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The Trading Pit Review: Can You Trust This Company?

The Trading Pit Review

We all know that finding a good company for trading is crucial, and The Trading Pit offers a promising solution. 

The Trading Pit review you’re about to read dives into what this firm offers, its pros and cons, and how it stacks up against its competition. Make sure you read it until the end! 

General information
Name: The Trading Pit
Regulation status: Regulation not required
Warnings from Financial Regulators: No official warnings 
Website link:
Active since 2022
Registered in Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Contact info: [email protected], +4232379000
Trading platforms: MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, and Quantower, Rithmic, and Bookmap
The majority of clients are from Germany 

United States 




Customer support: Email, chat, and phone
Compensation fund: No

What The Trading Pit Offers, from Liechtenstein, looks like a solid company. It suits traders with various account options, such as Lite, Standard, Executive, and VIP. 

These accounts, or challenge tiers, have specific rules and profit targets. Also, these are suited to different asset classes like futures and forex CFDs.

Forex CFDs

For forex traders, The Trading Pit provides features like overnight and weekend holding. 

There’s a 100% one-time refundable entry fee, a 90-day evaluation period, and a 10% profit target (except for VIP, which has an 8% target). 


For futures trading, The Trading Pit offers various account types. All are with a one-time refundable entry fee, a minimum of three trading days, and a 30-day evaluation period. 

And VIP stands out with a 60-day evaluation duration.

Note: Bitbinx is another company that promotes solid opportunities. You can do your research and check them out. Or you can contact us for free consultations! 

The Trading Pit: Trading Platforms

Traders can choose between 2 trading platforms, MT4 and MT5, both hosted by FXFlat, a reliable broker. This is extremely beneficial as we know how outstanding these platforms are. 

Always choose brokers that support these two. You won’t regret it! 

Trading Features and Account Types

Let’s talk about account types now. The Lite account starts at $10,000 and offers a profit split of 50%, potentially increasing to 70% based on performance. The Standard account, with a $20,000 starting balance, offers similar features.

Also, the Executive Challenge, starting at $50,000, has a profit share of 60%, potentially reaching 80%, like the VIP account. VIP offers a 60% to 80% payout range and the lowest profit target at 8%. Traders can scale up to $5 million and withdraw profits at any level with the VIP package.

The Lite account, starting with $20,000, has a 5% profit target and a 60% payout, potentially increasing to 70% based on performance.

The Standard account, with a $150,000 starting balance, has a profit target of $5,000 and a maximum drawdown of $3,000.

There Is More to This

The Executive 2-phase evaluation has similar starting balances but with a 2% profit target and a contract size of 50 micros. 

Note that payouts start at 60% and can go up to 80%. Also, this evaluation offers free real-time L2 data and potential access to Bookmap.

The VIP 2-phase evaluation, with a $250,000 balance, has a 1.2% profit target and a contract size of 100 micros. And payout shares start at 70% and can reach 80%.

Choose your account based on your experience level: 

  • Lite for novices, 
  • Standard or 
  • Executive for moderate to experienced traders, and 
  • VIP for professionals. 

There’s also an affiliate program allowing traders to earn up to $2,000 monthly. This can be a solid opportunity for some people. 

Customer Service and Trader Reviews

The Trading Pit prop firm excels in customer support with phone, email, and live chat options. Expect quick responses and professional issue resolution. Also, their FAQ section provides insights into prop trading and the affiliate program. 

They’re also active on social media for alternative support. Moreover, Trustpilot rates them 4.8/5. You can see many people praise their complaint resolution and the platform in general.

Note: Beware of BluFX! Most of the reviews about them are negative. 


User data security is a top priority here. Robust encryption protects data and personal info is used for improvement, communication, and support. Keep that in mind.

Data won’t be shared without consent or legal requirements. Also, users always have rights over their data. 

Tip: Keep in mind that FxAlta is a shady company. It’s not advisable to trust them. 

Minimum Investment and Pricing at The Trading Pit

The Trading Pit is transparent about fees. Pay a one-time entry fee to participate. Forex CFDs have fees of $99 (Lite), $179 (Standard), $399 (Executive), and $999 (VIP). 

Futures entry fees are $99 (Lite), $169 (Standard), $349 (Executive), and $599 (VIP).

Reset fees are also there if you breach trading rules. For Forex CFDs, it’s $39 (Lite), $59 (Standard), $120 (Executive), and $299 (VIP). Also, Futures reset fees are $39 (Lite), $50 (Standard), $120 (Executive), and $299 (VIP).

Successful traders can buy Extensions for more time without restarting. Note that The Trading Pit doesn’t offer a demo or free trial, and this is one drawback.

The Trading Pit Withdrawal Options 

The Trading Pit offers solid ways to get your money out. Right now, you can use bank transfers or crypto for withdrawals.

Yet, they’re planning to add more options soon. You can have your earnings in Euro, US Dollars, or crypto coins like BTC and Ether – whatever suits you best.

The Trading Pit vs. Competitors

The Trading Pit competes with platforms like SurgeTrader and Topstep. 

The standout feature is its huge funding potential. Notably, it goes up to $5 million compared to $1 million (SurgeTrader) and $150,000 (Topstep).

The Trading Pit’s one-time entry fee is competitive against Topstep’s monthly fee and SurgeTrader’s higher evaluation fee. It gives multiple trading platforms, robust tools, and support for many trading strategies, setting it apart.

Profit Potential in Online Trading

Are you curious about the potential for profits in online trading? Let’s explore that! It’s clear that trading can induce gains when you use the right tools.

Our mission is to assist you in making smart choices. And here’s the best part – we’ve brought up a new AI Analysis Bot. This awesome tool provides trading insights based on advanced predictions, making it a valuable asset. You can be one of the early adopters with a 20-day free trial, getting access to comprehensive FX and stock analysis reports.


All in all, The Trading Pit is an appealing option for traders. The Trading Pit funding choices, nice features, and focus on security and user satisfaction make it a reliable choice.

Yet, due diligence is always crucial. Always consider their conditions, reputation, and track record before participating. Remember that Trustpilot reviews expose The Trading Pit’s pros, cons, and offerings, so you can see it all.


What Is The Trading Pit?

The Trading Pit is a prop firm offering funding options, multiple account tiers, and educational resources for traders.

What Are the Funding Methods at

The Trading Pit primarily uses bank transfers and crypto.

What Is The Trading Pit’s Withdrawal Policy?

The withdrawal policy is straightforward, as you can withdraw using bank transfers and crypto.

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