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Sure Leverage Review: The Pipe Dream Of Offshore Prop Trading Profits

Sure Leverage Review

Today we take a look at a company that has dubious legal background and corporate connections that make it no better than a glorified advertising campaign. With expensive challenge packages and questionable payment channels, it makes it really difficult to believe the claimed profit splits are real.

See the remainder of our Sure Leverage review to learn why we don’t recommend this particular service, and discuss reliable prop trading solutions.

General information
Name Sure Leverage
Type of the company Proprietary trading firm
Regulation status Unregulated / Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators N/A
Website link
Active since 2023
Registered in Cayman Islands (alleged)
Contact info Email: [email protected]
Trading platforms MT4, MT5 (alleged)
Majority of clients are from United States, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam
Customer support Yes – email, contact form, chatbot
Compensation fund N/A

Unverifiable Offshore Headquarters

The parent company of Sure Leverage prop firm, as seen in the Terms and Conditions, is stated as Prop Trade Tech Pty Ltd, which should be registered in Cayman Islands. We say should, because this piece of information can neither be confirmed nor denied.

You see, prop trading firms as a business are not subject to regulation, which means the parent entity will not appear in the CIMA database. The issue is further exacerbated due to the fact that the company register of this offshore nation, CIGR, does not feature easily accessible entity search.

Since we couldn’t get our answers directly from the authorities, we had to start digging on the web instead and found out that the firm has a confirmed connection to EightCap. It is an online brokerage of some renown, with rock solid regulation in multiple Tier-1 jurisdictions, and two dozen prop firm affiliations.

Turns out, Prop Trade Tech Pty Ltd is actually a company that specializes in selling white label solutions for prop firms. Their final product comes complete with unique corporate identity, “Eightcap certified challenge”, access to the broker’s trading infrastructure, and identical Terms and Conditions document.

These sorts of “Shake ‘N Bake” firms don’t instill much confidence, especially since the broker itself gets a boost in client numbers through affiliation. If you’re looking for a reliable Forex proprietary trading solution, take a look at our offer instead.

What Do The Clients Say?

The Sure Leverage reviews on TrustPilot, all 37 of them, were posted during a span of one month – February 2024. Pretty strange, considering that the website was officially launched in June 2023.

Now, when we tell you that these are the telltale signs of the involvement of the review seller networks, it starts making sense. The entire deal begins to look more like a trap for potential traders, similar to Apexbull.

Disturbing Advertisement Methods

The majority of the website traffic comes through various links on social media. Facebook, Instagram, X, TikTok, Discord – you name it, they got it, and the predominant theme on these platforms is one of easy riches.

The content advertises an ability to receive $800,000 in funding, something that is not actually available on the site. More disturbing than this get rich quick propaganda is the way through which it is delivered, as it’s mostly funny pictures and meme culture short videos.

Several Evaluation Methods

There’s a myriad of different challenges, all divided into 1-step and 2-step evaluation processes. They differ in leverage, allowed drawdown, profit targets, and of course – initial costs.

The company offers a single free reset on the challenges if the requirements are not met the first time.

Types Of Challenges

The company offers numerous challenges on Sure Leverage login accounts with different allotments of virtual profits. Every type of these are available with $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 and $200,000 variants, except the HFT.

Sure Leverage challenge accounts are said to be 100% refundable. Here’s an overview of fees:

  • Power 1-step – Target 10%; $124 to $1,186
  • Power 2-step – Target 5%; $99 to $949
  • Super Elite 1-step – Target 6%; $137 to $1,305
  • Super Elite 2-step – Target 6%; $109 to $1,044
  • HFT – Target 6%; $580

Various Funded Accounts

Clients that have passed the initial challenges become eligible for a Sure Leverage funded account. It is difficult to discern by which metric the company decides on how high a profit split needs to be depending on the undertaken challenge.

Either way, profit splits are so generous they make you question how the company stays financially afloat:

  • Power 1-step – 80/20
  • Power 2-step – 95/5
  • Super Elite 1-step – 95/5
  • Super Elite 2-step – 95/5
  • HFT – 80/20

Bundled Software

The provided Sure Leverage platform should be the industry standard MT4 and MT5, as this is the software that the affiliated broker offers. These programs should be instantly recognisable to anyone who’s been trading, or considering trading.

These apps, however, are never explicitly advertised on the website of the prop trading firm. The client dashboard does contain a downloads section, one that doesn’t really contain any downloadable software nor an explanation as to why this is the case.

Lackluster Customer Support

Whenever you’re dealing with money, you’d expect the firm to have prompt support solutions for clients. Similarly to ClayTrader, it’s not exactly the case with this firm either.

They do feature live chat, but only with a chatbot that doesn’t connect you to an actual support agent. Other options include email and the dreaded contact form, neither of which will see your issue resolved in real time.

Flaunting Payouts

The two payment channels provided for the purchase of challenges are bank cards and crypto payments. You can’t transfer your coins directly to the company, though. For that, you must go through a 3rd party service called CoinPayments, which is plagued by horrible reputation and numerous reliability issues.

One of the pages on the website is called Payouts, but it doesn’t contain the withdrawal form of any kind. Instead it serves as an advert that showcases alleged withdrawals from the most profitable traders. Sure Leverage payout examples can’t be verified, though, as they feature made-up names, and QR codes that can’t be scanned.

Want To Try Prop Trading? Consider Our Offer!

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What is Sure Leverage?

It is a shady offshore prop trading firm built on a white label template.

Is Sure Leverage Legit?

No, the company credentials could not be verified within any public company register.

How to Choose the Right Prop Firm?

Do your diligence and make sure you’re choosing a well established company. Alternatively, you can always opt to try one of our funded trading programs instead.

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