X and Discord channels do seem to host somewhat different content, but the tendency to heavily downplay the risks involved with trading is still present.

People Are Talking

Looking at TrustPilot, the firm has a global score of 3.2 out of some 300 separate comments, which are nearly uniformly divided into positive and negative ones. This indicates the involvement of review seller networks in a desperate attempt to maintain a positive appearance.

Similarly to Forex King EA, no other DeiFunded reviews exist on other platforms like SiteJabber and TrustedReviews, which raises further suspicions. There are some traces of the company with various Facebook groups, but the overall sentiment is not exactly positive.

Many users openly complain about having serious issues with payouts, and this alone is enough not to warrant our recommendation. In the case you’re looking to kickstart your trading career through reliable forex prop trading consider our offer instead.

Evaluation Phases and Funding

Each of the DeiFunded funded accounts available first require two verification phases to be completed before traders can unlock the financing opportunities. The entrance fee for the first phase is fully refundable, while the second phase doesn’t require investing. 

Time limit to complete the challenge isn’t set, but the minimum of 4 trading days should be fulfilled. The daily and total loss limits vary depending on the amount chosen. The final DeiFunded profit split is promised to go up to 90%, which is quite generous. 

Here’s the minimum deposits required for each of the funded sums:

  • $5.000 – $59
  • $10.000 – $129
  • $25.000 – $229
  • $50.000 – $329
  • $100.000 – $469
  • $200.000 – $899

Prestigious App

The featured trading app is no other than the industry standard MT5. While this is truly a welcome addition to any trading service, we still need to remember that the actual server belongs to a loosely regulated broker.

These firms are known to intentionally edit the market data, making any speculation unprofitable. Coupled with the costly evaluation programs found with the prop trading firm, this provides a solid formula through which the clients can get ripped off.

Trading Expenses and Transparency Issues

Without clarifying trading commissions, roll-over and spreads, both the DeiFunded evaluation phases and real trading have the same maximum leverage ratio of 1:100. This higher ratio is available due to the offshore regulation of the brokerage server. Otherwise, the maximum exposure for EEA and Australian brokers cannot exceed 1:30.

Since the site we’re reviewing isn’t transparent with the costs, we had to explore what the broker’s site has to say. According to their web presentation, starting spreads for Forex are 1.6 pips, but that depends on the account type.  

Tired Of Withdrawal Problems? Try Our Prop Trading Instead!

DeiFunded payout is handled on a bi-weekly basis, with first withdrawals being available after passing the first 2 phases of evaluation. After receiving a withdrawal request, the firm will contact the client within 24 hours to perform additional KYC confirmation. The payouts themselves take up to 3 days to process.

The company is known to have significant issues when it comes to payouts, however. Although the problems are now allegedly fixed, the only confirmation of this comes from some social network posts.

Payouts are the most important part of any prop trading business. For a reliable service with a proven track record, take a look at our offer instead. We offer up to $180,000 in funding, so book a free Zoom call with our team and kickstart your career!


What is DeiFunded?

It is a shady proprietary trading firm with connections to a loosely regulated broker and a history of botched payouts.

Is DeiFunded Legit?

This prop firm exhibits behavior known as a clone company scam. It is best to avoid these unscrupulous entities.

How to Choose the Best Prop Firm?

Make sure you know who you’re dealing with, and select a company with good transparency and a proven track record. For reliable results and best prop trading experience, see our choice of funded trading accounts.

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