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Innovation Markets Review: All About This Shady Education Company

Innovation Markets Review

Innovation Markets is a shady education provider offering an online trading education platform. However, it is important to note that there are concerns about their legitimacy and prices.

Despite this, some people may be tempted to try Innovation Markets due to their ‘user-friendly’ platform. It’s essential to exercise caution when considering this education provider. Read our Innovation Markets review for more details.

General information
Name: Innovation Markets
Regulation status: Anonymous Education Provider
Warnings from Financial Regulators: No official warnings
Website link:
Active since 2012
Registered in n/a
Contact info: Data is hidden
Trading platforms: No
The majority of clients are from United Kingdom, United States, Netherlands, India, Germany
Customer support: Live Chat only 
Compensation fund: No

Safety of Funds at Innovation Markets

The website is poorly designed and anonymous, with hardly any information about the company’s ownership, or location.

This anonymity and lack of transparency raise concerns about fund safety for individuals who engage with Innovation Markets. 

The website does not provide information on how funds are stored, secured, or protected. This leaves people vulnerable to potential fraud or mismanagement of funds. After all, why would you pay for something that lacks security when you can gain knowledge for free? 

As such, you should be wary of engaging with Innovation Markets or any other anonymous education provider or broker. 

Note: Safety is paramount, so it is wise to avoid engaging with companies such as Innovation Markets and DDMarkets.

Innovation Markets: Trading Education Software

Innovation Markets claims to provide proprietary trading applications. However, the education provider fails to provide any substantial information on the software’s features, functionality, or even a glimpse of what it looks like. This lack of transparency raises several red flags about this education provider’s legitimacy.

Likewise, the education provider offers some odd paid memberships for its clients, which is quite unusual in the industry. It’s unclear what benefits or advantages this membership offers. This raises concerns that it might be a ploy to extract more money from unsuspecting clients. The lack of clarity and transparency on Innovation Market’s part is alarming. It certainly does not inspire confidence in their services.

Overall, Innovation Markets’ trading software and membership program are both odd and designed to deceive us. We should beware when dealing with this firm and do proper research before investing any funds.

Note: Be vigilant and avoid unregulated brokers at all costs, including those like TenX Prime and CTRL FX.

Innovation Markets – Membership Levels

There are no traditional accounts offered by this education provider. Instead, they have a rather strange approach to their memberships. The memberships come in different levels and price points, ranging from £100 to £960, but it’s unclear what the actual benefits are. 

Innovation Markets does not disclose what we can expect to receive when we pay for a membership. This leaves potential customers in the dark. It’s unclear what advantages a member would have, making an educated decision challenging.

Deceptive Education Claims: Analyzing the Firm’s Offerings

Beware of the promises made by this dubious firm claiming to offer top-notch education in the fields of FX and cryptocurrency. Their supposed courses seem enticing. They show a collection of more than 20 lessons that they claim are continuously updated. Yet, don’t be misled by their descriptions of tutorial videos, spanning over 8 hours, as they promise to teach you trading methods and psychological practices. 

The firm also praises its live sessions, which supposedly last 2-4 hours each week. They claim you’ll learn to analyze markets together in a “fun learning environment.” Their vast library of videos, exceeding 250 in number and totaling over 100 hours, appears impressive. Still, remember that quantity doesn’t guarantee quality. 

The addition of podcasts might seem appealing, yet it’s essential to question the credibility of the sources. Lastly, the promise of push notifications for crucial updates or trades might sound convenient, but it could also be a tactic to keep you engaged and invested in uncertain practices. Always exercise caution and thoroughly research any company before committing to its offerings.

Education Provider Innovation Markets Summary

Innovation Markets is an anonymous education provider. The company lacks transparency and does not provide any substantial information about its ownership, location, or other relevant information. This raises concerns about fund safety for individuals.

It offers some bogus paid memberships for clients without disclosing any real benefits. This is a big red flag right there! The company offers only two deposit options and does not reveal refund possibilities. 

Innovation Markets’ trading software and design are poorly executed, making it challenging to trust their services. People should be wary of this education provider and other unregulated FX companies. They should always choose a regulated firm that provides transparent and complete information.


What Is Innovation Markets?

Innovation Markets is an overly expensive education provider.

Is Innovation Markets Regulated?

No, this education provider is entirely suspicious, and you should avoid engaging with it.

Is It Safe To Use Innovation Markets?

It is not safe to use this education provider. Please contact us if you would like more information about safe firms like eToro Trading Academy.

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